1st rare c8 corvette 2023 conver
Altair Club Cars 1st RARE C8 Corvette 2023 Convertible at Ciocca Chevrolet *CHECK THIS OUT*

1st RARE C8 Corvette 2023 Convertible at Ciocca Chevrolet *CHECK THIS OUT*

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I like it a lot i like it a lot howdy folks you want to see going to speed252 show scroll over to the right click that subscribe button and join this awesome community what’s up guys so i came into this showroom my man is doing a phenomenal job on that c8 corvette over there but while i was in here i kind of feel like i need to do a video on a few of these cars

Because there’s a few things that i’ve actually seen while i was in here and i kind of want to show you guys once again my name is clarence thank you for pushing the play button on this youtube channel definitely give this video a thumbs up hit that subscribe button anywhere on your screen whether it’s on your tablet your telephone most likely your telephone or

Your tv screen whatever the case may be whatever works best for you if you want to give this video a thanks i greatly appreciate your support on this channel is always helpful help me keep pushing out content for you guys keep bringing new information to you guys but while i’m in here first of all this is the new amplifier orange now as you guys know this replaces

Sebring orange i like the sebring orange a little better the amplifier orange is a really nice color too um it stands out it’s definitely different and you would usually see a flat color plank like this on the or paint sorry on like a lamborghini this paint is somewhat as similar as a rabbit blue both of them are flat pinks both of them stands out they’re both

Different um i know some of you guys really love the sebring orange unfortunately they don’t make that color anymore the sebring orange stands out a little bit more as bright it’s shiny the very first time i came here to see the ca stingray in person they had a sebring orange out in person and so it kind of worked out well to see that car for the first time after i

Saw that unveiling but if you look at this car it’s amplified orange they have the natural dip interior gt1 seats which i honestly personally think the gt1 sees is comfortable i think it works well with the car they have the heads-up display they have the lining with the natural dip as well once again this is amplifier orange thank you everyone for watching that

Clip as you guys can see my trailer getting stolen made the news um they wanted to write a story about it to help out the channel to help hopefully find some leads that still haven’t been any leads yet but in regards to the gofundme i truly appreciate each and every single one of you that has donated so far i’m gonna shout out some of you guys name but for all of

You who truly want to help out with the gofundme with a youtube call holla there will be a link down in the description there will also be a link taxed to the comment section as well whatever extra funds that are left over will go to feeding other kids and needs in the area and i greatly appreciate your support on that so with that being said i’m gonna shout out

Some of the names right now eric c james p bart e james m lee j and anonymous thank you all so much for contributing to the youtube call holla i cannot thank you enough anyone that wished to donate to the youtube caller please the link is down in the description below and you can also click that link that is tied to this comment section no matter what your

Donation is no matter the size we will all greatly appreciate it i’m sorry carbon flashing outside not carbon fiber i was talking to him earlier about carbon fiber that’s why i said it this is a z51 package with the standard wheels now these wheels come with your car they already got the car cleaned up you can see the tire shine on it i think these wheels are

Great right i wouldn’t say i love them but they’re great um obviously if you want to replace this wheel you totally can but these are the wheels that come with the car um this has the high wing as you guys know when i bought my car in 2020 i got to having i was one of the first ones in the country to have the halloween on my car from the national cover museum it

Was an amazing experience if you guys want to check that video out i would definitely go to that video just type in so you go to speed252 museum delivery you will see that video is awesome video you will learn what the museum is all about if you pick up your car from the museum this halloween spoiler looks phenomenal guys this is a coupe by the way as you can see

The motor in the back they have the standard casing on the top of it um it does have the front splitter sort of kind of the smaller than the back this is obviously getting covered up because that doesn’t come with the car naturally if you once you order it you can see they kind of got this bad boy already and the paperwork’s in the inside there’s something inside

Right there i don’t know exactly this that could be the actual front splitter that goes on this is the one that comes from the factory it’s just plastic it works works with the car looks nice here is the monster right here so man where do i get started first of all these wheels are different these wheels are completely different i’ve never seen these wheels before

On any vehicle that i’ve seen so this is a z51 this has the carbon fiber package you can see the carbon fiber front splitter there carbon fiber there carbon fiber mirrors here carbon fiber there these wheels once again are phenomenal um the natural dipped interior inside these gt2 seats um the carbon fiber splitter i mean this is pretty pretty pretty clean

