133mpge key highlights of 2020 p
Altair Club Cars 133MPGe Key Highlights of 2020 Prius Prime Limited

133MPGe Key Highlights of 2020 Prius Prime Limited


Hi everyone i’m jeff teague with fred anderson toyota in raleigh north carolina let me show you what makes the 20 2012 prius prime limited so special and why you just might want one prius prime builds on the foundation that toyota prius laid this is the best-selling hybrid of all time in the whole world so now with a prius prime you can either fill it up with

Traditional gasoline or you can choose to plug it in here are some facts about prius prime that i think are really going to be helpful you have a driving range all electric of 25 miles so if you work less than 25 miles from where your home is you can plug it in at night time drive to work let’s say 18 22 miles or whatever plug it in at work while you’re working

And then drive home in all-electric you haven’t burned any fuel so the fuel mileage it averages 254 miles per gallon traditionally 55 in the city 53 on the highway but if you plug it in it’s called mpge so that’s miles per gallon including energy it’s gonna be 133 miles per gallon that’s crazy right and the total driving range on one tank of gasoline is averaged

At 640 total miles so you can drive up and down the coast on one tank of gasoline the charging time is less than five and a half hours if you use a traditional three-pronged grounded outlet in your home just like you have in your garage less than five and a half hours if you use the upgraded charging kit then it’s going to be about two hours and ten minutes to

Fully charge so there’s a way to accelerate the charging process let’s look at the limited a little closer this is toyota’s highest trim level it comes in le xle and limited this color is beautiful here’s the backup camera and then here’s your charging equipment we’re going to show you this in a little bit there’s the grounded outlet here’s your plug in this

Is soft tech seating so it’s light it holds up really well over time this has upgraded the twenty twenty prius prime is now a five seater so it seats three across in last year’s model it would see four across so there’d be two seats in the back it has 10 different jbl speakers so it has premium quality sound including an amplifier the seats are very comfortable

And then notice here we have an eleven point six inch screen it’s very large but it shows you all of your important information like navigation and audio and air your climate controls some of the other features you might find beneficial power driver’s seat leather wrapped steering wheel parallel parking feature here’s the plug-in here’s the gasoline and also the

Hood release all of your information is on this handy multi information display right here also you have a head-up display so we’ll focus in on here and you can see the speed actually is displayed in a nice soft lighting right in your line of vision it’s very subtle so you don’t notice that that much but you don’t have to look down to see what speed you’re going

It really limits distractions and makes it so much more convenient for you other features you might enjoy wireless charging pad and also heated seats with high and low settings in different driving modes and then it has 12 safety sense piece so it has pedestrian detection during the daytime key for pedestrian it also has pre collision system automatic high beams

Dynamic radar cruise control and then also lane departure alert for steering assist so it lightly nudges you back into your lane if you’re distracted in maybe switch lanes when you don’t mean to so here’s what we’re gonna do if you’re plugging in we’ve got our plug in right here and then we’ve got our grounded outlet so we would plug this in to the wallet say it’s

Your garage just like that and then on this side here we’re gonna plug right in just like that it stays nice and secure and like i said you charge it for about five and a half hours or so on a standard grounded outlet like you find in your house thank you so much for watching and please follow us on social media see you next time

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133MPGe! Key Highlights of 2020 Prius Prime Limited By Fred Anderson Toyota

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