1997 land rover defender 90 le f
Altair Club Cars 1997 Land Rover Defender 90 LE ***FOR SALE***

1997 Land Rover Defender 90 LE ***FOR SALE***

What’s going on everybody i’m tim lozinski with midwest car exchange in chicago and today i’m bringing you an absolutely beautiful in 1997 land rover defender 90 this is actually an le a limited edition they only made 300 of these and this is number 29 of the 300 the le came in a certain color combination along with interior and the diamond plate on the top

For protection these things are absolutely sharp absolute blast to drive if you can see right behind me right now it’s got the flip down facing seats and an awesome front anterior capsule blast to drive – this one’s going to be a two owner that has meticulous maintenance done to it along with 58,000 original miles on it with the clean carfax on my website at mc

E cars.com you can go ahead and see that carfax and my little write-up on the car as well alright on the truck as well we’re start off looking at the interior here my point of this video is i’m going to go ahead and do a driving video with you with me in the car a walk-around so you actually see the aesthetics of it and then i’m gonna do one where i’m gonna do

A pass buying a camera in it so you can actually hear the exhaust the engine so what i’m seeing right away is everything seems to be in great shape on the dash wipers i know we’re all working all the lights we did service everything on it to make sure stuff was working so all that good stuff is working not wearing my seat bone off so i’m seeing that light gauges

Are all up to up to par the only thing i’m seeing that this thing has aftermarket is gonna go ahead and be this radio in the center console right here i’d say most people didn’t have the best radios in the world they went had to upgrade the speakers and the radio in it thing sounds awesome so this one’s gonna have the 4.0 liter v8 that’s me a four-speed automatic

Transmission power steering four-wheel disc brakes obviously three-speed wipers i put brand new tires on her as well i had the original tires on it with 58,000 miles had a little bit of tread left to them but it was really more of dry ride since it was in 1997 tires so we went ahead and put a brand new set of tires on it the thing rides awesome so to out take it

For a ride right now i’ll tell you guys what i’m feeling right away no play in the steering wheel it shoots nice and straight too suspension is really tight on it the one thing i’ve actually read up on these is that they’re known to have some randle’s and creaks to them just like the cj7 jeeps just like the broncos this thing has no rattles tool and i’m like really

Astonished by how nice the interiors on it and you know yes they expect it to be all over the place it rides awesome i drove a brand new jeep this thing drives just nice so right away we’re doing about 40 right now wheels isis fans go ahead together the brakes a little bit shot in the straight larian wheel did it move it off plenty of power engine sounds awesome

Now here in any ticks no smoke when it starts up transmit the transmission shoot ships nice and smooth so i’m very impressed with it never really play with the radio too much it turned out first maybe given on a station too all right christmas music makes a little moon roof up here is awesome it doesn’t the sapphire rack on the roof too and the full bar ladder

System to get up to the roof blown with the spare in the back which i put a brand new tire on that one as well i’m really really impressed the truck so far i’ve actually driven in about 60 miles myself just like i said with the tires and doing a couple different aspects and i really do enjoy driving it i truly truly do let’s go ahead let’s start doing our walk

Around video and then i’m gonna do the driving pass because you guys hear that exhausting engine thank you

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1997 Land Rover Defender 90 LE ***FOR SALE*** By Midwest Car Exchange

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