2001 ford f250 regular cab long
Altair Club Cars 2001 Ford F250 Regular Cab Long Bed 5.4L V8 4X4 Full Review

2001 Ford F250 Regular Cab Long Bed 5.4L V8 4X4 Full Review

Here is a super low mileage 2001 F250 4X4 V8. This truck is a really clean and solid work truck with only 44k miles!

So this truck has actually been in my family since september of last year so it’s around seven or eight months now and we’ve driven the truck somewhat daily it’s just kind of a multi-use vehicle used it for just running errands going to the store i’m hauling brush around gardening work just things like that just a maintenance truck but there’s more to the trucks

History than just that so actually a really cool story behind the truck the truck is actually a one owner vehicle and it’s never had any accidents it only has 44,000 all original miles and the truck has been maintained very well and what makes the story behind it unique is that yes it’s a one owner yes has 44,000 miles but it was owned by a navy base in washington

Dc so they took very good care of it and in that time of them owning it they only put 43,000 miles on it since it’s been in my family we’ve driven it right around a thousand to fifteen hundred miles somewhere in there and it’s never given us any problems at all highway driving local driving just everything we’ve done with it it’s been a reliable truck what they

Use the truck for on their base there was just general maintenance just talling things around just using the truck for upkeep of their property there and looking at the bed of the truck you’ll notice it’s there’s a garbage bag in it right now it’s a little bit dirty that right there is just from us using it over the past seven eight months and we’ve hauled around

Like i said brush garden stones you know gravel just things like that that we wouldn’t really want to put in a new truck like say my new f-150 i wouldn’t want to do certain things with that we’ve done the more dirtier jobs with this and it’s been a really good truck for that so it does have the eight foot bed as you can see and really the body is in good condition

It’s solid a lot of these trucks do tend to rust out and one thing that my dad and i did replace on the truck once we got it is the driver’s side rocker i’ll show you that in just a moment that rocker was rusted out so we replaced that nice and solid now and it does appear the passenger side rocker over here has been replaced i think the name we did that before

We bought it another thing we did looking at the face of the truck you noticed that the bumper is in really good shape well this bumper actually was a little bit surface rusted when we got the truck and that we just sanded that down and i painted that with some flat resto liam just changed the whole appearance of the front end of the truck made it a lot more

Attractive looking at the tires on the truck there goodyear wranglers and i think that these are relatively new because the tread is outstanding on them still and those tires are 235 85 are 16s definitely big tires and the truck does sit high up off the ground of course it is a 250 xl super duty so sitting in this compared to sitting at my f150 my 19 the front

End of it is much higher and just the ground clearance and when i’m sitting in this truck it’s a lot higher up off the ground compared to my truck and i know it’s a different series but there is definitely a noticeable difference another thing i’ve noticed about this truck i think this is probably the case with really all trucks that you could buy in the market

Nowadays and that’s really the quality of this truck it just seems so solid compared to my truck and really my truck is a good truck i have no complaints about it but when you compare new gm trucks to old gm trucks or new ram trucks to old ram trucks just all across the board in my opinion the older trucks like this one they just have a more solid and more rugged

Do the dirty jobs kind of feel and that’s really what a truck ultimately used to be meant for until people started buying them for just everyday driving like i did mine the truck actually does have four keys with it and i’m not sure if all of them are original i know this one is not this is a copy but go ahead and hop in the truck and looking at the vinyl seat

You’ll notice it really it’s not bad shape it’s pretty clean the only spot of damage on the seat is this right here and this is just a little spot about that’s it’s about size of a quarter and a little bit of a tear there a little bit of cracking right there some of these trucks though it amazes me when i go to whether it be sales auctions wherever maybe private

Party just browsing ads online some of these trucks you open the doors and a lot of mark gonna have 44,000 miles like this one but you know say they have a hundred 150 two hundred thousand miles you open the door and you see like 25% of the seat missing like i don’t understand how that happens i mean like when you notice this right here this is something you know

I could just take 20 minutes a half-hour and do something to just kind of stop this from spreading but i think you know these trucks get used on construction sites and concrete places just stuff like that and the guys get in and out sliding in and out over the course of years and many miles of using the truck before you know there’s this big gouge that’s just out

