2003 ford f 150 xlt regular cab
Altair Club Cars 2003 FORD F-150 XLT REGULAR CAB 4X4 Charleston SC

2003 FORD F-150 XLT REGULAR CAB 4X4 Charleston SC

Here is that hard to find and great looking used Ford F-150 Flareside regular cab 4X4 you have been looking for!

Today you’re aligned with us ravenel ford here this is brought to you by charleston car videos comm 2003 ford f-150 xlt it comes with the triton v8 engine this truck has a sale price of ninety three hundred dollars market retail is 11 thousand to ten it’s a four-wheel drive regular cab truck i want you to get a good look at it today we’re doing a walk around video

So you can see the condition of the truck before you drive out ravenel ford purchased one all terrain tires look very nice with alloys has a nickel on the hood right there okay a little scratch let’s pop the hood and see how she runs that’s right you get the 4.6 liter triton v8 engine she does wrong good black with a two-tone had a champagne color on the bottom

Parts of the vehicle nice set of tires good tire tread left right there that’s right car fox says carfax one owner just say show me the carfax it’s exactly what it means when you come down to ravenel ford we will definitely show you a carfax report so far driver’s side body looks nice tailgate looks good no major dents dings or scratches passenger side has a

Little tree sap or some kind of mark right here yes a little tree sap tinted windows as you can see have a little scratch right here let’s take a look at the back that’s right she does have a bed liner in here they call it a tough liner for those tough trucks like i said tires but nice it’s a red car red doc basically red dot means is that this cars as is with no

Warranty expect existing and future mechanical and cosmetic defects inspect uncompleted service and maintenance items inspect this vehicle before operation all sales are as is no ask after sale adjustments will be made okay do not purchase this vehicle if you will be unhappy when it breaks down that’s right i know that sounds very blunt but if the vehicle breaks

Down after you purchase it it can happen because it is a used vehicle so we are selling it as is this one does have tan interior has a rip right there in the cloth on the seat okay this is a smoker vehicle it does have a couple cigarette burns on the inside one passenger seat right there has two cigarette burns and one right here on the side bolster again this is

A smoker vehicle does run good cold blowing a/c four-wheel drive cd player look at the mileage only one hundred four thousand miles not bad on the mileage all again if you like this truck and you see it here and you want to maybe come down the test drive to pull that video hotline number at the bottom we’d love to talk with you soon see what we can do about test

Driving with you have a great day and thanks for watching

Transcribed from video
2003 FORD F-150 XLT REGULAR CAB 4X4 Charleston SC By CCV TV

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