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Altair Club Cars 2001 Honda CR-V POV Test Drive Jeffrey Dahmer Situation

2001 Honda CR-V POV Test Drive Jeffrey Dahmer Situation

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What’s up guys welcome to the channel my name is nelson welcome to nelson pov so happy you’re here you’re talking about some craziness that happened yesterday i went to l.a it’s about six hours from here and i got stuck man some hairy situations you know 2001 honda crv let’s see what’s going on with this thing all right 354 000 miles woo it’s not a game

So vehicles on it sounds really good i think it sounds good for 300 000 miles it sounds good i really like that it has this foreign this is actually not my vehicle it’s a mechanics vehicle so you see he has it probably just for work not everything is working on it some things are missing here and there but it definitely gets the job done i have no idea i know

Absolutely nothing about it so we’re gonna go for pov test drive and find out what’s going on with it also man i was i swear to you in a jeffrey dahmer situation i was scared i was nervous i was stuck in la inside a little tiny car ah and i just want to disclaim to you guys right here right now can’t really talk about it too much okay what happened yesterday is

Actually under investigation all the way down to la to pick up a car actually i didn’t drive it’s crazy i took the greyhound and that’s the craziest most interesting thing about working selling cars every single day is different i went on the bus eight hours drive over there on the bus with the greyhound to pick up this vehicle which i thought was going to be one

Of the greatest vehicles i’ve ever bought in my entire life really like it but i’m telling you i can’t talk about it can’t tell you the specifications because there’s kind of a thing going on right now these are still working which is really cool with the auction i just talked to them and i gave them my five cents my 10 cents i gave them a whole dollar’s worth

Of complaints and uh yeah they’re gonna investigate they’re probably gonna come down here to the dealership to check out this vehicle that left me out in la so this is what happened went out there confident thinking i was gonna get there by the car i get to the dealership on their website it says all vehicles must be picked up here in this location i show up to

The location the vehicle’s not even there i’m like how am i supposed to pick this vehicle up but i did not get mad i said okay you know i already spent fifty dollars to get to la a whole eight-hour bus ride i’m not leaving home empty-handed i say no problem man i get another uber because from the train station you got an uber to the dealer now i get another uber

To the auction they send it to the auction i’m like damn bro really you sent it to the auction when on your site it tells you to pick it up here this is exactly where i’m to pick it up you said you open at nine o’clock i was there at nine o’clock exactly should i go to the auction pick up the car dude the car is trashed the bumpers are damaged and the ac doesn’t

Work and the windows don’t roll down dude i was gonna die in the vehicle suffocate and that’s not even the worst part it took me hours to get that vehicle out hours complaining and crying and just doing everything that i could to get out of a bad situation that i i mean to a certain point it’s my fault but they also told me that the vehicle was like 100 drivable

And it was not i don’t know whose mistake it was and i can’t speak on it yet but i will soon that vehicle almost killed me i was driving on the freeway with it and it was doing good it did good for two hours after that it didn’t overheat nothing like that well it actually did overheat on me on stop and go traffic in la oh that’s stop and go traffic in la almost

Killed me so i think there was some kind of issue with the fans some kind of issue anyway the car starts overheating blah blah i’m an og triple og i got a lot of experience in cars i know what to do in these situations i get it done just like i do in every situation after that overheating i’m climbing these hills in l.a because there’s a lot of hills and the car

Just starts shaking on me like crazy it’s like dying and i’m like holy crap it’s a five lane the last two lanes are for giant trailers dude i almost smashed into a trailer because the car would not go it would not accelerate you know but i already know this trailer i’m switching lanes got my blinkers on that don’t work the blinkers didn’t work on the car and i

Knew that so i had to drive even more careful and i’m switching lanes over and do this giant semi-trailer burr starts honking at me because i’m gonna die i can’t break these trailers their brakes are running hot over there in those mountains man it cannot break on time so i had to swerve back to my own lane finally get out of the freeway i turned the vehicle off

And after that the vehicle would not turn back on i get a tow 300 to tow it 10 minutes i’m serious it’s insanity but there’s no other choice i’m in the freeway in a five lane traffic cars are going really fast i could get into an accident like that in my life will be over and i will die he gets me he tells me somewhere safer and i get behind a gas station and

This is where the whole jeffrey dahmer thing starts going on because if you guys have seen the show of jeffrey dahmer you know what it’s like okay he is this crazy person and actually i actually thought i actually thought he was kind of cool in the first 10 minutes of the show okay i thought he was a player i thought he was like man because the thing is okay if you

Haven’t seen the show some spoilers but not really because this is the first 10 minutes of the show and i like them only only for the first 10 minutes of the show first 10 minutes of the show he shows up man to the bar and he’s cool and slick and sly and he’s hitting on so he’s he’s gay he’s hitting on three guys at once and let me just save this that if you ever