Of the truck seat but that one is not like that overall it’s in good shape look at the door panel everything on the inside is just base it’s an excel truck and it’s much like today’s basic work package fleet trucks where ford really just excels their fleet sales and this one right here the manual cranks as you can see and just have the manual locks nothing fancy

Here it’s just a hard plastic door panel and you’ll notice that on both of the door panels just from being out in the sun the top of them are a little bit faded but they are solid they’re not brittle or anything that’s the same case with the dashboard the dashboard is solid it doesn’t have any cracking or anything like that it’s just in really good shape for a truck

This age one thing i do like about the older ford trucks and this is not extremely all this just 2001 but the steering wheels these base work package trucks they have a steering wheel that it’s just the material does not fray my dad had a few years back he had a 2002 ford f-150 and the 4.2 liter v6 and that truck had around 240,000 miles same exact wheel in that

Truck no frame at all so the wheels in these trucks hold up very well horn works still as it should let’s go and fire it up so you guys can hear it run and like i said we’ve driven this truck somewhat daily there have been times throughout the winter where you know it would sit for say maybe two three weeks at the most and you know 20s 30s as far as the winter

Weather goes snowing or just cold and wet out go outside turn the key and fires right up it’s never not started and it still starts right up just as it should everything on the interior of the truck as far as electronics does work i say as far as electronics really the only thing electrons would be your your gauge cluster your lighting controls interior lighting

That does work you have your exterior just a base turnoff for your lighting controls there right now the odometer is sitting at 44,000 20 miles and the truck really just runs and drives great overdrive does have the four-speed automatic transmission and the transmission really does driving down the road on the highway around town it ships like a new truck it really

Does and this is gonna sound crazy but the transmission of this is more predictable and more smooth it’s a lot smoother in my opinion then the new 10-speed in my truck and i think that’s really just a characteristic of the tennspeed but really nice shifting transmission in this truck i’m not gonna turn the radio on and something that’s messed up with the truck and

Just probably from being used over the years is if you turn the radio on you can see right here the button is loose so if you turn it on you have a heck of a time turning it back off to start with but the volume if you go to turn it up it’ll turn up but if you go to turn it down it turns up also so you have to actually shut the truck off and then start it back up

For the radio to go off and then you can turn it on again so that’s a little bit of a pain but it’s something that could easily be replaced just by getting the aftermarket unit or just this unit itself as a factory unit acey does work and it works ice-cold haven’t had it on since we got the truck last year around the september time he also works really good these

F-series trucks have outstanding heaters and looking over here just under the shifter column you’ll notice this u.s. n united states navy and our l property so that right there i’m guessing some kind of a barcode or id number for the navy when they had the truck i’m sure they had some sort of a fleet that’s probably the way they kept track of it it’s just really

Cool a little piece of history that just shows the trucks background that the navy owned that’s a pretty cool feature now i have only used the four-wheel drive once really the winners where we are here does not snow enough to really warrant four-wheel drive but the only time i put it in four-wheel drive was i was going back off-road up had to go up a very steep hill

That was gravel and being at the back end is just so light it started to spin a little so i just popped it down into four high and it shifts right into four high really smoothly and when i did that it just kicked right into gear and climbed that hill absolutely no problem at all dashboard like i said it’s in really good condition it’s a little bit dirty right now

It’s been a little while since i’ve wiped it off but it’s really solid doesn’t have any brittle or cracking spots at all it pretty much covers the interior on this side now stepping out you will notice that on each side does have the chrome tube step running boards and another thing here you’ll notice the rocker that my dad and i replaced dad just did a fantastic

Job of getting that rocker installed and i’ll show you the other side i don’t think the navy really did a good job they probably just had a just a maintenance guy that they have through everything installed over there so i don’t think it’s as smooth and spit and finishes this one is but regardless it’s been replaced so you don’t have to worry about it being rusty

Just looking at the body a lot of times these trucks first starters the wells will rot out or the back corners here a little bit of tar spot there i got to clean off but looking at it you’ll notice this just really straight doesn’t have ripples dings dents anything like that i mean there’s imperfections on the truck scratches and stuff but overall it’s pretty solid

