20 year old buys 25000 mercedes
Altair Club Cars 20 YEAR OLD BUYS 25,000 MERCEDES-BENZ (AMG G 65 WAGON)


► Today in this vlog I show you guys the biggest Purchase i have ever made! This is the reveal of Blazendary’s Brand New car! I went and shopped around for a few days, gave you guys a good taste of everything I was able to get for the price as well. Luckily I was able to buy this car at a used price with one owner at 7,000 miles for much cheaper than the MSRP in the title!

Yo you guys what is going on it’s your boy blazendary here and today in this episode we are going to be going yet again car shopping if you guys want to watch episode one of car shopping be sure you go ahead and do that i’ll leave a link in the description below as well sit back relax enjoy car shopping part number two i’m very excited to keep looking for some

Stuff we were thinking about it and the porsche isn’t gonna be a good car for new york the roads get super icy so it’s just like not the safest option yeah i think we’re gonna look for maybe something like maybe a little bigger all right guys so you already know the deal baby i feel like i said it’s gonna be the last time in this car for days now but it’s

Really approaching it’s gonna be today tomorrow bro yeah the first place we’re gonna go is mercedes we’re gonna go to mercedes first because it’s a mercedes maybe they have maybe they have some cool mercedes then we’re gonna wait for a 3pm appointment which is in about an hour and a half golly almighty we come by and we see this thing right near us this is the

43 they had the 53 at the other dealership 2021 rear seat package looks okay 101. this is the oh this is another 43. oh but look there’s uh monsieur right there we got to take a peek at this thing guys the g65 super different are they also you know they also have they also have a lambo they want 120 for this stuff so it’s like yeah i could get this too but no

I’m not getting it i’m not getting a rear wheel drive window that thing right there though all right so basically guys we just left the mercedes dealership with some amazing feedback they very much so love my car because it’s like a family operation sort of like i purchased this car through mercedes so it almost makes sense to continue that path the g65 and the

Porsche are the same damn price i just think the g65 is a whole lot more practical and i’ll get a better rate because it’s mercedes a car i already own and drive you know imagine i pulled the trigger on the porch and i’m sitting here driving to new york and i can’t fit any of my stuff that’s a problem i’d much rather have a car that i will appreciate for the long

Term and make good decisions with we still have one more place we’re heading to right now this is gonna be a dealership in charlotte uh it’s a mclaren dealership this one has got all the crazy stuff though all the crazy crazy cars but there’s a few that are definitely in interest the bentley is still here but interesting after hearing a lot about bentley and

The potential maintenance and whatnot i don’t know if it’s worth it it’s a lot of really nice cars here definitely something i want to come back to in like a year year and a half always guys the best way to think about this stuff is to think smart i don’t own a house yet so let me own the house and then get those nice cars right now i need to find something like

Practical that i can drive in new york one of these cars is not a practical car you could drive in new york so we’re gonna continue looking continue pushing forward and then maybe if i have this all-wheel drive car then i could say okay you know what then i’ll get a rear wheel drive you know beautiful little supercar and next stop dealership number three gtc kind

Of small yeah how come this goes for a little more than my car just because this is so your secret your c63 yeah c300 a c450 a c43 this is an all amg car there’s no other variant no daily driver bearing of this car this is cool yeah it is this is nice it’s like a little new reason all new options if you want to put your foot on the brake and start her up for me

Right there so you got your wing on the right side all your volume you also do you get raise and lower the wing okay right here so if you want to do everything quick your performance exhaust ooh i were in park and everything i just you’re good it doesn’t push as hard not gonna push charge your e63 those 63 inches those hand build v8s if you guys wanna hang

Out here i’m gonna pull it up real quick all right yeah yeah thank you i wanna see how that g-dragon drives but this e-class there’s an e63s it’s like just the same as my car it’s like it’s perfect oh yeah look at it bro look it’s like it’s my car but the e it’s like okay but then there’s then there’s the s’s and everything too but it’s like uh you guys want

To know why do you guys want to know why this car is so amazing though not only does it got all the purple insane it’s so similar to what i’m familiar with yet it’s updated and it’s got massage seats passenger that was nice just sounds different what is the difference between the engines so this just you got that same bi-turbo v8 it’s just going to be tuned a

Little bit different so it’s the little tune of the car is it the same engine uh essentially it’s going to be i mean because it’s still a v-turbo by or v8 by turbo so it’s assuming the same engine just tuned mechanically you guys look at it and you go blaze it’s the same same car but it’s like sort of for you guys maybe but on the inside it’s completely different

For me like this one’s more loaded than that we’re gonna give the g wagon a test drive and then i’m pretty sure i’ll have my decision i mean it’s comfy oh to hearing that start i know it actually is starting to change my mind a little bit now wow wow all right guys so we’re going to be test driving this uh g wagon right now fourth car of the day so that

Being said so this is the everything right here just pop it in drive and oh oh that’s a top camera wow oh okay yeah i definitely feel it’s like a two-hand car you really feel the all-wheel there’s paddles too whoa can i give you some a little bit of juice let’s see guys do it once you get straight down here’s the juice test holy so i just got to test drive

The uh the g wagon right there what do you think of that i loved it another after hour session at yet another dealership but that’s the process when you want to go ahead and make the right financial decisions guys so take your time get the car you like make sure it’s what you know you can work with that’s that i mean you guys have seen i’ve shifted my options

