1109hp novitec ferrari sf90 spid
Altair Club Cars 1109hp Novitec Ferrari SF90 Spider going crazy / The Supercar Diaries

1109hp Novitec Ferrari SF90 Spider going crazy / The Supercar Diaries

The Supercar Diaries / Novitec Ferrari SF90 Spider

Foreign everybody today’s question is do you really need 1109 horsepower in the topless ferrari sf90 from novitec the answer is yes if you haven’t seen the other films that we’ve made on the sf90 go check out our channel so we rush through this quite quickly with the entire carbon fiber lip of this car from us this intake over here carbon fiber chasing the air

Through the duct over here the outlet with a room of carbon fiber also the top of our hood this piece really necessary otherwise it kind of just ends abruptly into the windscreen this these bits over here on the side they are additions that you can get separately i think they look really cool let me know down in the comments they aid the airflow that goes around the

Side nice and rough of our carbon fiber fenders these bits over here invisible carbon fiber you guys know the drill seamlessly joined together now in there let’s hosted our nf10 ferrari wheels stunning stunning if you want to see different kinds different finishes of these rooms have a look at our website www.novitec.com the car rides low in a sport suspension

If you can’t see that you’re blind but it can ride even higher yes not the opposite way because this car has a built-in lift system from novitec it is the fiorano package and in the furana you don’t get lift but if you want it come to us and we’ll put it in for you moving along to the carbon fiber mirror caps and then the carbon fiber side skirts on your sf90 90

99 these are non-embodied kind and i love that because it makes the waste of the car look nice and thin and thereby the shoulders protruding nice and widely you also have little air vent over there that aids the air towards the back but this is really more important for the air because the engine breathes through this and the carbon fiber inserts here just look

Phenomenal now the party is at the back as we always say because here you have fitted our ductals the novi tech one yes you get a fiorano ducktail but ours is bigger we also have covers for the engine this is on the outside where the heat escapes these in carbon five i love the fact that ferrari goes with all the rounded holes over there as opposed to what mclaren

Does with all kinds of weird and interesting shapes the party actually continues on the inside there as well it’s probably a bit dark but we’ve laced this magnificent display of an engine with carbon fiber engine inlays over here as well as was the top over there looks really really sexy even this cover over here in car carbon fiber the v8 of this car is sitting

So deep in there that 4.0 liter twin turbocharged v8 oh man it is just a lovely car and fantastic that ferraris has given us a window to stay right at the heart of this car now towards the back here this is super sexy the entire rear the diffuser the bumper all in carbon fiber but then also our black reflectors sexy because you don’t see them until you see them

Then the exhaust tips and carbon fiber and this car fitted with a proper exhaust system reset me yeah it’s not really that loud until i started up nearly jumped out the side is quite obnoxious especially a nice cold start but the great thing about this car is the fact you can drive it in full electric mode and then it’s quite quiet now this car has got fitted

The sports cards and our sports rear mufflers flap actuated and we’ll experience a little bit more about that when we drive there’s a little something that i need to just say about the exhausting now there’s a certain american channel that have sort of raise the topic of some of our exhausts smoking the first couple of kilometers you’re driving it’s just being

Burned in it’s not on fire after a couple of kilometers that’s done with there’s no error reading saying that something’s burning at the back do we sorted that bit out as well yeah we’re gonna go and drive it now it’s lovely in this exceptional summer weather this is a secondary key not the first one first one is or the main key rather is in the same body color as

The car which is quite funky love that foreign sorry i forgot to buckle up foreign day because i’ve got maurice sitting next to me filming yes e drive ready the lift is engaged and we are experiencing first and foremost that was the usp of the sf90 in fact you can just crawl away from home away or to the misses unnoticed of course this is not really what

This car is about it’s about engaging all that it has to offer from that four liter toyota recharged v8 motor really very potent one same when you get in the f8 albeit this time with hybrid support and it warps out a disgusting amount of power about a thousand horsepower and that is of course until we engage with it and it ups that power to 1109 oh of course

The fact that this car now it’s just so much more of a visceral experience foreign you can so feel the assistance of the hybrid motor it is undeniably there incredible now this car is not just real driven it is four wheel drive or all-wheel drive we should say a thing that’s lost for that because how else do you go down onto the road so much more live on

The noise he’s just pretty oh that was a lovely thing about these engines is that you really hear the turbos spooling and you hear the rocks knocking underneath the car sorry that’s something this guy obviously fitted with the naughty tech suspension so you’re feeling you feel so much stiffer definitely definitely noticeable there we go oh this is this is gorgeous

Maybe we can can we point the camera there we’re gonna go there foreign system with electric only is funny as you’re saying it’s all about the suspension fitted to this car sitting closer to them because it was so exciting because you feel every bump and it is so alive but yet it’s super super nimble it makes no sense to blow this guy now as we saw before

The cold roads but there’s such immense talk and available especially now that you have that intronic plug-and-play system foreign which is a fantastic bit because you because you can always change back it’s a certain version of the exhaust there’s a different example they are very different exhaust setups that you can choose from so in case you want to have

Something a bit less loud if you want to go more or because more races get rid of the cards all together all those are possibilities that you can check out if you want to see more of that you can visit our website foreign would you take the spider version or would you take the more conformed non-spider the coupe let me know your days down in the comments as well

As how you love this yellow we have it is seriously such a good color for this guy you really just get to see the uh carbon fiber like thank you so much for joining us guys and if you haven’t yet and you want to you can subscribe to our youtube channel by hitting the subscribe button and then that little notification bell so that you get notified every time that

We upload a new video you can also follow us on instagram you personally have the owner called app and detective until next time if you haven’t seen the other videos that we made on the sf90 especially that could pay with the same package as this one then you can have a look at the videos that will put on the screen here and that one the weather was a bit warmer

And we got to drive it a bit faster than this one one more thing that i want you to hear thank you the good thing about this caused the fact that you can just put the roof back on the go new taking out your toolbox and little bits and pieces from the boot under about 40 k’s an hour it works like a charm except if your name is maurice then the roof knocks you

On your head anyways guys thanks for joining see you in the next video foreign

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1109hp Novitec Ferrari SF90 Spider going crazy / The Supercar Diaries By Novitec Group

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