1995 acura nsx t supercar review
Altair Club Cars 1995 Acura NSX-T Supercar Review | Still a LEGENDARY JDM CAR?

1995 Acura NSX-T Supercar Review | Still a LEGENDARY JDM CAR?

I review my friend Serge’s 95 Acura NSX 5-spd. Is it as good as everyone says? Tune in and find out!

It is without a doubt that the acura nsx is one of the most iconic jdm supercars in the world today built in the golden era of japanese cars it’s a legacy is something to never be forgotten with a timeless look and sleek styling i couldn’t help but smile every time i looked at it i had the privilege of reviewing and driving this amazing car and i hope you all can

Come along with me and experience this amazing piece of machinery um hey everybody welcome back to another episode of education 30k media thank you all for coming by and tuning in right behind me i have a 1995 acura nsx target top this car is as you guys all know and follow the jdm car world it’s an icon it’s a supercar it’s a timeless car nevertheless it’s

A really great car it comes in this beautiful beautiful red color this friend car belongs to my friend serge so shout out to him for letting me borrow the car and reviewing it just by looking at it you can tell it’s an iconic car it’s a car that i’ve always personally wanted you know growing up in the jd’s jdm air then early 1990s uh i lusted out for the nsx but

You know back in the day we couldn’t really afford one uh nevertheless now in the car world we can’t even afford one still in 2022 but hey you know lucky for me i could at least drive it and get the experience um it is a 1995 model it’s a target top um this i guess the 95 and 96 nsx’s uh were kind of like the worst years of the nsx according to my friend serge um

Nevertheless if you do it and own an nsx i mean i wouldn’t complain right because uh having the worst model for nsx is probably better than a lot of care but nevertheless this engine does come in a three liter v6 uh dock dual overhead cam engine it puts out about 270 horsepower and about 215 feet pounds of torque and you pair that up with the lc5c transmission and

It drives really amazing we’ll definitely take the car out later for a spin but uh just you know a quick rundown of the car i mean i think it looks great in person i don’t think a lot of people out there like you know maybe have a chance to sit in an nsx or even drive on or even maybe touch one up close but um once once you look at it like you just know that it

Just it’s such a timeless car like the design of it um the all aluminum body it’s super lightweight and with the particular target top um a little history for you guys is that acura had to like reinforce and restructure the chassis to make it more strong in order to have that engineered target design so something to look out for um personally one of the things

That uh serge who owns his car told me about was that if you pay attention to the back where the engine is is uh is sits it’s the mr layout very close to my mr2 spider uh speaking of which like i’ve been reviewing mr cars which is kind of funny but um the engine is just sit in the back and if you notice there’s a little like kind of chicken wire you can kind of

See through the back uh rear window you see the engine layout um on someone nsx that part is actually blocked out but the owner um that had the car before him was actually inspired by the nsxr nsx type r design so they kind of cut out the the back panel um redesign and engineer that whole chicken wire panel layout so you can see through and see like you know the

The engine the alternator see certain parts of the car so that was pretty cool i thought nevertheless this car is a blasted drive we’ll take a look at that in a little bit um the interior does come in a leather color and power steering unfortunately was removing this car so i guess driving it is really hard you got to kind of like turn the wheel really really

Strong i’ve been going to the gym the last couple weeks so hopefully we can uh you know test out my my gym time but with that being said the car is amazing um the wheels look like the wheels so it does come in a staggered setup um surge did put on a more larger wheel in the back it’s 18×7 in the back and it’s about 17×7 in the front so staggered set up with the

Two uh 25 in the back two 225 40 in the back and a 2 2 15 um 35 in the front so super grippy really great car to drive i like the vents right here and i like how the nsx the doors just kind of open right inside of here it gives that kind of like supercar feel super car look um the car was ahead of its time pretty much back in the day and it did compete very

Well with the ferrari back in the day but um with that being said these cars are kind of i mean my opinion they’re overpriced now because people just really love nsx and they love to just uh market up the price so you guys are looking to like bring a trailer or like cars and vids uh even on facebook marketplace these cars are going for like about 60 70 000 now

The mileage is pretty high unfortunately these cars pretty low miles 83 000 miles and search about this way back in the day when the market was still somewhat lower but um thank you again for a search for letting me drive this car i mean and you know for all the subscribers out there are like watching this video now it’s an amazing car and i don’t know if you

Guys get a chance to drive one of these days you guys should definitely you know get a feel of it and um 270 horsepower is not much in today’s standard but back then it was a decent amount and just driving it the feel of the car it’s really a driver’s car and it has a lot of grip coming out through the corners so we’ll take a look at that in a bit but thank you

Again for you guys are tuning in to this channel um we’ll take this car for a spin in a bit but why don’t we go and hop in the interior and just take a look around and give you guys like a kind of like a first-person view of what it feels like to sit inside an nsx all right guys so we’re back in the nsxt 1985 modeled interior the first impression that comes in

Mine is that it looks like a i’m inside like a fighter jet like a like a pilot behind like a plane and the way i see like the gauges laid out it’s really simple to read i saw how acura has it’s like kind of classic um you got the rpm gauge on the left and then you got the spot on the gate on the right and all your like gas meter uh your voltage and then your oil

