1988 land rover defender 110 dri
Altair Club Cars 1988 Land Rover Defender 110 – Driving Marthas Vineyard in the V8 British Icon (POV Binaural Audio)

1988 Land Rover Defender 110 – Driving Marthas Vineyard in the V8 British Icon (POV Binaural Audio)

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Join me on the Ferry from Woods Hole to Oak Bluffs for a weekend getaway on Martha’s Vineyard in the Defender 110. We took the Rennscot Defender to The Vineyard Series Land Rover car show with a group of our friends and David’s cousins fresh from Scotland.

Welcome back i’m tedward and today we’re driving that 88 defender 110 from ren scott onto that ferry to get off the mainland we’re going to martha’s vineyard for the vineyard series event and david decided he wanted to bring the porsche spider the d110 of course and the tesla model y so that way we have at least one reasonable car to move a whole bunch of people

And we’ve got chris here fresh out of scotland to make sure that we get all of our luggage and goodies in the trunk but man i’m so psyched and i’ve definitely never driven on this ferry before so when we get to the vineyard i’m going to take you on show you around this defender again because uh there’s been some changes but let’s just hope she makes it onto the

Ferry holy cow is that an actual semi truck man i thought we were big guys hello how are you good thank you oh man the spider got on just fine no problems that’s what we like to see where are we going with the defender that’s great oh cool we’re gonna be like the first ones off this boat too fantastic the ferry’s a bit loud but it was very loud a little while ago

Because david locked the porsche and then the ferry took off and the alarm went off so they they called us over that loudspeaker saying well the owner of a blue porsche please come down and the alarm is blaring this is what i’ve been waiting for opening that hatch that is so mega look at that thing there are some frightening sounds happening right now my biggest

Fear on these ferries is not that it’s gonna sink but it’s that i’m gonna lose my keys and uh not be able to start the car especially when you’re like the first one in line you don’t want to be the reason why no one else can get off the ferry there we go oh yes this is fantastic brakes work that’s what we like to see on to the wooden boardwalk wicket cool

I feel like i have this vision of the vineyard just being like this cozy island where everything’s easy and great except for the fact that like there’s probably a ton of traffic here which is very frustrating all right into town how cool is this dude i am so happy right now nice long shift throws my goodness look at it out here this is gorgeous you almost not

Know you’re on an island i’ve got no speedometer so i have no idea how fast we’re going all kinds of fun rattles and it is hot man i am getting heat coming off of this firewall directly at me it’s uh it’s not subtle guys it’s not settled there’s a lot of heat coming out of this thing planning early for the turns let this cyclist go by look at this place holy

Cow this is wicked well guys let’s go unpack and find out what this place is all about then we’ll go toward the island a little bit so this isn’t just any ordinary defender this is the ren scott overland concepts car and it’s cool because it’s got a bunch of features on here that david’s actually like machined himself so like if you were looking for aftermarket

Door handles that have a little more grip that you can actually fit your hands into even like these door locks like little parts that can be very difficult to find or they are junky plastic from 35 years ago you can replace them with cool aluminum even these guys like this is nice because it’s all vented it’s uh like proper light aluminum so it still matches the

Aluminum body and all that good stuff over here you can have a closed off one so it’s you know not necessarily venting heater letting water in where you don’t want it to be same with these guys but there’s a lot of just fun little parts that can be made with these defenders that if someone doesn’t do it you’re stuck buying like attempted to buy oem stuff this is

Really like simple stuff where you just put some graphics on the car but it makes the truck look so much more official when you do this it’s kind of hilarious how like a few words on the side goes a long way and renscott being rs i like this the rs overland concepts that’s the stuff in the back though you know it’s just business as usual it’s just like a dirty back

Seat with a bunch of benches and a whole bunch of stuff but what’s cool is that you know there are there are literally parts in here that you know you could be selling and these door handles look really good oh man that’s sick that they actually have their rent scott on here as well so if you’re someone with a defender or you know someone with a defender and you

