1100hp gt r v 911 turbo s v rall
Altair Club Cars 1100hp GT-R v 911 Turbo S v Rallycross: DRAG RACE

1100hp GT-R v 911 Turbo S v Rallycross: DRAG RACE

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Hi how are you matt watson here from car wow so which is quickest in a quarter mile drag race a nissan gtr with a built engine with a lot of extra horsepower an electric rallycross car or a porsche 911 turbo s standard well in this video we’re gonna find out and if you like drag races such as this and you haven’t done so already quickly hit that subscribe button and

Hit the bell icon to turn your notifications on that way you won’t miss a single upload anyway let me start by telling you about the porsche 911 turbo s which is the only center car here so it has a 3.8 liter twin turbo flat six it puts out 650 horsepower 800 newton meters of torque drives all four wheels for an 8-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox with launch

Control weighs in at 1 640 kilos and costs 169 000 pounds this tomb gtr has a 3.8 liter twin turbo v6 but all the internals have been changed for forged components you’ve got built gearbox upgraded clutches yada yada though it is still running on normal fuel still 1100 horsepower and torque is 1270 newton meters this thing weighs in at 1720 kilos and it uses a

Six-speed automatic gearbox with dual clutches tell us the price of this well the standard car which is a 2017 model year will set you back about 75 000 pounds the work to the car which has been done by your friends at jm imports about 45 000 pounds so you’re looking around 120 000 pounds all in for the value of this car here it doesn’t have many mars actually

18 000. anyway let’s go on to that crazy electric rally rate car so we’ve got oliver from excite energy he drives that in a racing series so ollie tell us about your car hi matt yeah so this is a nitro rallycross car it’s got 600 kilowatts at the minute which is about 820 horsepower it’s got 900 newton meters of torque it’s got four motors two in the front two

In the rear prop shaft in the middle and i’ve actually got gears i’ve got a flappy paddle here i can go gear one two three and it’s good for probably about 140 mile an hour but we’ll see what’s the weight of your car because normally electric cars are heavier than an internal combustion engine car so much is that way yeah it’s a little bit heavier it’s got a 50

Kilowatt battery it’s in the floor by my feet so it weighs roughly 1 600 kilos actually that makes it the lightest car yeah it’s a first the electric car is the lightest how much is one of those cars do you think so a car to buy like this to race is 550 000 pounds a lot of that comes from the cost of the suspension we do big jumps 120 foot gap jump so there’s a

Lot of technology in the dampers of this car right so we won’t be jumping any of the car today or at least i hope not now if you want to compare the car stat side by side just pause the video now and you can see it there you go anyway which do you reckon is going to win before you watch the rest of this video quickly vote in the pink comment you didn’t it you did

It you did it anyway let’s race buy sell car wow okay before we race we’re gonna do the customer car wow sound check so first of all we’re going to have the electric rallycross car so oliver you now need to make some kind of noise in your car because it doesn’t make any noises does it seem you’ve got to make your own noise the most appropriate noise for this it

Sounds like this okay there we go porsche 11 turbo s let’s have a listen to you rev it up yeah just stop it’s pointless and i’m going to rev up this gtr now because it sounds good have a listen to this oh this is that turbo but look at this if i press this button on the steering wheel for the cruise control for some reason it makes this noise now now if you’re

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Video just simply google help me wow and we will help you find out how much your car is really worth anyway let’s now get on with the drag race gosh that rallycross car is fast i’ll slice off the line come on gtr to celebrate at the worst launch it really struggled to put its power down great launch on the porsche that shot off yeah uh i got off the line

Quickest and then you two with all your horsepower just reeled me in how about you oliver i beat you on the line you shut off quicker but i did have you on the line yeah i think you had me off the line what i was doing was a launch with just my foot instead of the launch button but i’m going to try the launch button there and see if that gives me a better jump okay

All right let’s once see spinning its wheels a bit but here we go now that porsche’s ahead come on gtr okay so this struggles to put its power down off the line the poor shoots off and gets ahead of everybody and i’m not sure sam but did i beat you on the line to be honest i didn’t quite see the cone but i think i crossed just before you our survey said how about

You oliver i think you came last then i did yeah i didn’t have a great launch i’m not sure what that was i i decreased the launch maps at less rpm which i think we got too much grip now so i think i’m gonna have to turn it fully to the max and give it one last go when you say turn it fully to the max do you mean increase the power it’s not the power of total power but

I can increase the power in launch and i think the tires are too warm now so i bogged a bit off the start there okay i wanted to go maximum attack then one last go so oliver before you race what have you done to your car exactly i can use launch map in a minute because that we’re doing some software development so when i done that in the last race it cut one motor

Out which is why i felt less power so we’re back to where we were we’re back to 600 kilowatts 800 horsepower okay good luck three two one speeding like crazy ah come on i’ve got the nine my god so then what exactly happened well the rallycross card won completing the standing quarter mile in 10.1 seconds the nissan took 10.2 seconds and the porsche’s last

With a time of 10.4 seconds we can do a rolling grace with the cars in their comfy setting automatic mode for the gearbox from 50 miles an hour the electric car doesn’t have a comfy mode and he’s just gonna go in third gear because anyhow three two one go kick down we’re off oh the racing car has gone i’m ahead of the porsche you shot off nicely there oliver

And it was a clear win for you yeah it just picked up a shot off the line now i thought you guys missed the stuff this had to kick down a few gears and once it did it flew and it beat the porsche yeah you came past me didn’t you just kick down really well being the pdk perfectness tell you what let’s take the kick down the gearbox at the equation and run again okay

Same thing again only this time the road cars are in their sportiest setting locked in manual mode for the gearbox and we’ll be starting in third gear here we go three two one go get boosted it’s boosted i’m on the electric car this time the car beats the line so ollie that was really close that was do you think i beat you to the half mile i don’t know it was really

First i picked up again but i’ve never realized the first time this car’s ever been to its top speed 195 kilometers an hour i’m maxed out and i think you’d gain on me in those last few meters then yeah it’s gonna be an action replay to decide who won final challenge then we’re gonna have a break test from 100 miles an hour if you’d rather see another drag race with

Some rallycross cars click on the pop out button up there i’ll follow the link in the description below to go watch that instead if not stay with me we’ll find out which of these cars stop in the shortest distance in the rally car it’s going to turn up his regen braking to maximum to help him out a bit this despite the engine tunes had no tune to the brakes i think

I might lose but let’s find out jesus christ okay little lesson there and the lesson is if you’re tuning your car to a thousand horsepower definitely do the brakes as well in fact in some ways it’s better to do the brakes first before the engine okay oliver you’ve got a racing car yeah you only just beat the porsche didn’t you yeah it was tighter than i thought

The only problem is i haven’t got abs so this is on my foot um but i’m pretty sure i could probably shave another half a car off this oh they all say that i’m sure that if i sam and the poor she’d say the same do you say the same sam you know me too well matt i’d love another go out there i think i could beat him if he stops in the same distance right no we’re not

Having another go it is what it is the racing car won but it just goes to show how good the brakes are on that porsche 911 turbo s and how bad they are as standard on the nissan gt-r so anyhow i hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like click on those it does have some more videos and then on that box there for a special surprise which is gtr related thanks for watching

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1100hp GT-R v 911 Turbo S v Rallycross: DRAG RACE By carwow

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