2003 ford f 150 rear door fix fo
Altair Club Cars 2003 Ford F-150 Rear Door Fix (for Pennies)

2003 Ford F-150 Rear Door Fix (for Pennies)

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Is your rear door stuck? Won’t Open? Here’s how to repair the back door on a 2003 Ford F-150 Supercab (for pennies!) that will not open. We show you how to spend a few cents, and under 20 minutes of your time, to fix this problem.

Okay the problem we’re having this is a 2006 or 2003 ford f-150 and the back door as you can see we’re not open okay the first step is to remove this top door panel and once we get that off then we’ll remove the bottom one and for the top one to begin with we have two screws they’re just regular phillips screwdrivers let’s remove those next step just pull it till

It comes loose being gentle not to break it snaps off these little latches there’s five of them on here 1 2 3 4 5 these are latches 1 2 2 3 & 2 4 5 they’re just slots where they fit and you pull it straight out and you just snap off ok now that we’ve removed the top panel we’re gonna remove the bottle bottom which is you can see that’s just as an insert that

Will pull straight out and there’s two phillips and it looks like and i’ll tell you the size of that in just a second but a nut which is probably gonna be about a 10 millimeter so let’s go make this so it looks like it was a 10 millimeter so let’s remove that one let’s pull out this insert and just pull up on this and it comes right out and then we have a little

Clear film here okay there’s a few cables that release the upper and lower door latches and if you can see here that they have a plastic piece on the end of the cable well that is for the bottom latch but for the top latch which comes right in here and you can hardly see it here this one is broken so what what that does it allows it to get slack in this cable

So the top latch won’t oh so it won’t let the top latch open if you can’t handle so if you reach through here and take the slack out of the top cable it will work the in so i’ve seen online work some people have suggested instead of spending a lot of money on parts to repair this you can use a cable tie to tie this here to keep the slack out of it so that will

Work so we’re gonna try that and see if it saves us a little money if not we’ll be back in here in a few days to to do it again in a different way so let’s go get the wire tie okay let’s try the water tie and see how this works leave a little slack so the end goes down in the door here see if this works seems like it works so one wire tie want works too will

Be even better lift it – and so hopefully – will keep from breaking overtime all right that’s – then we’ll give it a try okay let’s cut these water tiles off clean that up so it’s out of the way and now i need something to put on here to make this sticky okay now that we have our tiles in place and we see that it’s working with that one and also this it’s time

To put our waterproof seal back on you still have some stick to it but i’m not sure how well that will hold up over time since i’ve taken it off some in a few places and we’ll put some electrical tape on it and that should keep it in place okay that should keep it from dropping down and now it’s time to put our panels back on one bottom there’s these two holders

And then these two and they just push down push into these holes and then push the paint should be that and now we’re gonna put our ten millimeter nut on put our two screws in and then another put it back in here okay now we’re gonna put on the top portion and remember we have five inserts if they go into these slots they’re just straight and the final step is

Putting these last two screws you should be up and running now works thanks for watching y’all i hope this helps in your repair of your back door and have a blessed day

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2003 Ford F-150 Rear Door Fix (for Pennies!) By Let’s Cook Y’all

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