1996 ram 2500 12 valve cummins f
Altair Club Cars 1996 Ram 2500 12 valve Cummins. For sale.

1996 Ram 2500 12 valve Cummins. For sale.

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Well boys this truck’s going up for sale well it was kind of up for sale but my father-in-law was trying to sell it and uh it’s kind of hard to describe what you’ve done to an engine or someone’s done to an engine if it wasn’t you so my long time viewers remember this truck probably in about 2015 i bought this truck it was a one owner truck i bought it fixed every

Every leak so every seal man all the main seals were changed out um it got a mild head and a mild cam what i mean by mild mildly built um she idles just fine but she has some serious uh potential so i’m gonna do my best to give you a walk around and kind of quick run down if you’re on the market for one of these it’s going to be really hard to find something like

This if you’re new to the channel i got plenty of trucks i got too many trucks and i like my trucks i like them when they work and that’s what makes me uh call it proud or whatever in my truck but it makes me happy knowing that i have a piece of equipment and it’s being used instead of sitting around i am kind of tempted to just park this thing buy it back from

My father-in-long and park it but it’s just gonna sit around because it’s a two-wheel drive and um i i just can’t see myself using this thing i’ll be too afraid i’ll beat it up or something this is a very clean truck so let’s walk around and uh kind of go down the list so exterior wise it’s oem paint oem trimming you kind of see the like the chrome’s flaking off

But at least you know hasn’t been screwed around with uh surface rust nothing i would be concerned of that’s still the factory paint so it’s all surface if you’re you know board you can probably sand it down and uh easily just a quick little sand down and uh rust-oleum paint would do really the trick on this thing or just strip it all down i don’t see uh any any

Real issue i’d leave it alone as is as far as the powertrain goes guys um the the block was not messed with i looked at the honing you know the cylinder walls the pistons everything looked solid so i did not do bearings i didn’t do anything on the bottom end this all this work that i’m talking about was done about buck 90 on the clock buck 90 buck 95 . 253 000

On the clock now oh this truck has no paint you know has never had any paint work done on it besides a corner i think it was this corner yeah it was this corny kind of tell the bond over there so this uh it was rear-ended lightly and uh there was a dent here so my my brother-in-law this was back when i owned it um fixed it anyways it had the og uh mirrors

That i pulled off and i put my 99 way back in the day i started my company hot shotting with a 99 that’s where those mirrors came from i ended up putting telling mirrors on it that was a beautiful sunset out here um there’s no paint work as i’ve mentioned i’m repeating myself let’s go to the meat of this of this deal well obviously we’ve got isaac here helping

Us um you know carpets and phenomenal shape i don’t want to mislead anyone this isn’t a brand new truck but this is a very well-kept truck oh really good shape i bought it my wife can’t stand that padding she always she’s like why don’t you just throw it away i’m like that it needs to stay there i think this rug dash cover has served this dash well it’s all in

One piece it’s a good good deal um as you can tell door panels this truck is clean for a 96 i did i did not mention that this is a 96 2500 two-wheel drive coming so we didn’t add anything to this vehicle as far as that didn’t was never here from the get-go we just made it better so this head um essentially what i got is stronger valves springs and um cam so

When you’re towing right about 25-26 drills uh climbing six percent grade you kind of top out at 950 960 on the egts now that’s a good flowing head we put in a heavier a heavier radiator a really nice radiator a buck 80 thermostat uh as far as cooling this thing’s an overkill uh it kind of struggles to stay warm in the winter like any 12 valve naturally struggled

But this one struggles a little more just the egt stay a little cooler cooling’s a little heavier so in the winter we always blocked it off uh the turbo is a oem reman turbo i have a trusted shop around here that uh and know exactly what they did with this turbo i pulled the turbo off i pulled the injectors off they said they freshened up the injectors but i can’t

Recall what they did with the turbo i know it’s inspected it’s a solid turbo when i was building this thing i just flat out wasn’t thinking what i was building it for because this engine well you could the way the way it turned out because i also did the pump there’s not just springs and governors there’s there’s more to this pump obviously it’s balanced and all

That i think it has bigger i can’t remember what they did bigger but it flows a little better so there’s pump work on this thing as well in my opinion a perfect truck like if i was an old school kind of guy i’ll take a probably uh 06 shoot probably from a 99 to up till nearly 2 000 12 ford crew cab i would put a six-speed manual you know and a v5600 or their