And um temp layouts i think the integra in all the models especially in the actor lineup even like the preludes they had a similar like kind of orange tack with like the white uh like background that’s really really cool i really like that and even in my rsx it’s pretty similar but first off you have this car is like really easy to see there’s no blind spots like

When i look in the back when i look to the left i can see like the cars on my blind side um so it’s really really cool and right in the back you can see like the engine if you look open up the the hood in the back you can see the clear view of like the mr layout car it’s a very well balanced um the leather seats are actually better than i thought um i thought

It was something that i thought would have been a little bit uncomfortable to sit in but now that i look at it i mean i love the fact that it’s like tannins here it’s too kind of rare these days personally i not a big fan of 10 but i think in this car it falls really well because you have some black on the panels on the doors and you have the black dash now if

It was like completely tan like up here and over here i probably wouldn’t wouldn’t dig that interior but this is like a good mix you know and this middle section right here you have the clock layout the radio and you have like the shifter right here which feels really good we’ll talk about in a bit but i like the sport how it kind of like all flows and it lays

Out kind of like a fighter jet style and all the controls are kind of right in front of you for the driver to access it’s really easy to access like the blinkers the headlights which speaking of which my favorite feature of the nsx is the pop-up flip lights i love that look i had it in my 240 and if i could do it all again i probably would get a car with flip up

90s jdm style lights nevertheless like the shifter does feel really short like it doesn’t have a short shifter but it feels really short and when it engages into gear it’s it it feels like it’s in gear you’re not you’re not like kind of hesitating yourself or doubting whether it’s in gear or not it’s just solid it’s in gear um this car doesn’t have power staying

As i mentioned earlier so you kind of like muscle your your way through the turns but uh i love how analog this car is and i mentioned before i’m a big fan of analog i love the e-brake how it’s still cable and you can just pull it up and that little that click feel feels really really good um we’re not going to take the top off today we’re going to leave it on as

We go for quick driving a bit but um speaker sounds great i love how you have the acura pillar right here you see the side panel it says manufactured by honda motor corp and then you have the the number right here that pertains to the make of the car and just looking over the seats they’re fully electronically adjusted they’re not manual so you have that little

Like luxury feel there gas gauge is right here um i have to put your stuff there and then the engine in the back you can pop it back there as well um just very very uh basic interior but i think with acura craftsmanship and jdm kind of quality i think it’s very reliable and we guys you guys don’t know that have owned japanese cars or especially honda’s they’re

The harness of this jdm 90s golden air is they’re bulletproof they’re really really good and especially with this nsx it’s um you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck back in the day but if you buy one now it’s gonna be really expensive but nevertheless i love the feel of the pedals as well we’ll drive it in a bit to see see but um yeah i love the car i love

The interior it feels really snug but yeah with that being said let’s go ahead and take this car out for a spin and then see what it feels like all right guys so we’re back in the nsx driving the car off the bat feels really good i mean the steering wheel the shift feel the clutch feel just right off the bat feels really strong and just everything shifts

Into place like this the shifter is just really short stuck and this car doesn’t have power steering so it uh you gotta kind of use a muscle but this car has torque coming about 215 torque you can feel it like a second gear if i just push a little bit right here you hear that mid engine right behind your head and you can hear every little input steerable

Input gasket everything you do like it just responds like that and it’s something that it’s just unparalleled from all my other japanese cars i’ve that i’ve owned this car is like in a league of its own and back then like japanese built this car to compete against like the ferrari and a lot of like high-end european italian supercars back in the day and being

As reliable and having a reputation of this reliability and low cost like a lot of people hopped on this this uh bandwagon back in the day so i could see how they they have risen in price and market value over the last couple of years especially in 2022 you got to break an armored leg to buy one of these but nevertheless the target top is um we can remove the

Top but for this particular driver we’re going to leave it in for now try to take out some of these corners so we can kind of get a couple of good pulls in but the steering wheel feels really solid even without power steering it’s really direct and something i really like about this car we’re talking about this right turn right here right sweeper we’re in the

City so i want to push it too much but we’re hoping to throw a little bit right here and just pull so hard and uh you got to be careful because there’s a lot of traditions right here and especially driving like a supercar and driving an nsx and borrowing my friend’s car you don’t want anything to happen there but never lets back to the point um no blind spots

In this car whatsoever as i mentioned earlier everything is like right out in front of me i think i love that like the pilot kind of layout in this car and it feels really good and also the wheel slightly bigger than normal um but nevertheless all the controls are right in front of me you can set the cruise control right here um the shifter is just really short

Like if i told somebody that i got a short shiver in this car you would thought um you know it did come with a short shifter but this is just oem shift the throws are very very short actually and this car you can take it all the way up to 8 000 rpm which is a lot really high for this particular car so weighs in about 3 000 pounds so a little bit heavy there in

That department but the horsepower and the torque makes up for that weight the ratio difference there and you guys can hear the the n a motor just this time and pull as i’m getting on the gas um downshifting is really good the throttle blip is really easy i think you just rev it and it just just rpm just rev up so quick um you gotta take this car onto like you

