12 shallow mount car subwoofers
Altair Club Cars 12 Shallow Mount Car Subwoofers: JBL, JL Audio, Powerbass, Rockford Fosgate | Car Audio & Security

12 Shallow Mount Car Subwoofers: JBL, JL Audio, Powerbass, Rockford Fosgate | Car Audio & Security

Want bass but lack space? Check out these four 12″ shallow-mount car subwoofers from Powerbass, JBL, JL Audio & Rockford Fosgate!

Hey guys what’s going on it’s blade again from car audio security and today we’re looking at four shallow mount subwoofers from four different brands so shallow mount subwoofers what are they so proof is in the name really it’s a shallow mounted subwoofer so you’re going to find the four in front of me here we have our very shallow mounting depth now i get a

Lot of customers coming into the shop asking whether it’s possible to have a decent amount of bass in their car but without taking up a lot of space now these kind of subwoofers is where i would be looking at so as you can see there are very very shallow mounting depth but you’re still going to get a decent amount of bass from them a subwoofer that’s shallow

Or the majority of the time have either a very small magnet like this on the bottom or in the higher end you may find that the magnets actually inside the basket the speaker so like this foreign we have on display today we have the powerbase s12t we have the jbl club ws1200 we have the rockford p3s d2-12 and we have the jl12 tw1 we’ll run through the specs why

You’d want to purchase one over another and we’ll go from there okay so the most affordable subwoofer out of the four that we are displaying today is the powerbase s12t so looking at it it’s a very flat-faced subwoofer with a kind of spider design face on it with a protruding rubber seal around the edge now excursion on this unit meaning up and down movement

Is probably not going to be the most out of the three that i’m going to display but it’s still going to be pretty good you get good frequency response from this on the back of it it’s quite a wide but flat magnet that allows it to be very shallow mounting depth and the actual basket itself has made very very shallow only other thing on the back is the single

Coil push down terminals now a spec on this unit you’re looking at single 4 ohm 12-inch subwoofer with 300 watts rms power and 600 watts max the mounting depth is 3.25 inches so that’s the important part you need to remember and frequency response on the unit is 31 to 350 hertz so it’s pretty good for a shallow mounting depth subwoofer and sensitivity is 91

Decibels okay so the next one on the list is the jbl so let’s have a look at that there we are we’re looking at the club ws1200 so this is another very good shallow mount subwoofer so with this unit again it’s a very flat-faced design with a rubber surround now this is where we get into the reverse mounted magnet so as you can see you can’t actually see the

Magnet let’s say as you can see you can’t see it there’s no magnet on the back that’s because they’ve reverse mounted it so they’ve turned it upside down and put it inside the basket of the unit so what this does is allows you to have a very very shallow mounting depth and not compromise on performance that’s very very good now another good thing about this unit

Is jbl do this on some of the subwoofers and i really really like it you have a switchable impedance which means you can change the ohms of the speaker just by flicking a switch so you don’t have to worry about rewiring so if you were to change to a different amplifier there was a different power you have to worry about buying a new sub or rewiring it you just

Flick a switch nice and easy so spec on this unit is obviously as i’ve mentioned it’s a 12 inch shallow mount driver with 250 watts of rms power and a thousand watt of peak now this unit as i’ve said comes with a switchable impedance which means you can play it either 4 ohm or 2 ohm so that’s very important and frequency response from this unit is pretty good

So you’re looking between 27 and 175 hertz so it will play slightly lower than the power base but not as full range so you won’t be able to play as higher frequency as the power bases that will go up to 350 hertz so just bear that in mind and sensitivity you are looking at 92 decibels so slightly higher than the power base and next on the list let’s look at the

Rockford fosgate foreign this is the p3 sd2-12 now make yourself aware this comes as two different part numbers you have the p3s d2 which is dual 2 ohm and the p3sd4 which is dual 4-0 now that is very dependent on what amplifier you’re using and what final impedance you’re looking to find now i’ll explain that a bit more in in depth in a second let’s have a

Look at the subwoofer itself so this unit is slightly different to the others in terms of the rubber surround so this is a w style surrounder if you can see it it’s kind of like a w shape so what this allows is the cone can sit slightly further in but you have further excursion which means you get slightly lower frequencies and better bass response and then you

Have this polyester style center plate here now on the back of the unit this doesn’t have an inverted magnet but still very very shallow subwoofer obviously vented coil at the bottom and because it’s a dual voice coil you have two sets of push terminals to go into the side and that’s going to determine your impedance now to explain that slightly quickly you’ll

