1960639 2019 chevrolet silverado
Altair Club Cars 1960639 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom Double Cab

1960639 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom Double Cab

Hello and welcome to liquid chevrolet my name is brett and this is the 2018 chevrolet silverado custom 1500 now underneath that hood you have the 5.3 liter v8 ecotec3 engine which has variable valve timing and direct fuel injection which helps you save money at the pumps as well as it is ended in a 6-speed automatic transmission this vehicle as well does have

Cylinder deactivation so it doesn’t have to run on all of its cylinders at one time i’m just going to show you the headlamps at first here they are the double stacked with the led strip and the projector right there and the reflector on the bottom this vehicle does have to recovery hooks to help yourself or of course those ones who do not have this truck out of

The ditch as well as hauling stuff now over here you can see the 20 inch aluminum clad wheels sixth spoked with the wheel lock this vehicle does have four-wheel independent suspension brake assist traction control and electronic stability those mirrors right there are capped in black as well as the door handles you can see that this vehicle does have custom mud

Flaps with the silver chrome chevrolet logo to add some personality to this already personable truck now this is the back you can see that there is the side step there is a backup camera so there are sensors all the way through and this is the trailering package with the hitch and all of the crucial mones that you need to haul such as power ports it is a light

Duty truck with a payload of around 20 2020 pounds and it does have the towing capacity of 7,500 pounds it is capable in every aspect now i’m just going to show you the tailgate and pull a little inside it does have the lock right there and one thing i want to mention about the 2019 silverado collection is that their tailgate sar way lighter than they used to be

It is nice to work with them this is of rolled steel box instead of aluminum stamped and 2000 19 they actually introduced the jury-box which is proven to be stronger and more puncture proof already then their boxes were years before and even last year this is a four-wheel-drive truck that sits about 8.6 inches off the ground giving you capability for off-roading

Now i’m going to jump on inside and welcome to inside the interior of this 2018 custom i’m going to go this way for this truck as you can see there are the double glove boxes and the entertainment system right in the middle that is a seven-inch diagonal color touchscreen the infotainment 3 system a little close and personal with this that’s that yeah that’s the date

Sorry that’s the time temperature and it is very responsive look at that just easy satellite radio this vehicle does have four speakers throughout it as well as i’m just going to put it in back up in reverse so you can see that you can either have the grids or without the grids and what i like is that it focuses on the trailer hitch as well so you don’t have to get

Out and monitor your hitch there is the climate control as well as you do have traction control on this this vehicle does have toe assist right there you just tap and toe and your transmission will kick in and help you out if your haul is being stubborn this is the driver information screen you got analog right there and the digital screen right in the middle which

Will show you things such as tachometer trip computer oil life etc the steering wheel is the great gripped variety with the yellow bowtie in the middle and options on your left hand side now over here right beside the wheel you’ve got the option where you can go from two-wheel drive all the way to four high for low and 4×4 just by the turn of the dial as well as it

Does have those automatic lights these are all your automatic windows doors mirrors and locks and speaking of mirrors i’m asking of you a view of the door mirror and as we come back around it is a quiet cab with a lot of window space this is the upholstered seat that i’m sitting next to it is ergonomically designed and doubly insulated so that it keeps its shape

And comfort throughout the duration of this vehicle and these vehicles live a long time i’m going to show you the armrest there it’s easy for a leased three hands right there if you are into that and you have a nice storage room with ubs ports etc three or i guess this is this the theme of three you got three couple there’s for those three arms as well as this

Is a bench seat so you can fit six macs in this vehicle and there is a lot of room so they could be six adults i just want to give you another look at those twenty inch aluminum clad wheels now as we step into the back right behind the driver’s seat you will notice that it is a bench seat with the same upholstery and comfort as the front all the windows in here

Are tinted in the back to give it that anti-glare feel i’m gonna step out a little bit so you can see the full effect of the 60/40 split bench oh no this is a hundred percent i am sorry i’m just gonna pull it up you get a hundred percent just by lifting up that tab and you can create a lot of room plus there are the mats in there those benches do stay up all by

Themselves as well the legroom in this vehicle is close to thirty five inches but the ceiling is quite high so you can fit a tall guy in the back no worries for him and for you now i’m gonna pan out on the door panel and show you my last look this 2019 silverado 1500 custom truck is great for a variety of lifestyles such as those who have to use it for work and

Those who are city bound but prefer a truck this is great for running errands and it saves gas with that ecotec3 engine where can you find this exact truck well you come on down to lakewood chevrolet we’re on the corner of 34th and 91st check this truck out online at lakewood chef calm or hey it’s always better to come in person anyway things are a bigger than they

Appear on your screen right now and this is one of those things that you’d want to see in person so i’ll just leave it running i got the keys come in for a test drive today

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1960639 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom Double Cab By Lakewood Chevrolet

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