1983 honda cx 650 project prolog
Altair Club Cars 1983 Honda CX 650 Project prologue

1983 Honda CX 650 Project prologue

Info on my first automotive project and a hint of my second. Wont be driving this baby this year but hoping to have it running and ready for next. Got any tips? let me know, I could use all the help I could get.

Okay this is my 83 honda cx 685 for 500 bucks currently isn’t running because the batteries that you see right there is crap next to it you’ll see three water bottles filled with gas and a gas container that filled quarterly with gas two years old gas inside the gas tank so i took that out i do the oil change to check carburetors essentially it’s a good bike all the

Missing part you see missing on right here those are extra carbs here’s the air area air filter whatever got both side covers so yeah thing of extra parts the rear thing yeah it’s my first bike so hopefully i can get it running by next summer it’s turning fall so i doubted when i have it done a pretty good bike i just have to get a new battery essentially and put

New gas change the oil my 11,000 miles in it i that cover is in my house it broke on me try and take it off apparently a part of it was stuck you know super glue that oh one of the taillights broke by the previous owner than that i really don’t like how the gas tank is not bolted down at all the air filter area things out when i got it couldn’t get it started cuz

Well didn’t have a good battery of that tires good essentially i just need to put it together open nuts bolts there i think for 500 bucks for my first bike yeah anyways now paint is not the greatest there are some chips but otherwise original paint probably will do a repaint job a new one different color since i do plan on keeping this bike for myself forever no

Resales other than that everything will hopefully come together doesn’t got any tips or anything let me know right now i’m just waiting for my assistance i shall call him to help me out the one side over here may look dark but is because it’s a little rusty right in this area but as soon as i get running a posting some videos of me driving it and maybe i’ll post

Another video of where i’m at during the summertime definitely then try and get running during winter that way i can make sure it works but for 500 it’s worth it i could probably resell it for six hundred eight hundred dollars i think i don’t know any with that’s about it for now ok a new battery fuel oil oil filter maybe get new spark plugs and check the x well

I’ve got an extra one right here but the guy told me that one of the pins not that but he said somewhere some pins were one with bent and the other one was broken clean off but that’s only on this one right here that brass one i believe is the bent one this one over here second and a little bent i don’t know yeah maybe a little bent / musa but then again it’s an

Extra and i looked up online these things retail around 40 to 60 bucks and this thing air box holds the air filters fine did have a piece right there come off one of those put that on seats not that bad of shape few tears out in that hoping lee first project bike and then i’m onto a baja bug off road staff four by four all right that’s about it have fun

Transcribed from video
1983 Honda CX 650 Project "prologue" By Squivvel C.

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