Know the canyons or click on the track to kind of open up the car’s full potential here in the city just for the review today i’m just gonna just drive around locally but if you really want to have the fun and you really want to get like more engaged into the car you gotta take it out to a space where it’s more open where you’re kind of driving around there but

Uh nevertheless it’s a car that wherever you go it’s timeless look um japanese uh engineered the golden era of the early mid 90s you can’t beat it and like i mentioned earlier like only a piece of like japanese history and and this car falls right into that that category of just owning something that’s like um so well built um full aluminum chassis uh these are

Handmade in japan by the hundreds so they’re not like these days where they’re just mass produced in factories these are actually more love and care put into these cars so i think it’s something that we can appreciate for just not car guys in general but just people that um you know that want to pay homage to honor that that whole golden era so it’s something

That you can really look into if you want to get a japanese car get an nsx for sure and like i mentioned earlier you got the flip headlights if you check it out right here by turning on bam headlights come up just like my s13 the black one that i you know you guys had saw back in my couple of uh years ago when i before i sold it on bringing trailer it’s just a

So classic look and when you flip it up you just just people know that it’s like it’s an icon you know like you don’t see many cars with like flip up headlights each except for like the old 240s sx’s miatas nsx’s obviously uh i think the 3000 gt mitsubishi did come with the flip headlights for a certain couple of years but nevertheless open up the bottle right

Here there’s the poles you can hear it quick pull here man smells so good and it’s so torquey the pork is instantly put down and it feels so solid being real when drive kind of got to be a little careful even though it does come with an lsd it does put you around the corners and hugs the turns but you still gotta be careful because like you overpower the car you

You know not comfortable in your comfort zone you could get in a lot of trouble there but nevertheless downstream is really smooth putting in the third gear right there oh man it just pulls look at that engine downshift again oh man it sounds so nice can you guys hear that and i’m a big fan of na not really a big fan of like turbo or like supercharged cars but

The na just instant throttle responses it’s just like golden like golden music like to my ears you know so um i love that i love that um that being said i mean there’s nothing particularly uh weird or or like i’m not just here about that i you know think about this car at all i mean being a super car um although i wouldn’t pay 90 to 100 000 for nfx ccas i mean

If it was back in the day and i could afford one i’d probably get one more along the lines like the 30 40 000 but that’s going to be near impossible to to get now but um i love the car i love how the seats kind of hug me in um i wouldn’t get this tannins here but i would probably go with something more black but nevertheless like just sitting in it it actually

Feels really comfortable it has a good blend of like um luxury and a good blender for performance and i think that’s what the acura lineup is about like it comes it’s a honda’s luxury lineup so you get kind of mix of both worlds but the car feels so good and the lack of power steering i thought would be kind of like a uh deal breaker for me but actually you know

What like once you start driving it you get used to it and it’s it’s not as bad as as you think um that being said like i mean i personally like would probably switch the wheels back to like the oem ones but i think search kind of like the chrome layout um the forge layout of that car so um that being said i mean everybody has their own taste in cars so just

Appreciate you know good engineering when it’s when you actually have access to it so you know search has its own tastes and you know i can respect that um the 19 18 inch tires in the rear does give a lot more grip and with that mid engine layout the mr layout you get more rear traction in the end so you don’t feel as much like twitchiness as like an s2000 or

What then just around the front and every little adjustment you do it you’re gonna feel it um the switching is a little bit hard you can kind of feel the suspension like you know kind of making me go up and down like i feel every little bump in the road and u-turns are actually kind of a little bit hard you can’t see it on video but when i get driving on it it’s

A lot better but as i’m driving it as i’m uh you know going on the gas and going through the turns it just feels really really solid and we’ll take this right turn right up here down shift flip rpm which is really really smooth right right here it hugs the ground really well and it’s really well balanced this nsx no one last pushed right up here four thousand

Five thousand oh man so nice i want to push it more but uh we’re in the city so i don’t want to do too much but man i really love this car and hopefully you guys out there get a chance to drive one of these cars one day i know it’s really hard to get your hands on one nevertheless review one so really appreciate it to my friend serge for doing that and uh man

Sometimes it’s really hard to like think and talk at the same time when i’m driving because i want to enjoy the car but i can’t enjoy because i’m trying to think of what i’m gonna talk and speaking of which there’s an ambulance right in front of me we’ll let them go by real quick hey guys i mean i hope you guys really liked this video and you guys have a nss out

There like let me know what you guys think um how long have you guys owned one and also i think he just keeps car forever it’s a collectible collectible car for sure and they’ll sell it you know it’s worth it uh just keep it until the very very end of the days and post your comments and questions down below let me know what you guys think about this car and let

Me know if you guys prefer to get the 97 or higher model or the classic flip lights with the 9193 95 96 is more of like the um you know the like more unique nsx years but nevertheless if you do own an ends at all i think it’s an honor and a privilege to drive one uh but then again you gotta make sure you save up enough to pay that crazy price tag for it well

That being said guys thank you so much for watching uh like again please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t and keep your alerts on so you know i get notification as i post videos let me know if you guys have any questions and i’ll talk to you guys soon take care peace you

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