1982 honda c70 passport
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1982 Honda C70 Passport

Here’s a short walk-around of the 1982 Honda C70 Passport that I purchased recently. For as many of these little bikes that Honda made it was surprisingly difficult to find one good condition.

So guys here’s the 1982 honda c70 passport i just picked up it’s a pretty good bike most of the paint alright if not all of it is original there’s a couple things that are we’ll take a look at those in a minute but and it really is in great shape for being 38 years old and there’s a ton of these things out there but a lot of them are just completely thrashed which um

Kind of went out of my way to find one that didn’t need anything and i’ve had enough projects i’ve got enough projects i just wanted a bike that i could bring home get a tag for it and enjoy it and i’m pretty optimistic that this is gonna be the bike to do that with i’ll just give it a quick little walk around here and then we’ll get into some of the detail stuff

From what i can tell all of the metal bits are original they’ve got enough wear and tear on them that if had they been restored as low miles this thing is it wouldn’t really make sense almost all of the hardware looks right it’s kind of got the right amount of age to it if this was a restoration it would have either been replated or new and much shinier than some

Of this stuff is and you can see even the engine casings they’re not perfect but they look really good compared to most of the stuff you find for sale on facebook or craigslist or whatever so previous owner had new tires put on it so that saved me a little bit of time and trouble original tool kit came with it all the tools are there original owners manual one of

The things they must have lost the key at some point because somebody put what looks like it almost looks like the original one but yeah he itself isn’t quite right and this key doesn’t work for the helmet lock or the steering lock and the original owner wrote the key code on the original manual and it does not match what’s in there and unfortunately whoever did it

Broke this plastic cowl here and i’m not sure i guess they put a screw there just to hold this bit in place there shouldn’t be any kind of hardware right here and honda certainly didn’t use red electrical tape to hold their ignition switch in place so i do have a matching set of locks and keys on the way this thing is not available anymore there’s a reproduction

On ebay looks a little sketchy so i’m gonna try to take this off and see what i can do to repair that i don’t know if that’s gonna be a possibility or not but i’d like to try to save the original if i can only thirteen hundred and seventy two miles on this thing which explains why it’s as clean as it is the one kind of weird thing for as good a shape as it’s in and

For low mileage i’m 90% sure this seat is a reproduction and i’ll show you why this flipped up here so the first thing that had me wondering was the hardware on the left and right side doesn’t match this is kind of a screw if you can see here going through with a nut on the other side this side is some kind of nut that’s welded to the pan and from the references i

Can find neither one of those are correct it should be a post coming off of the pan and this i think they also used a cotter pin or linchpin whatever you want to call it that goes through here the other thing is if you look close enough this looks right but the nuts don’t match which again if you hadn’t had it apart i guess maybe they could have had a reupholstered

But again with a bike with such low mileage why would that even be necessary the pan is metal but it even looks repainted or just kind of sloppy and then this hardware is correct and this nut with the larger shoulder is correct but this one is not then again i don’t know why this washer over here is correct this one’s not i don’t know the other thing that’s kind

Of weird is the vinyl this strip along the inside doesn’t match and i can’t find any pictures of original seats that have that i don’t know it’s not a big deal it’s it looks good everything looks too right at least from a couple feet away it’s gonna bug me that this hardware is wrong so i’m gonna go ahead and order the correct replacements here i’m not sure why

I don’t know if the camera pick it up this does not have a lot of threads coming into it i do not know if maybe something’s up with the way the rubber is pinched here and that’s the problem so i take the seat off and see what i can figure out there but again seats are not available so whether it’s a reproduction or not this is the seat it has on it man it looks

Great but it’s just it’s one of those things you get a new bike you start poking around you start wondering why certain things are the way they are but that’s about it and that decals are in good shape red wasn’t my first choice this is an 82 i think in 83 if i’m not mistaken they had a silver and kind of a silvery blue those were the ones i was initially looking

For but this came up it was the right bike in the right condition at the right price so when that happens i’ve learned you gotta scoop them up because for making millions of these things they are actually quite hard to find in decent shape and to my surprise replacement parts at least certain parts are next to impossible to find so i’m glad i don’t have to actually

Replace much if anything on this scooter if i choose to you runs good i waiting for a new seal for the gas cap the one that’s on there is really dry rotted and then if you rock the bike around too much it starts seeping gas i don’t want to ruin any of this paint so that should be here today and and i’m hoping this afternoon we’ll take this thing around the block

Because i’m excited to write it there’s just quick walk around i hoping this doesn’t become a project it really shouldn’t but just thought i’d show you guys i’m certainly gonna bring this to mid ohio this summer be a great little getting around bike i had a yellow one an 81 a few years ago but that one didn’t have a title so i wound up getting rid of it so that i

Could wrap up another project so i’ve been kind of one one of these ever since recently sold a bike and had a little bit of money and i was able to track this thing down as always thanks for watching and i’ll see you in the next video

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1982 Honda C70 Passport By Michael Sams

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