Multiple multiple times even still this guy right here i don’t know i’m gonna walk away with it exactly as i expected we will be finding out more information tomorrow i think we’ve got it all worked out if you can make your way down here uh okay i’ll be over she got a phenomenal exception done for you we got the g-wagon wow now i really am saying goodbye oh

Wow i’m gonna miss you car i’ll get a better version of you someday and keep you in the collection i promise it might be the s63 coupe but i’ll do it it’s time to say goodbye and say hello well this is the last time this car will be seeing daylight with me in it i don’t know it’s a bittersweet feeling it’s time to move on and there’s like some emotions you know

Because it it’s like this has been the car i’ve been driving for the last couple years this is what i put my miles on my love my energy my what i’ve wanted to do to this car cosmetically and everything saving my money up for that and it’s like i can’t wait to see what this new ride is gonna feel like just having it in the daily maybe i don’t like it maybe i go to

Something different you know it’s like i’m excited to see how i’m going to like it that’s what i’m excited for because i can’t say if i know i’m gonna like it or not so different from what you have it’s so different but i can say i’m excited to see how i will like it we have made it to freeman’s car stereo so that’s where we got the subwoofer installed let’s get

It uninstalled and see what we’re going to see we’re at damn putting it underneath here this is my baby right here guys i’m excited to get this thing in the g wagon that’s for sure i’ve never actually seen this out of the car this is my jl guys i got it installed right here at freeman’s car stereo so make sure y’all come see robert he’s the man i’m the man that’s

Out of my mind typically oh there we are there it is get the out of here yo he just did the quickest sub uninstallation i’ve ever seen i remember you kind of called me and you asked me some questions and he was like i like you okay i’ll tell you what i’ll be there in a little bit all right guys so we just got the freaking haircut and now we will be getting

The wagon so excited i know i’m very excited let’s get it man what a good song to end on for this car yo the benzo we saw the red bow on it yeah oh my god i’m so excited i love you i’m gonna miss you look at the roses too they set this whole thing up yo yo with the red bow and everything yeah this is quite the display now guys there’s a red carpet flowers above

Mercedes knows how to really really give a presentation so thank you to everybody at the mercedes-benz of north lake if you guys need anything make sure you hit up my boy mike he helped me out got this beautiful g wagon for me i’m very happy guys the start of a new journey another car man i can’t believe it guys i am so thrilled right now yeah you can’t breathe

You hear that metal slam yes with how it it’s just it is a beast we even got a special little goodie bag right here which we’re gonna go over what is in here with you guys when we get back to the house just gotta prove y’all everything’s a go everything is a gold your reaction to it now i haven’t seen i i’ve never really seen one in person this is it right here

To the left look they got the roses the red carpet they do one look oh my god it is beautiful look at the roses and everything they did with the red carpet poinsettias poinsettias yes that’s the name of the plant by turbo that’s like very unique yeah that’s like the most sought after can i sit inside it yeah yeah stainless steel license frame with the amg on

It wow this has car play guys guys look at that we kept thinking about the practicality and for new york and just the the snow and the weather and all that it’s very important to have a car like this that’s kind of why we went with it and then i drove the thing and my my mouth dropped i was like it’s the v12 torque water line anything below good anything above

No good so that is i can ride this car and what like three feet of water is that i would say it’s about three feet yeah i’m gonna put a giant battering ram on the front of it for the zombie apocalypse whatever this is handcrafted by viatoslav grebe greb have you seen that one before reb no i haven’t seen grab this is the final clip of the 63 on the vlog pretty

Crazy because this is the car you guys have seen for years but we got some new memories to make so i’m just driving the rest of my stuff out of it here and uh we’ll be kissing her goodbye it’s a tradition for you to come see it bro remember the amg when you first got it and then when you first had the wrap of the 335 yep you went to uptown we’ve seen that and that

Was when it was loud bouncing off the uh buildings and then now this one thank you mike for being here man appreciate it yeah we’re about to pull it out i’m gonna do a little clip driving away with it right now goodbye and hello that’s it y’all that’s the trade-in guys so we did it this is insane i’m really stoked ready for a ride bro you’re the first one

Getting a ride man just like every other car oh my gosh my god like we you can rescue people damn oh my god i am so excited to finally show you the brand new car so let’s check it out yo we have the 2018 g65 this is a v12 bi-turbo we decided to go big body on it and get that v12 that they just are not going to be producing anymore there’s a couple

Reasons why i went with this car but the main reason was because of the fact that i’m going to be driving in some tough terrain where i live so i need to have a car that can handle that the other cars i was taking a look at they were much too small but this right here this giant suv gets the job done they they sing about it in the songs it’s got five doors this

Trunk right here is an absolute monster and i’ll have no problem toting around all my shopping trips sneaker videos and purchases like that we also got room for the subwoofer in here as well so it’s just honestly a great car to have as like a utilitarian vehicle and it was a huge jump in price as well i’m a 20 year old kid walking in wanting to buy a very expensive

Car and it’s tough for a bank to look at that and go all right that being said guys it’s just the monster we got for the channel i really hope you enjoyed it was a ton of fun making this video quite a long one i know about the car but instead of breaking up into different parts i just felt like i should give you guys a little g65 video so thank you for watching

It’s your boy blaze mary signing out stay positive and bye oh

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20 YEAR OLD BUYS $225,000 MERCEDES-BENZ! (AMG G 65 WAGON) By Blazendary

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