1st drive new genesis g90 proble
Altair Club Cars 1st drive new GENESIS G90 – problem for Mercedes-Benz S-Class? Test-drive & review.

1st drive new GENESIS G90 – problem for Mercedes-Benz S-Class? Test-drive & review.


Foreign i’m sorry i’m not like prepared for this filming because our friend just came to the motoring club where i’m sitting and working and i decided that better to show you this car than not to show you so let’s see it from exterior i’m in love with exterior it’s really it’s really great how they made it very very beautiful rear part wheels this dna part

Like in previous g90 that’s amazing wow look at the lights yeah i think exterior from 0 to 10 this is only 10. give me what do you give me your opinion give me your thoughts about it wow and also wheels are great too just look at it let’s have a look from here oh yeah also let me show you some features for example with doors if you want to close it it’s

Enough just to press in this part and it’s closing automatically oh that’s cool guys that’s really cool and interior is so great so a lot of great materials forged carbon for example with these beautiful lines wow wow they really made like a huge step forward with this with this generation of g90 wow and interior from drivers see it looks very interesting

Too yes a lot of things to show you here great car just great but of course i need much more time to show it for you in more correct way all right exclusive today thank you so much wow first class that’s great so how was it to drive this beast wow can you switch off the music yeah great you can uh turn on your massage seat there if you like oh yeah that’s

Great but let’s go let’s jump to the rear seat raise it up oh yeah let’s go to the boss seat and check how is it here hop and i will try to find a new g90 and to make like much more quality reviews sorry guys really no preparation i just saw this car for the first time right now and decided to film it for you at least a little bit yeah so ah it’s so it’s

So quiet here inside no noises from outside that’s amazing i’m really in love with this ride guys why everything is so beautiful in interior in exterior ah genesis this is really nice job i was in love with g9it previous generation it was really amazing i was loving driving it and this one looks like amazing next step that’s cool also by using this button

You can open the car open the door i’m sorry yeah and the same buttons in front doors yeah so what is the engine here 3.3 bit turbo seven twin turbo with an electric supercharger oh cool and i think it makes a about 420 something horsepower yeah should be enough for smooth and fast driving yeah this car is just so relaxed though yeah the suspension is camera

Controlled so it can read the road and adapt the suspension accordingly like on audi a8 yeah the same technology cool wow and it’s so quiet inside absolutely they really made some nice job about it if you look uh-huh that uh are listening to work the active noise cancellation oh cool it really works yeah looks like not enough space for you here yeah you need

The higher version yeah this is the g90 we’ll wait for the gv 90 suv that’ll be that’ll fit me better i think yeah yeah and g9it suv it should be soon yeah wow so yeah this engine is nice but i think the eve quiet or even smoother more responsive of course that’s cool okay you can look out the window up yay head behind you also cool foreign oh that’s amazing

Yeah 100 of privacy we just need a wall here and then that’s it no no i want to talk i want to talk with you great because you know of course there are drive modes comfort sport yeah you can also adjust the feel of the brake pedal uh-huh so there’s oh there’s normal and then there’s sport and then there’s a chauffeur mode which refurb mode does is it makes the

Rear suspension especially even more relaxed and plush here yeah i would turn it on but i i configured a personal drive mode instead of uh yeah it makes you choose between a personal drive mode and the chauffeur drive mode and supposedly it really makes a difference and do you remember the price of this one 101 000. okay should be um much cheaper than this class

Yeah yes this class starts at 100 and something thousand and here we have everything on this money yeah even you know this paint is 1500 so you just got the standard paint you could oh a just under a hundred thousand yeah but this color looks really cool it’s like personally i wouldn’t choose the white it’s looking dirty already yeah yeah when interior is white

It’s always difficult to keep it as a white yeah they have a terracott it’s like a sort of actually which looks very good yeah but i think this carbon fiber looks very cool yeah carbon that’s that’s really amazing wow thank you thank you so much for this experience yeah i assume how you take off from outside okay sure yeah thank you so much see ya wow yeah

So give me your thoughts what do you think about on you g19 and later i will try to find this current to make like proper review yeah with all information and for now let’s finish on this short review cheers

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1st drive! new GENESIS G90 – problem for Mercedes-Benz S-Class? Test-drive & review. By Alan Enileev Cars

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