1100hp lambo huracan v red bull
Altair Club Cars 1100hp Lambo Huracan v Red Bull MotoGP Bike: DRAG RACE

1100hp Lambo Huracan v Red Bull MotoGP Bike: DRAG RACE

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Hi how are you matt watson here from car wow so i’m sat in a tuned lamborghini hurricane performante spider from jm imports and next to me is a motogp bike with a famous moto gp racer on it and we’re gonna have a drag race because we can let me tell you about this car it’s got a 5.2 liter naturally aspirated v10 oh no wait a minute it’s not is it because jm imports

Has put a couple of turbochargers on it as a result we have 1100 horsepower we’ve got four wheel drive system we’ve got a seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox this thing weighs in around 1.5 tons value of this around 300 000 pounds with all the mods now that bike so that has a one liter v4 with 270 horsepower and newton meters of torque it is the red bull

Ktm moto gp team’s rc16 bike from the 2021 season it weighs in at 150 kilos the rider on it only weighs about 50 kilos so in total you’ve got around 200 kilos that rider is danny petrosa who was runner up in the 2007 2010 and 2012 moto gp championship years he’s basically a bit like the motorbike version of sterling moss brilliant rider never actually won the

Championship due to some bad luck and some injuries hey danny how you doing yeah i’m good i’m nice and comfy here in my rather lovely lamborghini what’s it like being in your leathers and straddling that beast i’m quite comfy too let’s see what happens you won’t be comfy if i beat you i think i might beat you i’ve got a lot more power than you for sure it looks

Like but let’s see on real life yeah let’s see i’m real life we’re gonna find out now if you like these kind of drag races make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you won’t miss a single upload right let’s do this what’s going to win a tuned lamborghini or a mogp bike i have no idea buy sell car wow

Now before we race we’ve got to the customary car wow sound check so first thing i’m going to do is rev up my lamborghini here we go there’s some far worse going on there what do you reckon to that danny i’m a bit less have a listen to your bygone rev it up yeah you know it’s like it doesn’t have the character of this i’m afraid i think what really matters though

Is the race now before we do race if you’re thinking about changing your car click on the pop-out barrel there for the link in the description below all right you can buy your new car through car wow and you can see how much you can save on various new cars also you can sell your current car through car wow just upload some photos give a brief description and i’ll

Do this bid on your car to make sure you get a great price for it go check it out completely free link’s also in the description if you want to do a later date just simply google help me car where and we will help you with changing your car right let’s do it come on lamborghini you gotta beat the bike come on come on smash me i thought i was going to win

Gotta go again it was good for me i just want another go why not come on second time lucky best two out of oh he’s three sideways oh win this one that is one each keep doing it as many times as you can and eventually you get lucky that is my motto so this is the decider one each i’m taking his failed start it just is what it is let’s do this yes where

Is he oh no no no so danny you won you were the first one then best out of three it’s always the rules what happened in the second race i just was testing something and then it didn’t came out in the way i wanted i was harder on the throttle and more aggressive on the clutch but immediately i got a wheel spin with no speed and i just get sideways so i abort

Yeah you’d have lost anyway because that was like my best time i mean i launched so brilliant then i drove it so well i was really pleased myself it was one each then and then the final race uh yeah you were anyway let’s move on so then what exactly happened well the ktm won completing the standing quarter mile in 9.4 seconds while the lamborghini finished in 9.6

Seconds now we have a rolling race from 50 miles an hour either in third gear he’s gonna be in third gear i’ll call it three two one go this thing’s fast but look at him go oh my god it’s gone yeah i’m gonna have to do something else let’s make it easy for me i’m gonna go in third gear again and we’re gonna have him gear see if it helps ready here we go

Okay three two one go come on oh he’s going now it’s making this thing slow it’s mental creep this is okay what i do now is get him to go in sixth gear maybe from 40 miles an hour as well give myself a chance here we go i’ll be in third again three two one go here we go come on lambo we got him oh my god yes in the end we got there oh engineering till

You win that’s what i say he’s just showing off now it’s just silly there’s no need for any of that i could we do this if i wanted to i just don’t want it i finally managed to win i finally managed to win one thing sixth gear it’s a bit tough isn’t it yeah yeah it was it i almost got i know he was so close i couldn’t see you at all then i started to hear you

Then i started to fear that you might actually pass me i saw you coming at the last minute but no it was nice for me finally to have a victory you know the only way i got a victory earlier on was because you didn’t manage to start the bike which is kind of a bit of a hollow victory and this one finally when you’re in sixth gear i can just about do it with my super

Tuned lamborghini eventually beats a moto gb bike if you make it start in sixth gear yay me okay now we have a brake test 100 miles an hour we’ve reached the line full emergency stop here comes that was so close i thought he’s gonna have me but just about managed to hit him it’s your back wheel that is honestly that is so good this stopped really quickly and

To to only have like a bike length of the head with you know in fact your tires on that warm you must be very brave to do that but that was good stuff wasn’t it yes yes i was pretty close to to get on your same but i lost it at the end this really impressive and it was dead smooth didn’t seem to wobble too much yeah that under control does it have abs no no so

It’s all your right do you use much back brake basically i’m like this not really that must take so much like feel to just get it right how much back brake do you use what kind of percentage most is i would say 90 in the front because basically i lose contact on the rear wheel so he’s not doing much at all the rear wheel still overall you won the most important

Thing the drag race and most of rolling races until i kind of pushed it somehow in my favor anyhow i hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like if you don’t want to see some other kind of crazy videos let me know in the comments below click on the windows over here to watch some more videos and on that box there to go to car wow see how much you can get

For your current car just upload some photos i’ll do this little bit on your car just want to say a big thanks to danny petrosa and the red bull ktm motogp team fantastic

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1100hp Lambo Huracan v Red Bull MotoGP Bike: DRAG RACE By carwow

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