It does have the tow package i’m not sure if the navy towed with it i know that we haven’t towed with it this back bumper is just minor surface rusting in a couple of spots but that can just be fixed just like we fixed the front and just haven’t taken the time to do that and the bed of this truck is really solid especially with this spring and bedliner it’s just

Really held up well over the years not sure how long it’s been in here there’s a couple of spots where it’s chipped but it’s just a hard durable liner this box here was in the truck when we bought it and we’ve just used it to haul around things that we might want to keep from getting wet right now just to get it out of the bed i put some of these garden stones in

Here which are gonna be getting tossed eventually at some point and that box is a nice little extra feature to have on the truck and coming over to the passenger side here you’ll see what i’m saying here with the rocker it appears that maybe they might have put some caulking or something there and over here it’s just the the way they cut and welded it in or put

It into place it just really it could have been done a little bit better but it is solid and you don’t have to worry about it rusting any time soon this side the bench seat is in just outstanding condition it’s really clean no tears or anything over here and also the rubber floor liners holding up very well i suspect this thing right here was some sort of a radio

Mount or some kind of piece of equipment some amount that they had there does have a power outlet there and i’ve seen this happen on a lot of these f-series trucks one 50s and two fifties the cupholders you know guys getting in just being rough working pull the cup holder out and the whole unit just pops out and it’s just something we just never took the time to

Replace but that could be easily replaced i imagine it’s not too expensive owner’s manuals some maintenance records like oil change receipts and things in there you’d be surprised how much you can fit behind this bench seat just by pulling that lever up there and then while you’re pulling it up push the seat forward i need to clean this out back here it’s a little

Dirty but the weight that the seat sits it kind of slants back you can fit a lot of stuff back there you can see how it slants and if you were to slide the seat up further you can just fit quite a bit of stuff back there believe it or not something that could be replaced and this is not a big thing but just looking at the f-250 xl super duty badges the chrome i

Try to clean this off but it’s just a little bit corroded it’s nothing too major chrome finishes there a little bit but i’m not sure how much these would cost maybe ten fifteen twenty dollars something like that i imagine and you could just heat these up take them off pop some new ones on and really just make it look a lot better than it already does all the turn

Signals and headlights and everything upfront work as they should and if you wanted to you might be able to just you know paint this grille right here because it’s just a little bit faded but it’s really not that noticeable from a distance you know i mean paint it flat black maybe to match the bumper but it’s really not like it stands out that much and just listen

To this five four it’s so smooth and quiet unlike a lot of five fours that tend to have the sparkplug issue a lot of these motors do have that issue where they spit the spark plugs out and it’s just a real pain my crown vic would the 4.6 had that issue and you know i just didn’t bother fixing it because it’s it’s really a lot of work but this one right here i don’t

Foresee any signs of it having that now granted maybe a hundred one hundred and fifty thousand miles down the road it might have that problem but as of now it’s holding up well and there are no signs of it having that sparkplug issue fluids and everything all the maintenance on the truck has been up kept regularly by the navy and my dad and i have continued that

Maintenance since we bought the truck and just used it for just average maintenance in just house work over the past months and that engine really does pack a nice little power punch it has 260 horsepower and 350 pound feet of torque so being that the truck is a single cab it’s pretty light and the motor having that much power the transmission is shifting the way

That it does is just on point and smooth i’ve never really gotten on the truck and pushed it but you know i pushed it a little bit a couple of times getting onto the highway just to you know get up to speed nothing like horsing it but the truck really does pack a nice power punch and it’s actually kind of a surprise i was a little bit surprised when i did get on

It a little bit a couple of times to get up to speed nothing major like i said but it gets up to speed no worries at all for an older truck like this so there you go guys i hope that you enjoyed this full in-depth review tour start up of this 2001 ford f250 a nice little work truck here it’s really solid and it’s got plenty of life left in it easily another 150

Two hundred thousand miles if properly taken care of this truck is gonna make a fantastic work truck and it’s gonna last a very long time be sure to comment let me know your thoughts on this truck thoughts on this video and rate the video before you go also make sure you subscribe today if you haven’t already

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