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Altair Club Cars 1996 TRIUMPH TR4 | MATHEWSONS CLASSIC CARS | 21 & 22 OCTOBER 2022



Be careful right there guys on to the triumph tr4 right we’ll give you a bit of a wander around this one see what we’ve got some keys in it fire up there she is ultron snap is doing better do them oh nice big radiator on that’ll keep it cool sound in there oh there’s some numbers over there let’s have a quick look at those numbers while we’re here so what it’s

Worth there you go there’s a number oh there’s another more numbers over there cool i’m finding numbers left right and center today guys another number there that more important number there you go can you see it there you go there we go that’s that right we’ll pop that down and then we’ll have a quick look around inside a couple of little bucket seats inside

Wooden stem real nice on the dash it looks a fairly solid though thing i just had a look underneath it before i started to uh do the video earlier on a bit of a gap there i can’t remember him being like that they are that’s what she is there’s your soft top there to go in place of your hard top obviously the sorry top uh should you wish a couple of crossover

Bars there look there she is in there i’ll paint it up nicely in there nice in the boot and then like i was saying if i can just get down on my hands and knees here the things i do for you guys i don’t know there you go it’s pretty sound underneath there a real usable tr4 what about a few today i’ve done a few videos today of um of different models makes and

Models which are um not necessarily uh trophy chasers this has got some micro blistering that right across that bonnet there can you see it around that bulge and down the front there but just um real usable cars uh i like a nice usable car because you can do that you can use it you make them out the box you didn’t go out on them do you don’t do anything you

Know don’t sit in it and have a bit of fish and chips you don’t leave it parked up somewhere while you go for a bit of a stroll no you’re on edge aren’t you you come back for a bit of a walk as soon as you can see the roof you think my sandy’s still there so there you are guys looks to me to be just a very usable tr4 which you’ll have a load of fun with going

Through our next sale at the moment on display down at pickering as i always add or try and remember at the end of these videos uh the main viewing period is that week or 10 days leading up to an event for two three different reasons safety obviously moving cars secondly we’ve got cars on site and they’re parked up and the entries are here come along and say oh

Hasn’t arrived yet it’s not due until next week and thirdly we’ve all got a bit more time we’re just a little bit less rushy around we’ve got a bit more time to show you and spend with you and hopefully help you make the right decision

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1996 TRIUMPH TR4 | MATHEWSONS CLASSIC CARS | 21 & 22 OCTOBER 2022 By Mathewsons Classic Cars Limited

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