1400 lbs of payload in the toyot
Altair Club Cars 1400 LBS of Payload in The Toyota Tacoma | How Did It Do? MPG?

1400 LBS of Payload in The Toyota Tacoma | How Did It Do? MPG?

Guys welcome back to the channel today’s video is going to be how did the the tacoma do it’s hard to say how did the tacoma do uh bringing home 1400 pounds of granite and what’s it look like loaded well here it is right here there’s 1400 pounds in the back of this thing and it’s sitting nice and level and it’s actually on an incline too uh how’d it do it did

Great um if you guys are watching this video you’re probably wondering what can the tacoma do if you’re actually using a truck as a truck this is my tacoma sr5 4×4 absolutely love this thing got rid of my tundra crewmax 4×4 and uh i’m gonna call it upgraded to this because it’s got damn near the same payload capacity and god it gets way better gas mileage and much

Easier to drive around um these are approximately 70 72 pounds 71 pounds ish if you look at their website this is pure granite so this is a block of granite sitting back here and you can see how i have it loaded it’s over the middle of the cab instead of sitting back here making the ascend squatted down and making you do a wheelie down the road uh it drove home

I got 18.7 miles to the gallon running on the ect power button i just uploaded a video on why you would use ect’s power and uh and why it’s useful keeps you at that 2000 rpm power band keeps you in fourth gear which is a one-to-one ratio on this truck which is beautiful so it did fantastic um the two-wheel drive would do just as good there’s no change in payload

Capacity on them the trick is with a with a you can see i’ve been pretty busy the the the tacoma and the forerunner have taken home all of this tile here this was delivered this was delivered but this is all natural stone so it’s very heavy um the marble load this was the same exact load that i used i took home yesterday this is 20 boxes of marble um and tacoma

Just eats it for lunch so you guys are wondering how does the tacoma do with a 1400 pound load you could probably well i was standing back there and the leaf springs were still fine i’m 240 pounds so you could probably safely get away with between 16 and 1800 pounds in the back of this truck if you drive carefully keep your load this way of the axle if possible

The farther you bring your load this direction or if you have the tacoma mat if you bring it over the tacoma lettering you’re going to have a little bit harder time um with the truck wanting to kind of look like it’s wheeling on you you really don’t want to bend those leafs negative so yeah guys this is just a little video on how the tacoma does with a decent load

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1400 LBS of Payload in The Toyota Tacoma | How Did It Do? MPG? By Fix It Now

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