1902511 2015 chevrolet silverado
Altair Club Cars 1902511 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LT Double Cab

1902511 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LT Double Cab

Welcome to the co chevrolet my name is tom mr. 2015 chevy silverado 2500 lt and summit white come a little closer look we have projector headlights and fog lights that are halogen the front is clouded with oh with lots of chrome including the front bumper coming around to the side we have 17-inch wheels wrapped into 6570 tires bridgestone tires that are button

Snow rated coming take a couple steps back just check out the rest of the side of the truck under the hood is a 6-litre v8 made it to a 6-speed automatic transmission let’s take a step inside the via truck and see what other options are inside now that we’re inside the chevy silverado up in front of me is your is your gauges which display your speed your rpm your

Voltmeter your coolant temperature refuel and your oil pressure on the steering wheel you have your cruise control right here here you have your bluetooth as well as your functional just buttons for that display right there to the left the steering wheel you have your your gauge brightness your light your like toggle your four wheel drive system as well as your

Trailer brake there to the center console or a lack of center console you have cup holders here on your armrest here is a touchscreen infotainment system here you push it for audio you have your fm radio you hit the radio button again you go to sirius xm which a three month subscription will be included as well as your am frequency channels get your media button

There is no media because there’s no bluetooth connection established in your home you have your oscar now this you this particular model doesn’t have dual climate control it does have ac however what what you turn on the fans obviously your traction control your parking sensors and your bed light here you have your storage compartment up top and your glove box

Which has which has your manuals coming around this interiors finished with a soft cloth interior this metal armrest does fold up and becomes a seat a bench let’s take a step out and hop around into the back see what we see in the back know that we’re at the back it would just see just a standard bench that folds up with the push from the seat underneath is your

Tools the rip to switch your flat to the spare unfold it you just pull down coming around the back you’ll notice that the rear bumper is also chrome and the parking sensors are there one two three and four there isn’t a backup camera however here you have your trailer brakes and you’re trailering system pull down the bed it is an easy the easy lift tailgate you

Have a spray-on bedliner close it up take a couple steps back around to the other side you’ll see it’s a pretty standard 2500 down there is your chrome running boards for easy access in and out of the vehicle this is our – this is our chevy silverado hope you enjoyed the video if you have any more questions come check out lake with chef on the corner of 91st and

34th and talk to one our sales rep if you have any more questions see you soon

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1902511 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LT Double Cab By Lakewood Chevrolet

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