Be looking at dual 2 ohm will allow you to wire up to 4 ohm or down to one ohm and a dual 4 ohm will allow you to run to 2 ohm or to atom very complicated there’s diagrams on rockford fosgate website if you’re not too sure on how to do it but it’s down to how you wire the different cables together inside the subwoofer but now let’s look at the specs on the unit

You’re looking at either a dual 2 ohm or dual 4 ohm setup with the subwoofer it’s 400 watt rms or 800 watt peak mounting depth is 3.65 inches frequency response on the unit is from 43 hertz now rockford don’t give you a maximum frequency but usually looking in the region of 4 to 500 hertz is what you would normally get from a 12 inch driver and sensitivity on

The driver is 85 decibels and the final sub that we’re looking at is the jl okay so now on to the last subwoofer we’re looking at today so this is the 12 tw1 now just like the rockford this comes as a four or two ohm now with the jls you’re looking at single coil though so you don’t need to mess around with all the wiring and stuff like that it’s just a single

Terminal on the bottom of the subwoofer if i can find it so you’ve got your positive here on a spade terminal any negative on the opposite side now this is quite a beefy shallow sub i’ll be honest um there’s a reason behind this because it does pack a punch so you’re looking at obviously 12 inch face it comes with a built-in grille this non-removable grille

Comes in the box like this the bottom is a inverted magnet so just like the jbl we looked at earlier it’s an inverted magnet so it’s inside the actual body of the basket of the subwoofer now it’s quite cool you can really see what’s going on inside this you can see the spider and all the terminals and everything working as it should be you can even see the coil

Inside which is inverted as well it’s a very very cool design that jay will do with these um so let’s go through the specs power handling is 300 watt rms now with jl audio the power is set from 75 watts to 300 watts so if you’re underpowering it don’t don’t worry too much but just make sure you’re not overpowering it so they’re designed to play very very well

With even a low power input now these are available as i mentioned in a four or two ohm setup mounting depth on the unit is 4.6 inches now that is the deepest shallow subwoofer that we’ve looked at today but there’s a reason behind that because you’re getting the most output out of this particular one so even though the power is the same you’re going to find

That because the cone and everything can move a bit freer you have a bit more room to play with this is going to give you the most output but obviously you’re limiting yourself on space so just bear that in mind and then sensitivity is 85 decimal foreign okay guys so that was an overview of the four shallow subwoofers that we have here on the table now we do

Offer a lot of other shallow subwoofers on our website so don’t think this is all we have honestly we’ve got loads um but for my personal opinion out of these four i would personally choose the rockford because i think you’re getting the most bang for your buck without spending more money i’ll go through the prices in a second but i think for the mounting depth

The power the frequency response and stuff like that i think the rock is probably the best option in my personal opinion now if you’ve got a little bit more money laying around i would personally if if money wasn’t objects tw3 so the big brother of the tw-1 that’s the one i would go for that is a wicked wicked shadow subwoofer it’s actually shallower than this

It packs an ultimate punch it’s wicked now if you’re interested in looking at one of those i can do a review for you if you drop a like and a comment down below i’ll try and get a video up for that now prices on the units let’s go through that so the power base s12t is currently at 129.99 the jbl club 1200 ws is 149.99 the rockford p3 sd2-12 and the p3 sd4-12 is

209.99 and the jl12 tw1-2 or dash 4 is 309.99 and for up-to-date pricing make sure you check out both of our websites cardio security and the tunic store foreign so before we finish i’m going to leave you with a little snippet of information now when you’re purchasing a subwoofer for the first time or for the 10th time you need to remember that the wattage

Is not always what you want to be looking at now obviously it’s important don’t we don’t get me wrong but there’s a lot of other variables that will make one subwoofer better than another even if it’s less power stuff like your sensitivity the frequency response it’s all stuff you want to be looking at because let’s say if you’re a kind of person that prefers

More punchy bass to low frequency bass you may prefer a subwoofer with a higher frequency response so it’s very dependent on how you want the subwoofer to sound so bear that in mind now that’s it from me and make sure you like share and subscribe and i will see you in the next video foreign

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12" Shallow Mount Car Subwoofers: JBL, JL Audio, Powerbass, Rockford Fosgate | Car Audio & Security By CAS TV

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