1999 subaru legacy b4 rsk turbo
Altair Club Cars 1999 Subaru Legacy B4 RSK Turbo Review

1999 Subaru Legacy B4 RSK Turbo Review

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The Nicer WRX

1999 subaru legacy b4 rsk look at all the letters rfrb before basically the twin turbo subaru legacy from japan with a bunch of sports stuff on it this car has 67 000 kilometers on it it’s great ford auction which is pretty much the best you can get sand yourself look at that body i know it’s super nice this car has virtually no scratches everything’s in really

Good shape i’ve bought a few cars from japan this one is easily the nicest this car didn’t need anything which was really rare so somebody was still driving it i think and they kept it garaged because the paint’s in really nice shape there’s no real problems with this car it’s super nice let’s have a look at the inside here it’s got the two-tone leather which

I think looks really nice it’s in really good shape the driver’s seat has like a little bit of cracking in the color but it’s just cosmetic it’s not uh it’s not actual in the leather the rest of this car i think has barely been used the back seat is basically brand new i think it was a wealthy older guy well wealth is relative term but i don’t think he let his

Kids in the car mat let’s have a look at the trunksies this car is a really good sized trunk actually it’s got this subaru legacy flat mat on it i’ve been transporting my mountain bike around in it and uh works great there’s no rust in this car everything’s nice i like how the legacy uh turbos have this lip on the spoiler it’s subtle but it looks really nice

Nothing too extravagant in the exhaust department this car is an automatic watch the cool dash i love it multi-stage light up climate control it’s actually fog lights here it’s just like this single piece but it works really well i put in this uh usb alpine stereo with uh hands-free the subaru actually has uh like a 10 speaker audio system with subwoofer it’s

Got an amplifier under the driver’s seat made by alpine badged his macintosh anyways i got the stereo all spliced into the multi-connector that runs the amplifier so it runs all speakers in the car and it’s really quality it’s actually really nice automatic you say alex everyone will laugh at me i drive an automatic it’s not performance it’s not cool but look

It’s got cool shifting here shifting here it’s a four-speed automatic but it’s actually a really good automatic you’re thinking this is some cavalier automatic and uh it’s really not the torque converter locks up right away the shifts are really good it runs to redline every time and the shift buttons actually work great so you can actually hold the buttons and

Hold the gears and you know if you’re doing highway merge you can hold it in second and once you get on the big turbo this thing hauls ass the idea here too is you’re like why are there buttons and that so when you’re like in a turn you’re like whoa extreme you can’t reach the buttons which i’ve happened just reach down grab a gear actually works great uh i’m

Not you know lots of people aren’t fans of automatics and i’ve had a lot of manual sports cars but uh this car is actually really good and living in the big city you’re gonna run into traffic constantly and i don’t care who you are how extreme you are manual gets real old it does let’s have a look at the engine it’s got this cool rfrb grille which is like a it’s

Like a subaru factory aftermarket thing you can get through the subaru dealer it’s different than the standard legacy grille there you go there’s your subaru two liter twin turbo engine this thing runs really nice twin turbos alex what’s the point wow there’s turbo there turbo there what this thing does is uh it has one small turbo and basically a big turbo so

What it does is it switches all of the exhaust goes to the small turbo which spools right away so basically i had a wrx for a long time and had a big turbo but until it built boost which took a while so you had no power especially with the air conditioning on it was slow until you got to three three and a half thousand rpm then you get all this power this thing

Basically that turbo spools instantly especially with the automatic so you get power right away all the time it’s like a v6 and then like four and a half 4 800 rpm it switches the exhaust to the big turbo and then it pulls really hard this thing’s rated at 265 horsepower i think the car weighs like 3000 pounds or 3200 pounds but it feels more like 280 maybe more it

Pulls really hard and it’s really fun and the twin turbo works great it’s basically jeep guy it’s basically their solution for fuel economy without going to a big v6 and i’ve made 30 miles to a gallon on the highway in this car no problem aircon works everything works at stock which means it’s reliable which means everything is cool and it’s plenty fast stock i

Don’t necessarily think you need to modify and i’ve had faster cars than this and it’s great anyways what’s it like to drive the suspension it’s got this bilstein suru suspension it’s firm but it’s not punishing but the car really handles well i had some previous legacies this thing is super flat in the cornering it’s as good as the wrx i think the way they’ve

Set up the differentials in this thing uh it reduced the understeer for the new model year it’s really good the brakes are really powerful the engine pulls hard and then you can drive it around completely normally in traffic it doesn’t punish you the interior is super nice the new legacies are much much nicer while new from japan for a 15 year old car this thing

Is so much nicer than a wrx of the same vintage yet i think it’s nearly as fast it handles just as well and it’s got a lot more room inside it’s kind of a no-brainer these things are super bargains from japan anyway so ends my review of this car it’s super nice it’s super clean so it’s kind of a really nice car for a long time i’d love to keep it in fact i will

If nobody buys it that would be fine

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