1992 acura nsx build part 3
Altair Club Cars 1992 Acura NSX Build Part 3

1992 Acura NSX Build Part 3

In this episode we Remove, Inspect & Repair the Main Relay to keep as spare, as well as Install a New Main Relay and Finally finish installing the rest of the Interior.

Hey and welcome back to rev limited i’m charles this is part three of our nsx build in this episode we’re going to replace the windshield we’re also going to replace the main relay this is a common problem with a lot of these nsx’s i’m also going to take it to the workbench and we will take it apart and show you what what actually goes wrong with these and then

We’re going to finish putting the rest of the interior back together you know including the dash panels the rear interior panels and then we’re gonna put the seats in it so let’s go it’s finally time to get the windshield put in thank you thank you all right so another bit of preventative maintenance is the main relay got a new one right here this is the part

Number uh this is the location where it goes this one in particular has not been giving us any trouble um but it is a a point of failure for a lot of people in fact i had a problem the last time we went to nsf nsxpo in 2019 to washington dc it started dying the car started dying on the way back i actually had to find a walmart buy a soldering iron pull over pull

The panels out remove the relay go inside the store and hook up a soldering iron behind a vending machine and resolder it right there on the floor it was uh it’s pretty wild but it got me home and uh every time since then i’ve go ahead and replaced a relay in these cars and keep the spare so what i’m going to do is actually re-solder this one keep it as a backup and

Have it in the car with me for first pair so let’s get to it so let’s take it to the bench and open it up okay so here’s the original relay let’s open it up and see if it shows the problems that they normally have and i’ll kind of give you an idea what that is so there’s the relays some diodes load resistor okay the problem generally is a smaller screwdriver

Is on the back these larger connection points that’s a large tab there and right here this is a non-supported through hole board and the problem generally is from vibration and the solder will actually crack this one you can kind of see uh you know what let’s move it to the microscope and see if we can get a better idea here you go here’s a good view of what the

Problem actually is on these uh this one you can see the hairline crack right there starting to form uh that is very common with these uh the main relay it’s an unsupported three-hole board and the problem is since the leads are not clinched uh bent over you know to give mechanical support the solder is what actually holds these relays in so the vibration of the

Car over time will will cause the solder to fail and and you can see through almost every connection there’s there’s signs of cracking that one’s pretty good there you can see the cracks in the solder for me so yeah all you’d have to do is to reflow the solder heat it up put some flux on it and it should be good to go and that’s what got me back home from from dc

But this one i’m going to go ahead and replace it and keep this one as a backup so there you go okay so let’s reflow one of these just to show you what what it looks like just a little bit of flux some no clean flux got an iron and some solder trying to do this watching through the camera here it’s a little more difficult all right get it into flow oh yeah let’s

Re-flood so there you go i’m going to go through the rest of these and solder them uh to give them proper connections and could be put back in the car or in this case i’m just going to use it as a spare thank you so there we go i’m gonna put it back in this is our freshly re-soldered circuit board for the main relay there we go i’m just going to write on

The side that it’s from the 92 uh nsx and then it was resoldered today keep it as a spare so now that the main relay is going back in let’s move on to the carpet and i’ll spare you the boring parts now let’s take this carpet outside fire up the pressure washer and we’ll get it clean thank you thank you okay now that the carpet’s clean and dry let’s get

It installed foreign so before we put these seats back in let’s give them a deep clean and condition the leather today i’m going to be trying out lexol brand this is the leather cleaner spray and we also have the conditioner not a paid sponsor let’s try it out thank you foreign thank you follow you foreign thank

You all right so that’s going to wrap up this episode uh we got the windshield installed we finished putting the rest of the interior back together and we also replaced the main relay um like comment subscribe and stay tuned for part four thanks for watching all right foreign

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1992 Acura NSX Build Part 3 By Rev Limited

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