Want to get them some nice gifts you can always check out renscott and see what they’ve got in stock because there’s always some fun stuff like i would i would love to have a nice set of fresh door handles or those door locks that’s good stuff been on the island for a few days now and we did a bunch of incredible vineyard series events most notably we actually

Went to a drive-in movie theater in this defender 110 with about 10 people and watched jaws outside and if you’re unfamiliar with the idea of josh on martha’s vineyard it was filmed here so this is amity island and i’m gonna take you down to uh some of the more beautiful spots on this side of the island and show you the jaws bridge turning radius on this thing is

Abysmal it’s very slow to react to everything so like if this kid just decides like hey i’m gonna go run across that crosswalk without looking like this will probably just kill him there’s quite a bit of slack in this driveline so you’ve got to be really smooth otherwise you get lots of thunks and everything you know the steering actually though fairly tight more

Than can be said about the serpentine belt it’s like it’s being run by squirrels under there but i’ve got to say this really is just the vibe cruising martha’s vineyard and a defender out here we’ve got the loch ness monster i don’t know if you can see that but there’s a little monster in the in the pond there’s no men’s classic place for a lobster roll also a

Place that hosted us for our defender meet this morning which was incredible a really proper car show of a lot of great defenders including our friend dan with his bowler which i did get a chance to drive and we are going to be making a video about that later but man it’s just amazing how much has happened in the last three days and this is kind of vacation for

Me so as much as i want to take you along for all of it i kind of pick and choose i want to make sure i spend my time wisely and enjoy myself but all right this is where things get good another defender the defenders are great everyone’s got a good jeep wave most people not everybody but most people do a good defender wave like a jeep wave there’s a heck of a lot

Of them down here on the island it’s another one everyone comes and just parks up at the beach it’s fantastic i definitely forget to get away once in a while so i’m really lucky that i’ve got friends who kind of pull me away and say hey this is where we’re going this is what we’re doing for that weekend make sure you’re there and david makes it so easy because

He’s always so eager my buddy david who runs ren scott he’s always the type who wants to plan a big fun event and make a community out of it and here it is we are approaching the jobs bridge this is the jaws bridge guys great place to swim great place to you know do a little sightseeing and it’s just legendary like a spielberg blockbuster the steel spielberg

Blockbuster and here we are this is great people jumping into the water off the bridge fantastic there we go that’s awesome if you wind around she’s got some legs but that’s about it you’ve really got to stand on it it feels like this carburetor is about this big it’s not a powerful thing and it takes quite a bit of energy to drive if i’m honest but that’s why i

Do think it’s so suited for the island because you don’t have to go fast you know if you were trying to make this into a vehicle that was really gonna you know what are we doing here all right disco taking a break if you’re going to use this like on a highway a normal highway it’s really stressful but to be able to just kind of cruise around the island when people

Are a little more relaxed as well you know out here you’re not going to offend people by driving a little slow and people are pretty good about waving you through an intersection or something into traffic when you know you’re not gonna like launch this thing in a busy commute back on the mainland not great but out here this is just fantastic and this is pretty

Much where the views end for a little while so we’ll call it here and uh oh man we’re gonna try to do a heck of a turn in the old defendy yeah terrible turning radius so that’s the thing we’ve got to basically do three-point turns everywhere and try not to offend folks it’s a whole thing jeep wagoneer license plate woot we like that everybody jumping off the

Bridge if your friends jump off a bridge would you come on go for it there’s the bus stop feels like we’re the bus all right boys and girls that is a little coastal drive on the vineyard and the defender thank you guys so much for watching liking commenting and subscribing don’t forget to respect the drive get out there experience some stuff go see something

New you don’t have to get on a ferry and go to an island to do it but get in your car go somewhere see something have a little fun i’ll see you in the next one no no there’s no way like

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1988 Land Rover Defender 110 – Driving Martha's Vineyard in the V8 British Icon (POV Binaural Audio) By Tedward

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