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Altair Club Cars 2001 Lexus ES 300 – Super Clean, Cold A/C, New Brakes, Tires, Axles, Battery, and More Great Value

2001 Lexus ES 300 – Super Clean, Cold A/C, New Brakes, Tires, Axles, Battery, and More Great Value

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All right good afternoon welcome everyone to delaware auto sales this is nathan i’m going to take a look at this lexus today this is a 2001 es 300 this car has great reputation the es model it’s basically a lexus version of the camry so it has legendary reliability and lifespan just like a toyota camry 3-liter v6 engine just keeps going and going like an energizer

Bunny if you reasonably take care of it and this one has definitely been taken care of it’s in real nice shape overall for the age a few little marks here and there but definitely a very nice car let’s take a couple laps around and then we’ll look a little more closely here but runs and drives excellent everything works carfax report is clean it’s had four total

Owners per the carfax has a nice amount of service on the carfax take a look at the carfax on our website you can see how clean and clearer the headlights are here very very nice um we’ve just detailed it and touched up the paint so it’s ready to go and ready to drive for you um yeah look at the carfax on our website there’s the cover page up to carfax but there’s

35 service records on the carfax with pretty consistent records both at uh the lexus dealership and then an independent dealership later on in its life but pretty good consistent stuff uh factory sunroof there we just service the car let me go through that real quick and then we’ll continue on looking at it so we changed the oil of course because we changed the

Oil on everything before we sell it we installed a new interstate battery we did a new valve cover gaskets a new air filter uh we put all new brakes on this car so the brakes and rotors are new front and rear uh both front axles have been replaced they were just getting old and time to be replaced so replaced both front cv axles uh front tires are new back tires

Have nine thirty seconds tread we replaced the hood struts which are the little hood pistons that hold up the hood a left front wheel bearing a cam sensor and some new wiper blades so the timing belt is also very important on these cars the timing belt was replaced at about 180 000 miles per the label on the engine which i will show you you can see the new bricks

And rotors right there these are the tires that were already on the car these are the ones that have nine thirty seconds tread so very good tread that’s almost like new there’s a little rub mark here on this fender right there there’s some bumps here on the back bumper it looks like they repeatedly uh hit the same thing over and over it kind of looks like license

Plate screw bolts maybe backing into the same spot every day or something but no rust that i’ve seen on this car there’s the new brakes on this corner and then same thing the matching tires these tires here on the front are the tires we replaced so these are brand brand new less lake tires and new brakes there on the front as well brakes and rotors so very very nice

This car really is ready to go and ready to drive let’s take a look under the hood next and then we’ll look at that interior uh there you may have noticed there’s a wheel lock right here that will show you on the inside we have the wheel lock key in the glove box with the owner’s manuals here’s the engine compartment hear how nicely it’s running there’s the new

Interstate battery clean under here valve cover is nice and dry now you can see the new gasket right there you can see the edge of it the blue uh here’s the timing belt replacement sticker that says it was changed at 180 780 miles so it doesn’t have very many miles on the actual timing belt and then there’s another sticker here can’t really make it out anymore but

I believe this may have been the first replacement so the one on the side of the cover was the second replacement but this is the probably the first uh here’s the hoods this is what a hood strut is if you aren’t familiar it just holds open the hood when you open the hood so that it can stay upright like that while we’re under here air conditioning works great on

This car you can hear the compressor cycling on and off air conditioning works great definitely doesn’t seem to have been smoked in the inside is very clean and nice and fresh all right yeah when the hood struts are new oh there goes the fan taking on for the ac when the hood struts are new this is like a workout to shut the hood because they’re nice and stiff

Door panel real nice condition s very clean rust this is something most people wouldn’t particularly notice but you notice when the window goes down this is what’s called a frameless door because there is no door frame here like there would be on most cars a lot of cars do this but it’s just interesting because you know you just grab the door to close the door

When the window’s down driver side seat i would say is very nice for its age this is just normal checking in the leather leather’s still nice and soft the bolster here is in great shape i mean shows its age but it’s still very nice and soft no rips or tears this does have side airbags power seats on both sides a memory seat on this driver’s side and heated seats

Hmm these are rubber weathertech mats and then we have the lexus original mats in the trunk there’s the heated seat controls cup holder actually a pretty nice design it’s nice and stored when it’s away there’s an upper compartment here and another compartment down in here with a power outlet down there you can see air conditioning again nice and cold definitely

Don’t believe the cards have been a smoker smells real nice in here you push here for the outside temperature display it’s showing 60 degrees probably a little bit off right now just a little warmer than that once you drive it becomes more accurate original radio digital clock and then because it has the original radio with the cassette in here it has the lexus

Cd changer so this was high technology at the time if you still have some cds you can load them up in there and put it in and there you go owner’s manual right there this is the cd changer little storage box for when you’re not using the changer there’s the wheel lock key right in there so i just like to show that to show that we have it here that cd changer

Checking the magazine which i believe it to be operational however have not actually tried a cd in it dashboard great shape no cracks or anything auto dimming rear view mirror nice and clean one touch power opening sunroof not sure if it’s one touch close let’s find out yep sure is look at that one touch both ways um steering wheel leather and wood is real

Nice there’s some minor cracks on this wood but it’s just real minor it’s still nice and smooth through your hand uh corn um a little coin tray here i’m gonna pop the trunk cruise control also wanted to show how nice the headliner is it’s nice and clean and tight there’s the home link on the visor for the garage door buttons the headliner is nice clean great

Shape back seat it’s real nice just a little little tiny wear right there but not a big deal the other rubber mats back here no rust on the doors well like i said i don’t think there’s any rust on this car um other original mats are here they’ve got some wear but they are the original carpet mats the first aid kit is over here the lexus trunk mat is there and

Then i do know that all of the spare tire stuff is here a little hard to undo this for this video because it’s secured but there’s the breaker bar and you can see the tire right there it’s nice and clean the factory seam sealer the jack is over here underneath this cover um we had all this out to clean the car so i do know that it’s all there like it should be i

Think we added some air to the spare tire because it was a little low all right the seat just as nice as the other side actually maybe nicer because it doesn’t have a little mark like the other side all the mats backs of the seats are nice this passenger seat is probably a little nicer than the driver’s seat because it’s seen less wear but really minor marks on

This one and it’s again nice and soft power on this side as well final rubber floor mat wasn’t sunny when i took the pictures of this car but it sure is now uh you can see how nice the paint is you can see how nice the car is i’ve told you everything i possibly know about it so definitely think it’s a a good car for the price a good car for a first-time driver

This would make a nice car for or anyone that needs something in this size or this price range um feel free to reach out to us on our website or by phone with any questions delaware auto sales delaware ohio auto sales ohio is our website our phone number is listed in the description down below this video so thanks again for watching check out all of our inventory

Right there and i appreciate uh appreciate you taking a look have a great day bye-bye

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2001 Lexus ES 300 – Super Clean, Cold A/C, New Brakes, Tires, Axles, Battery, and More! Great Value! By Delaware Auto Sales

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