Saw me at the bar and i was hitting at three girls at once buying them drinks and they were feeling me that’s never gonna happen okay i’m not that sly i’m not that slick i’m not a player like that i know cars but i don’t know i’m not that good with women i’m kind of shy i get shy really quick but man this guy was sly and sleek and they’re just like you’re gonna

Buy us drinks are you gonna you’re gonna do something or you’re just gonna buy us drinks and he’s like no i’m a man of action and dude that was like i was like holy crap this guy’s a player but then but then you know after the first 10 minutes it gets crazy he’s trying to he’s freaking people out trying to kill them and that’s what was going on with me man i was

Out there in the hills and in the middle of nowhere so dark out there i was in the middle of nowhere all by myself but there was just so many cars and cars and if you’re in the la area you know how much homeless people there is you know that it’s it can get really scary out there and that’s what was going on i was freaking freaking out i was scared so i was like

Holy crap what am i gonna do i gotta get out of the situation but there was just people and it’s the same thing you know they’re so nice they’re so cool you think they’re slick and cool and they’re just playing around but they could be scoping you out to see what weaknesses you have they could be like they want to be your friend and they’re doing things like this

They’re just looking at you to see how they can take advantage of you and that’s the situation i was in yesterday car was completely broken down i didn’t want no one to see it my window what happened is the window did not work and the ac also did not work so i was suffocating in the car so i actually took the door panel off took the bolts out lowered my window so i

Could breathe well now i was in a situation where it was dark i was all alone and there’s people all around me surrounding me a lot of them probably living in their vehicles right so i took my stuff out my door panel and window regulator basically took it out and now i had to bolt it all back on and put my window up in the dark and that’s exactly what i did i knew

That i had absolutely no time to waste and then i had to get that done or else my life would have been in danger so that’s what i did put my window up closed it up good and then what happened at la they picked me up so the toe finally the real toe finally came to pick me up around 11 30 because the guy that towed me down from the mountain he wanted two thousand

Five hundred dollars to tow me to all the way to turlock to safety which would have been worth it it would have been worth it 100 but my the toe that i got charged me a thousand two hundred dollars and that’s still insane that’s a lot of money it’s crazy so anyway i had to pay it get myself back to turlock i’m in turlock i’m safe now but it was just crazy this

Is what happened there was a guy in a honda pilot an older one circling around probably like a 2000 honda pilot with broken tail lights and this and that and they were just circling around circling around the gas station i saw them put air in their tires went into the gas station and bought some stuff and i’m behind the gas station what happened is these guys were

Playing basketball they just randomly parked right behind me there’s so much parking everywhere but they parked directly behind me and started playing basketball and i was like forget that man these guys might just be trying to look into the car to see if there’s more people see if it’s just me i’m all by myself all by my own they’re maybe trying to see if my car

Is working if my windows are down they’re just getting closer and closer they started playing basketball way over there and i don’t know where they show up play basketball right here in front of me but there’s no basketball court there’s no nothing you know what they’re doing they’re just throwing the ball back and forth like as high as it can as far as they can

And they’re getting closer and closer to my car i was freaking out not just that so then after that they’re like let’s get out of here bro let’s get out of here they were teenagers possibly at least that’s what they looked like but i couldn’t really see in the dark after that they got in their car turned it on and boom left right away and then they came back circled

Around a couple times and then parked way out there in the corner went back to the gas station just running around everywhere so dark over there you can’t see a thing so you really don’t know how much people are actually out there it was a 24-hour haul i was scared i was nervous i was like i shouldn’t have watched so much jeffrey dahmer and i haven’t watched that much

I’m on season or episode three and man that that jeffrey dahmer man it ain’t it ain’t scary till it actually happens and that’s i felt it i felt it and i was just freaking out and that’s the thing about the show is if you’re just watching and you’re like oh it’s just a regular movie then yeah it’s just a regular movie but if you’re watching it and you’re putting

Yourself in the situation you’re just like oh my god you know this is some really freaking scary stuff and then what happened is i watched it and then the next day i was in that situation where i was like jesus man i feel like if these people like get to know me because they saw me at the gas station they saw me that i wasn’t turning my car on they saw that maybe

I got dropped off by the tow truck so they they know they know him in a little bit of trouble they’re getting closer and closer to my car you know these are things i’m in danger and i have to know that i’m in danger and i have to keep to myself at that point so guys that’s the video that’s what happened to me yesterday like i said there’s a bunch of stuff going

On it’s tuesday today you’ll probably be seeing this video on wednesday this honda drives pretty good i mean for 300 000 miles it drives so that’s what matters it’s not overheating it’s a little noisy a little loud but it’s an old honda and i bet you it’s really good on gas that’s the video guys i want you to like comment and i want you guys to stay safe love you guys take care bye

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2001 Honda CR-V POV Test Drive Jeffrey Dahmer Situation By POV Nelson

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