Zf6 and put this engine and turn it up this engine is completely turned down just for the sake of the transmission this thing has a fresh in it and it is a mildly built no i’m not saying mildly bit it’s legitimately mildly bit quite a few billet parts heavier towing clutches i think it’s about a five thousand dollar bill there’s a receipt for that as well and

That’s literally done in the last 500 5 000 miles ah it’s safe to say 2 000 miles but i’ll say 5 000 and be safe um fires right up we still kept the i think we kept yeah we kept the grid heater in here so in the winter you’re not gonna have an issue firing this thing up she’s a little cold but you know hardcore winner you definitely uh still have a heater and

It fires right up which is typically something crazy but i can’t built this truck once i was done building i realized the truck was just too light for what i was capable of um absolutely loved it i had an exhaust brake on it that has been removed from it as far as front end all the bushings ball joints everything on the front end is rebuilt um replaced i told

You about the driveshaft was dropped and freshened up the drive shaft’s original but the u-joints are fresh and the rear end i never messed the rear end um it’s just original rear end so yeah guys um take it for what it is i honestly think it’s about a 16 17 000 truck to be fair with the buyer and the seller as i said i own this truck my father-in-law kept

Bugging me about it so i sold it to him i told him you can’t sell it but to me and now he’s like dude i want to sell it dude i should buy it back that would be the right thing to do i should buy this truck back and i told him here i’ll give you the money give me the truck he’s like no if you don’t need this truck just put it for sale if you don’t mind for me so

When people ask questions about it he can answer it versus me he’s like i always got to call you and ask you questions and the seller feels that he knows that you know like my father-in-law that can’t answer this question so anyways that’s why this video is made to put it up for sale it’s once this video goes live i will put it up on facebook craigslist and see

What we get for it um get any bites it’s a 12 valve it’s a clean second jen you guys know what’s happening with the prices they’re not going anywhere near down or attempting to go down they’ll they’ll either be a a quicker or slower but they’re all going uphill because it’s so clean i wonder what’s going on here this wire um shoot an important part of this video

Is to show you how the engine runs um so egts and boost let’s fire her up you know how it’s coming through on the video but man it sounds good and clean this is a proper diesel in my world good old mechanical engine when i was talking about you know pulling this engine out in a perfect world and putting it in the ford um i would be if it was me i’d be looking

For a 450 because what this engine could do and what i was able to do with it going through columbia passes the homie pass i think yeah i had one of those trailers behind me a tandem duel trailer with 13 000 pounds of steel i set the crews at 65 on flat 65 uphill it just didn’t give a flying part just didn’t care just did its thing um i have it capped out at 25

Psi did i say 25 35 psi that’s what i capped it off there’s a loose uh regulator mechanical ones spring loaded so right about 34-35 she don’t build no more boost because i backed her off obviously the fuel plays back off all the way so preserving there’s with everything being backed off the way she pulls now is you don’t need anything more with this truck plenty

Of power to light up these tires and you know so without a real load on this truck there’s no no need reason to advance anything on it because she runs real well gets fuel efficiency and um yeah i was supposed to get a bed line i let a buddy borrow it like years ago i don’t know what he did i don’t want to ask them hey did anything happen no i don’t know if

You didn’t realize it or you just didn’t want to own up to it no not because of that case i called him a buddy but he’s really not a buddy just a guy i know anyways guys as always but may y’all mighty fine day and god bless you and let me know more to answer one more question i can answer on this truck i have a feeling it’s probably not going to be um for sale

For long because they’re so rare being so clean and original you know oh yeah then it has engine work yeah there’s been 60 000 miles put on it 55 60 000 miles that’s the statement of its own that this thing’s been done right brakes rotors ball joints offs there we’ve been taken care of i did in the rear axle um put a new drum on it you know on the brake drum

But i also upgraded the rear uh brake pistons to a one ton from a dually so this thing really stops i know it was kind of kind of sketchy when i hooked up a gooseneck to it i mean yeah trailer brakes work but i needed a truck to have more brakes and that’s what i ended up doing putting a bigger cylinders on the brake pads and that really did the trick for me all

Right boys as always have a good one another little blessing bye

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1996 Ram 2500 12 valve Cummins. For sale. By PD Diesel Power

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