1974 ford f 250 ranger supercab
Altair Club Cars 1974 Ford F-250 Ranger SuperCab Cold Cruise

1974 Ford F-250 Ranger SuperCab Cold Cruise

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Continuation of the Cold Start. This is my buddy Quint 1836s 1974 Ford F-250 Ranger XLT SuperCab with the straight 6. We drive old Rambo in the cold finallyšŸ¤ 

First time he smoked boys yeah yeah first blood first blood i was here for it this is the first time he’s ever smoked but it is cold so yeah it’s 51 degrees out right now yeah that’ll boil around though it’s really hard to tell well this is a pretty nice sound and driveway here we got a 5.7 from 4.9 about two rear cameraman i believe this is why liberals complain

About climate change oh he’s finally smoked in about talking about time it’s called been money i’ve been waiting a long time from start smoking again mean green ism you can give it a couple oh yeah a couple more times to make this is why you want to own a flowmaster so uh well edit in the clip right now when he built tough and i were reviewing our trucks right

Now some clearance you don’t want me to do the bump and then that was over there the reason he did that was these were his old shocks you can see how worn out they were you can do that with him over here i’ll show you i put into a show close-up those dogs they were heavy-duty these are these are the standard road shocks the ones i put in are heavy-duty gabriel front

Off-road shots you can see near the shiny new metal parts in there okay now that built up is ready so that shiny new part of air that’s that’s my spirit box just he’s been idling for about 10 minutes and i have it idling because we’re about to take him over to a garage get the horn wired up the diff fluid changed that way we have a heater when we drive over this

We’re not going guru guru try and go down the road the old rando dis idling don’t worry about that license plate uh-huh might be an old yukon right license plate we don’t need to worry about that anymore and i you know institute employs me built up license plate by heart awesome here for this year lunch that’s the gear we look at that chevy’s

Pullout and privacy smoking it’s about 51 degrees how i’m here here’s the gear there’s there’s a long hard search but i found third gear so we’re gonna begin rambo on a pretty good road today yeah well i mean country road take a mom i make it i’m a pinhead insert dixie now oh fill the yukon from the rearview mirror if you want or just from the there’s the yukon

Ira but rock does about 45 some say snow but we get there alive or we hidden about right now we are doing 29 speed limits 30 on this roof now we’re doing hurt bastien you can hear the wind wishon past us yep see i am so glad that life that it is cold now because now this is a good vehicle i mean it was good vehicle in the heat but it was too hot yeah well that’s

Brakes oh yeah six piston six piston front disc probably the brakes in the back we don’t worry but we don’t worry about they probably don’t work we don’t worry about this drums change i want to get over mr. hamburgers also these not a sponsor for this video but mr. john amber tour of am burger on a motive in austin texas he’s a great mechanic been good to me he’s

Been great to rambo if you’re ever in a will in service county well insert the text of the checked out is a link in the description thank you mister hamburger you’ve been great to me great to rambo and hopefully you can be great to be green hopefully we need to get that front bumper fix in the driver’s side door we got a peterbilt up ahead or maybe a freightliner

See what he’s doing that’s overdrive yeah we don’t want the gear i win for friend now yeah i put it up in overdrive i didn’t mean to what a headache on all that was a peterbilt but that’s a motor greater oh look notice her compensations also it is a peterbilt easily draw flies see i mean you get a little drama neil cole oh yeah wait i’d say we’re doing like

Thirty right now huh yes right see on these roads here i like to hump the middle because they’re so good darn rough yeah and don’t have to repave because the blinker because the new subdivisions here the with the new subdivisions the roads are too rough to compensate for not calm i can’t think to terminate for the i’m having a pulling an atom to amount for all

The new people are gonna be on the roads and you can just tell but hey the new shocks you can tell oh yeah there’s a different way smoother over this in the for remember last time in the video and i did this then the flag i don’t know how that antenna caught it and i really don’t know how i caught it just with my hand though that are these peg now i need a little

Bit of air you should be getting a little hair too oh yeah i feel it i’m just gonna hug this time nobody common let me punch out there you go he’s surrounded so much better in this cold weather i tell you know this your first time driving them in the cold weather right down here yeah i drove it in three degrees in tennessee one year see look on this road i humped

The middle and show the beers if you want a hump the myth the myth good group i mean if there’s an r command that might pose problem helping put other funds you pump the brakes three times it’ll come to a stop and i’m not on the brakes very much then you just pull up your stoplight and grab a second gear there’s a big hole there i’m just roll stockland watch out

There’s a prius don’t worry about those yeah no wonder it’s injunction and in between second and third i goose the throttle then keeps the rams out makes the gear change into third gear lost smooth look your rambo go i’m can you boys let’s go race you need a couch there’s catholics couple years back yellow like this viewers i was working at a state park down

Here and weird we were doing it you feel that vibration yeah that’s all rear end that’s what i’m going to change hey we were uh we’re doing a trash pickup on the highway and there was fun third of a bag and i picked the bag up and fell out were three condoms used and the man who is managing the pickup he’s i’m quoting him he said what the hell who throws out he

Used condom on the highway and i said the reason he did that he’s probably heading home and didn’t like someone to find out now i haven’t been invited back to work there again drinking car all the drivers come on rambo romance infection investigated to listen close behind you betta gear buddy there you go we’re going down into second going into mr. hamburgers

Got a good puddle here water crossing rambo and there’s a snake in that lotta stuff oh yeah rambo to the

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1974 Ford F-250 Ranger SuperCab Cold Cruise By Built Tough 1776

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