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Altair Club Cars 1999 Toyota 4Runner Rear Drum Brakes install | How To

1999 Toyota 4Runner Rear Drum Brakes install | How To

This is the part 2 of the the 3rd gen 4runner brake how to remove and install video, In this video we focus on the dreaded rear drum brakes and came on our 3rd gen 4runners. I hope you enjoy the video

And let you just untied away now you can cook them right and make you drift on time good morning youtube back here again for the next morning to finish the brakes on the rear it started i already have it jacked up from yesterday and i’m going to go ahead and get the wheel thing off and then i’ll spray some pb blaster on there too you know because it likes to rest

Together so i’m putting the new drum on their new shoes not new hardware though but new drumming shoes so let’s get started doesn’t want to come off so i’m going to give it a few big hits at the hammer let’s see if i can’t break you free of these one good tip is that before you start taking everything apart on here is to take a picture of where everything goes

Springs and things like that so new brake pads don’t come with this little pen in here too and well they do come with it but not installed already you go up in a minute so just match where it goes on one it’s not a very pes because they’re identical for his vehicle and then start them together so i’m just going to tap it in with a hammer and just start taking

This apart hate drum break hate them okay so what i’m going to do to make it easy on thirds of foreigner and when i literally jake dude is pushing the two pistons into the brake shoes of away from them so when i did earlier what take out this ten this out click oil c-clip and so c-clip it holds this first portion if we adjust our arm that adjusts the bricks

Your gesture up top here i’m gonna pop that off justing this is s you’re on and bringing it back in so this is what i’m adjusting i’m turning it this and that way to bring this together so that i can lose losing tension on this spring and if i can pull there’s a part these shoes apart enough pull them apart enough then i can move the adjuster out of the way

And this can come together and then i can take that spring off so that’s why i’m trying to do now back to it yeah you mean me all right that is a pain in the ass drum brits phony i can convert that to real wheel drive i would do it okay back to work taking this stuff off exemption taking this stuff off and put it in it over there so we’ll do that and then

Get them swapped over and yeah get started all right so this big spring does go a specific way you want to go just like that bar on top clip on you know far underneath and then this spring right here you want there to be a gap right there because that’s what the adjuster wheel sits and if this bar on the bottom of the spring here is on the upside like this if

It’s backwards like that then the adjuster will hit this and not be able to adjust the adjuster arm will hit this which is this piece right here this piece right here supposed to hit the adjuster when you press the brake and adjust it out when needed as you know as the brake shoe has my brake shoes wear down it adjusts digestor out to hit the drum the waist close

To so if this is like this and that adjuster is being blocked so make sure you have it right it goes over and under with the bar on the spurn going on the underside if you’re looking at it so just a quick tip i go ahead and continue to swap these things well some reason it quit recording so here you start again you got one little small third spring this piece

Actually hooks in the corner over here and you’ll hook it to that little hole right there and uh again there we go it goes under underneath there that spring goes underneath air and hooks to the bottom go ahead and get that stuff on ebrake bracket goes on and it gets held in place by this secret a horseshoe thing and that one’s done click the spring back

Through move this adjuster all the way in or as far as you can get it in like so the big piece goes at the at this side just like so but you got to make sure you get that okay take this brown okay a gesture again make sure you get this gesture piece in because and then this notch that sticks up goes in that hole like so like that just a spring back on bottom and

Get that into great cable install and we want to be better all right now you take your sparring little spring thing assembly they took off in the beginning which would be that and put it through the backside and through these big holes the biggest holes here go through that you put one plate down against there this will go through that plate like so through

The backside so spring this goes through the backside this goes on top of the just like so and then your spring and then you are the plate will go on top you push it down with your tool or needle nose pliers work pretty good and then when you have it all done it will lock into place and then fold the shoe against so whatever the hell this black piece is called

Well before i get too far ahead of myself i’m going to clean all the old brake dust and stuff that’s caked on here and i’m going to clean that off so i’m going to go ahead and do that and i’ll be right back all right got all the grime and crap cleaned off so let’s go ahead and get these babies in your pin all the – okay your spring and you’re the cat all right

Noah’s gonna do is to break ebrake line back off and it’s left spray drum brakes are back in now chooses the cow i’m painting the drum with red calico pink mainly just to prevent rust and because i already painted the front calipers red so figured why not i would paint the calipers if at calpers in the rear but i don’t there’s toyota wanted to go with drum brakes

Until they went to the fortune and gave them disc brakes while leaving us with drum bearings so nice to them i know right oh all good all good okay one thing done today i’m letting that dry and i’m gonna throw another coat on it and then i’m just going to slide it back over hey guys one more quick tip i know that i forgot to mention this when i was filming but

When you put your brake drum back over your brakes you’re going to have to readjust that adjuster back out now you don’t have to adjust it back out as much as it was before you adjusted it back in but you’re going to have to readjust it out so what i typically do is i’ll put the drum brake over i’ll put the drum over the breaks over the everything and i’ll slide

It back over now what you want is it to kind of feel a little loose and snug at the same time i mean you’ll know what i’m talking about when you do it but you also want to check to make sure that when you pull the e brake up that it grabs it so i know the first time i changed my drum brakes i didn’t do i didn’t check my ebrake and i didn’t adjust them right so when

I applied my e brake it just yanked all the way up and didn’t work so make sure that you check to make sure that it’s grabbing when you pull the e brake before you click it wheels and everything back on so just remember that and you’ll be good so just adjust as needed it’s easier to adjust it when a wheel and drum this off and everything than it is to adjust when

It’s not off there’s a little adjuster window but it’s a pain in the ass to adjust to adjust with through that window so it’s used to do it while you have everything apart and off as far as the wheel in the drum itself so just remember that and you’ll be golden peace out guys i never looked at

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1999 Toyota 4Runner Rear Drum Brakes install | How To By J.R. Hoye

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