1967 porsche 911 s magnus walker
Altair Club Cars 1967 Porsche 911 S – Magnus Walker

1967 Porsche 911 S – Magnus Walker

This is the story of my 1967 Porsche 911 S. I’ve had 5 of this particular model over the years and this one is one of my favorites. It didn’t start out this way when I bought it, but with a few of my own added touches it’s a great canyon carver that I enjoy driving.

Because in 1967 911s one time i actually on fire with these believe it or not back then yes was just really another cool old coat is nothing really special to some people but through others it was an iconic car because it was the first year that force were taken the 2-litre moment of the peeling the cotton six sports up to 67 with 130 horsepower and the s was the

Sport model sported our 60 warp hours of original 20% more and it was more of a sporting performance models that were porsches first step but taking the 911 and it’s slightly more sporty options for the street you know a lot of these are these sort of short wheelbase cars have this reputation for being slightly twitchy but i think that’s back in the day they were

Running on four and a half inch skinny wheels with the high profile tires and soft suspension once that’s all dialed out the car really comes alive and it’s a little bit of a giant killer you know it’s been an aggressive tire compound we’ve got upgraded brakes greetings pipes are vented discs all around so it actually runs right stop chips and handles really really

Well it actually maybe could do a little bit more horsepower in the motor just to give it a little bit for zing we actually went through an upgrade at all the suspension 22 and 28 millimeter torsion bars on rear and ran all fully adjustable spring sight and front strut bars and that adjustable sway bars and stuff like that so it’s more of a performance orientated

Bill is currently running our instead of 52 outlaw wheels which are sort of a seats six and seven our fitment and it’s just more of an aggressive streetable track setup and the gear ratios are shorter second third and fourth almost like airport view and then with a tall fit so great great candy car you know i arrived it up in angeles crest highway just really you

Know shows the highlights of the cars animal post-racial gearboxes perfectly suited for those swiss canyon road this was a numbers-matching car it still is a numbers-matching car when i bought it though it actually had been flared out sometime in the late 70s early 80s and it was running turbo flow so it was kind of a bit of an oddball looking carcass it looked

A little bit like an st but it was short will be for me it didn’t really matter i always liked building these sport purpose cars i’m not such a purist that i was going to put the car back to its bone-stock original format so the destiny of the car was already set before i got it it would sort of remain a sort purpose track orientated talk to me i love the way

The car load is that classic late 60s monte carlo rally race inspired tour purpose look and so i just ran with that feeling with the operations pride decals you put the meatball number on the car so it is a 67 i want to write a little bit of my personality like i always do so i swapped out the seed pudding like centers like end of the front read i did add some

Grilled door handles but ultimately i tried to show some restraint by not going full-blown build of our inspired integrated turn signals and bluebirds decorate i thought that i was really cool enough and it’s somewhat stock appearance looking format for a vintage race car of that era we ended up the run today up at mount wilson observatory just an iconic setting

Is a landmark location and it has a spectacular view of the la county basin below and the road is most of second third gear climbing super twisty super gritty and essentially a real fun road may be my perfect route to me the great thing about living in southern california and especially los angeles is the accessibility to all these world-class private roads that

We can be on within 20 minutes of where we’re counting down you can climb up to over 7,000 feet we can experience different terrain and ultimately as i always say the joy of getting behind one of your favorite cars on one of your favorite road you

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1967 Porsche 911 S – Magnus Walker By Magnus Walker

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