2002 ford f250 super duty crew c
Altair Club Cars 2002 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab Short Bed 4×4 Off-Road Package Lariat Loaded Pickup

2002 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab Short Bed 4×4 Off-Road Package Lariat Loaded Pickup

I sure wish we could find trucks like this every day this truck came in from one of our very good wholesale dealers that found it purchased it for us and sold it to us more than likely was a new car dealer trade in this is a 2002 ford f-250 super duty lariat 102 000 miles it’s priced at 11 995 this truck is as clean as some of the trucks that i see come along for

20 or 30 000 as you can see from the video maybe you can’t but the hood has some very light fading spots and a little indention spot right there looks like a tree limb fell on it that’s the only negative on this truck that i can really pick up on on a quick walk around and it’s missing a little piece of pinstripe on the side of the bed right there aside from

That it’s strong treaded tires has an aftermarket stereo with a rear view camera bed liner somebody at some point has undercoated this truck our detail guy probably put some black paint over top of that just to make it shine and there’s a little bit of surface rusting right there tires are in great shape wheels are clean very little bit of corrosion this is

The area that impressed me the rocker panels bottoms of doors and bottom of this area right here sometimes they’re so rusty it won’t even hold a running board anymore as you can see she is spotless and all original hadn’t been patched up hadn’t been resprayed look at the interior on this truck again it’s probably weird to be excited about a truck like this it’s a

Twelve thousand dollar truck you know who cares but for a twelve thousand dollar truck to look like this and to be this nice it’s very impressive no cracks on the dash fresh service fresh inspection freaking carpet is spotless and we did do a quick cleaning on it but he probably has four or five hours tied up into a cleaning so as you could tell it was super

Clean to start with under the hood somebody’s done an upgrade already on the coils which means they probably did plugs as well but you can see it has the excel coils super common problem on these trucks fluids are in good shape everything looks like it’s supposed to engine’s clean you can see it has not been pressure washed it’s clean but has not been pressure

Washed everything’s intact 5.4 liter again just a very nice clean crew cab short bed f250 it’s not all gunked up underneath either kind of hard to see usually these things shadow pretty bad but you can see the frames clean undersides clean completely stock no lift i think these tires are one size bigger than stock yes they are 33 inch so they’re 285’s truck

Needs nothing no check engine lights no trouble codes run strong stereo works it’s a nice ride for somebody give us a call check the website be more than happy to help you

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2002 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab Short Bed 4×4 Off-Road Package Lariat Loaded Pickup By Above Average Trucks

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