Man this is pretty clean i like it a lot i like it a lot um jeez this is a nice bill whoever owns this car this is a nice bill doesn’t have license plates on it so i don’t know if it belongs to somebody that has traded it in i don’t know what year it is how many miles on it but it’s pretty cool the one thing i like about this car right here as i like these wheels

But this is different i’ve never seen this before look how like this is gray and the car is black i was telling my man i just never seen it before it’s just different it’s just different guys it’s just different but this amplifier orange that’s over there it’s nice but this hypersonic gray man this is one awesome color right here one awesome color it has tried

And spoke wheels doesn’t have the sticker on it so i don’t know how much it cost um it has has the front splitter on it just a plastic one it is a z51 once again always look at the wheels the calipers it’ll tell you whether or not z51 now obviously somebody can paint it on there but why are they going through the trouble of doing that if it’s a non z51 um this

Is a coupe oh this white interior looks pretty nice in this and this uh i want to call it i keep calling amplifier orange even though am for orange is over there hypersonic gray um yeah this is this sky cool gray interior is pretty nice gt1 seats it is a coupe you can see the motor right there in the back it does have the carbon flash wing on the back of this bad

Boy so that’s pretty cool it looks pretty clean to me it’s already been cleaned up right there let’s see it is oh the price for the eighty five thousand eight hundred and fifteen dollars for this bad boy so i don’t know if it’s new or used or it’s not traded in they just brought it in with the slip you have this porsche right here which hey it’s looking clean

It’s looking clean it’s obviously convertible see the porsche logo right there i’m going to show you some love while i’m in here some manual um carrera let’s see here i don’t see you don’t sticker on it i don’t know if this will sell or not maybe somebody traded in for a c8 corvette was like i want to see it corvette so i’m gonna give you guys my porsche looks

Clean i never driven one of these type porsches before i have driven one back in the day as far as like a 911 turbo s but it’s pretty clean i’ll give you that now we got these two bad boys right here well that’s the cadillac cadillac denali um show these cars some love while i’m in here escalade dark tinted windows big tires jeez louise yeah i look like this

Natural interior looks pretty clean in here this is my first time really looking at one of these bad boys they check they they definitely step that game up on this bad boy you have the cadillac right here black wheels black interior right here not too bad not bad at all you got the two corvettes right here now this has a strike package this one doesn’t both

Are convertible profess tried and spoke wheels z51 z-51 uh strike packers go all the way down convertible there convertible there looks pretty clean to me black inserts with the red bose exterior same as this so these cars pretty much have almost identical interiors completely different exteriors and this torch red is really nice i really like this a lot and

Then we go over to our gmc denali and this is new you can see the plastic still in the train black interior big old sunroof chevrolet in them has really stepped that game up on their suvs and trucks i can tell you that right now i’m i’m starting to appreciate the work that they have done they got mississippi back outside again and we’re gonna finish this video

Off talking about whatever this is this is a chevrolet spark i believe with the white roof this probably go about 200 miles per hour great on gas too you got the little wheels right here the little wheel right there you know this is the perfect car for someone that wants to you know it’s a spark i thought it was a spark but i wasn’t 100 sure i didn’t want to

Call it wrong he had ceo this actually is a perfect car for like somebody that’s graduating high school somebody is going to college their first car this is a perfect call do not buy a 60o one of these bad boys i’ve read those stories online numerous times they didn’t turn out so well this is a perfect car for a new student that’s going to college high school

Students 16 years old this is perfect but hey if you want to get on one of them that’s 16 year old go for it i can tell you one thing i was never close to owning one of these things at 16 year old not even 18 not even my 20s i didn’t get my first quarter until i was like 27. guys leave your comments down below or how old you was when you got your first car or your

First corvette once again give this video a thumbs up i appreciate all your support definitely hit that subscribe button anywhere on your screen i would love to have you part of this awesome community my goal is to go to 30 000 followers by the end of this year if you want to get this video of thanks as well hit that thanks button support the channel the best way

Possible it is a new feature that you know that uh youtube put on there as well so if you want to hit that thanks button to support this channel i greatly appreciate each and every single one of you let’s go check out some more rides you

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1st RARE C8 Corvette 2023 Convertible at Ciocca Chevrolet! *CHECK THIS OUT* By CGarnerSpeed252

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