2003 ford expedition fuse box lo
Altair Club Cars 2003 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Location and Fuse Box Diagram

2003 Ford Expedition Fuse Box Location and Fuse Box Diagram

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Hey welcome back everyone to sell those flippin cars i’m zachary and in today’s episode we’re going over the 2003 ford expedition fuse box location and diagram because i know it can actually be very troublesome when something drops out and you don’t know why it’s a fuse so let’s check it out yeah hey welcome back everyone as i said we’re going through the 2003 ford

Expedition fuse box location and diagram today that way you guys can find in solve the problem that you’re having i know last week i was having a problem on a chevy s10 and one of the fuses dropped out l blue and i couldn’t read the obd2 with my scanner well just so happens in the chevy s10 the obd2 scanner or port is connected with the cigarette lighter that’s

Crazy well it’s the same thing on the 2003 ford expedition some things are actually going to use the same fuse so if that fuse blows multiple things that you have in the vehicle are not going to run at all because they’re not no longer receiving power but hey guys i want you to check out this headlight in this headlight see the difference this one is a lot more

Clear and this one’s yellow so i want your guys’s opinion on a future episode if you guys want to know what’s better on cleaning your headlights whether it be the plastics by meg urs or the multiple step process using 105 205 plastics and a wax let me know in the comment section down below if you want to see it let me know if you don’t don’t say anything okay but

I do do remember that guys if you have any questions about any of my videos make sure you leave them in the comment section down below also if you liked the video make sure you smash the like button because that tells me and youtube that i’m doing a good job and i like making more videos like that because you guys like them so also you know if you want to support

The channel make sure you hit the subscribe button always love new subscribers to the channel and it’s just an amazing feeling so i got 103 right now we hit 103 great job guys for all the support now let’s jump into this fuse box location so we can solve this problem all right guys here we go let’s travel with me okay we’re going over here to the passenger side i do

Have my new lights that i ordered in i love them i love him so all right we’re gonna come down here to the passenger side you have a kick panel down here please don’t mind the dirty rug it is my vehicle all right you got a kick panel down here that’s gonna guard it just like so okay it’s gonna be in there you can have it just like just like that well it’s gonna go

In the tabs there and it’s gonna be over there okay make sure you get the tabs right it’s very hard to do with one hand it’s amazing all right so you’re gonna bring this out just like that okay and right behind it you are going to have your fuse cover now on here the fuse cover is gonna have all the fuses right here let me get it off the dirty floor all right now

Says see owner’s manual to see the location of all these fuses so what i’m gonna do right now is i’m gonna throw up the owner’s manual to show you where all the fuses and relays are actually located and what they actually mean so you know what you’re looking for all right so here we go overall it does look very chaotic down here but it’s really not guys as long as

You look at the fuse box diagram okay and your cover you are going to know exactly where to look in what you are looking for and that’s that’s just the best feeling if you if you’re going in there and you don’t know what you’re looking for it can feel so stressful and you get really anxious and anxiety turns into anger and that happens with cars a lot when you get

Angry you will break something i had to get my moldy sun off of a car the other day cuz he was getting very anxious so when that happens guys you just back away from the project you’re working on if is an electronic piece usually is because a fuse blew okay all right guys the fuse box location and diagram bye i’m gonna throw the fuse box diagram up again and i’m

Gonna throw up some common problems that you would run across pointing to the fuses or relays you might need to look for so check that out i’m gonna put it right now okay alright guys well i hope you enjoyed the video again my name is zachary with sellers flipping cars if you did like the video and you’re looking for more auto diy videos then this is the channel

For you i post three times a week monday wednesdays and fridays all at 9 a.m. except this last friday it was kind of channel update i want you guys to see what’s all going on what episodes we have coming up so always love doing those every now and then make sure if you’re looking for the more auto diy videos hit that subscribe button i know you guys will love it

All my videos i try to be informative as informative as possible to really help you guys out with the problems that you’re having with your vehicles also all my videos have the part that you are using for the video like in the future we have the brakes and rotors coming up on this ford expedition and the rotors and the brakes will be in the comment in the video

Description those those are affiliate links guys and the commission’s that i make off those go towards the channel on buying new things like my new lights and new microphone and much more things you know being a mechanic is very costly but i love helping you guys out and there you have it guys the 2003 ford expedition fuse box location and diagram hopefully it

Really helps you guys out and i look forward to seeing you guys next time so thank you so much and until next time guys keep on wrenching take care guys

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