1000hp audi rs6 c8 mtm 354kmh re
Altair Club Cars 1000HP AUDI RS6 C8 MTM *354KMH* REVIEW on AUTOBAHN [NO SPEED LIMIT] by AutoTopNL


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What’s up ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this pov review by auto top now my name is max and today we’ve got well i think it’s the first audi rs6 c8 with over 1 000 horsepower this is the rs6 by mtm now we’ve been coming to mtm for a long time uh dating all the way back to the beginning of outer top and l in 2010 or 11 and well we have a great relationship with

Them and they built some really really cool cars so today i’m going to show you around this awesome rs6 and then we’ll take it for a drive towards the old man for an automan blast but before we begin thanks to bitb for sponsoring this video they are the dream car competition company who now give away two cars every week in their dream car competitions and midweek

Car competitions you can now also win 50 000 pounds worth of cash in the booth and this week is extra special because for one week only they have added a tuned audi rs6 to the mix so you can now win an insane 740 horsepower tuned rs6 worth over 200 000 euros and they’ve also included 50 000 pounds worth of cash in the boot this is an insane price and it only costs

A few euros to enter you only have to be 17 or over to enter and you can play from all over the world but you do have to hurry up because it is for one week only until the 31st of january my birthday yay now enjoy this 1000 horsepower audi r6 let’s start with a walk around the car and well the spec is really cool again we’ve got that tango red just like with the

Rs7 we had a few weeks ago i think it is a stunning color for this car especially because you have all the black stuff around the car mtm also added some striping in black with 1001 for the horsepower of course the wheels are really beautiful actually they are the mtm forged b moto wheels and they well they fit on practically every car it is really crazy this

Wheel has been their signature wheel for a long time i just think it looks so freaking cool on this car these are 22 inch just like the standard wheel 2 85 30 22 and well they are wrapped with michelin pilot sport 4s rubber also really good and we’ve got audi ceramic brakes of course yeah it is a really good spec and i really like these wheels on it we’ve got

Another 1001 and a 30 years mtm sticker right there really nice to celebrate a recaro sticker down there this car also has mtm springs and it has an mtm exhaust now i know that at mtm you can also get a miltek and or akrapovic exhaust i don’t know which this is maybe it’s their own it says mtm on there but it sounds really good we’ve got a carbon fiber diffuser

As well again with that 1000 and one in there really cool mtm badge absolutely love this car love it two bits so let’s take a look under here because we have the ea825 four liter by turbo v8 engine uh stock 600 horsepower 800 newton meters but as you know i’m not really a big fan of the stock setup because it’s just not delivering the performance it should this

Mtm setup with bigger turbos a open air filter and a bigger air intake the exhaust and a 300 cell catalytic converter downpipe this setup produces 1001 horsepower and 1250 newton meters of torque limited it also has a transmission software update from mtm nice carbon fiber here with that logo looks really really cool now 1001 horsepower 1250 newton meters i think

Those are the same or almost the same numbers as a bugatti veyron yeah we’ve come a long way from the bugatti veyron to now where you can have that same power in your estate car that is super crazy something to think of um anything else i wanted to show you guys before we switch to the wide angle nope because let’s see on the interior well how crazy are these

Seats these are recaro podium seats they are all carbon fiber as you can see and they have that padding and they just look so freaking cool i mean the seating position is really good but for longer journeys of course this is not as comfortable as a normal seat but i do love the fact that mtm just says well this is a crazy rs6 you get some crazy seats if you

Want so uh you can actually order these for your r6 at mtm we’ve got mtm floor mats as well and a 30th anniversary badge on the center console so we have a valve controlled exhaust and uh well it’s closed right now as you can hear so little rev i mean it’s pretty quiet um you wouldn’t say that this is a thousand horsepower rs6 well you would hardly say it’s

An rs6 let’s switch to rs2 mode valve’s open little rev yeah it sounds really really dark and angry it’s a really good sound so on the interior well you’ve seen this all before let’s get the rs monitor there for our tire temperatures and pressures you could also check out other temperatures like engine oil gear oil brakes sport differential and you have a

G-meter but we’re going to go for the tires right now and gearbox and sport i think we’re good to go so we’ll take it for a little drive for a change we’re going to go for automatic mode so just a regular now we’re going to go for comfort mode actually comfort so we’re just regular folk on our way to our office supermarket garden center playpen i don’t know

Whatever you’re just driving along it is super comfortable it is super quiet i mean listen to that i mean it’s still really fast but it’s it’s like so normal comfy and quiet i mean it just boggles my mind that this is one of the most two-faced cars i’ve ever driven you know if you put this in comfort it’s just a regular a6 it’s not even rs6 it’s just a regular

A6 and when you put everything in full attack mode it’s just a crazy 1 000 horsepower beast with an exhaust and handles and and power and everything is just really insane she likes it too um so you can hear that when you get over a certain amount of rpm you get a bit more sound and then when the valves open you can you can hear it the valve’s open all right so

I just wanted to let you see and hear how crazy the difference is between comfort and rs to like everything in dynamic or everything in comfort it’s really insane that you you can have this daily driver 1 000 horsepower car that’s actually perfect to drive every day and yeah it’s crazy wow that’s a very bright sun let me just so the changes that mtm have made

Those bigger turbos the downpipe the exhaust and the remap the air filter and the air intake it’s not even that much but they call this stage four and i i really think that they were the first ones to break a thousand horsepower because i haven’t seen anyone else do it and i’ve talked about this in the earlier audi rs7 review with 750 horsepower the fact that

There is so much reserve in this package um if you unleash this engine this drivetrain it’s it all hell breaks loose i mean it is in there the power the performance everything you want is in here it is extractable but it’s just not delivering stock and that’s that’s a shame because i do still think the looks of this car i mean it just looks so cool it looks so

Angry wide muscular and now it sounds like it the way it looks and it goes the way it looks okay so uh performance wise stock audi rs6 0 to 100 3.6 seconds this mtm version 2.8 and it really is 2.8 i checked earlier verified with draggy 2.8 seconds now let’s do one we’ve been we can do one here no one behind me foot on the brake full throttle there we go

Oh my god that is so insane oh you’re oh this massive car is just launched so hard it is really crazy all righty so top speed and i love this about mtm what do they say about the top speed uh stock it’s 305 kilometers an hour limited and you need a lot of space to get there this car over 350 kilometers an hour according to the tires so they’re not saying this is

How fast it’ll go no they’re saying this is how fast the tires can at least go so at least 350 kilometers an hour and when you drive this for five minutes you believe it it’s mental how fast this car is that’s 300 now it’s a little bit wet on the left side here as you can see so we have to be a little careful with that but the guys at mtm have been so kind to

Ship the cars to us or well ship they were on a truck so we can test our so we can test the cars on our regular ultravan and uh well it’s snowing uh back there anyway so it’s better to do it here but the weather hasn’t been great here either so yeah we just need a bit of space to show you how fast this car is we’re at normal motorway speed right now 130 or 140

Whatever okay here we go full throttle zero to 200 8.2 seconds which gives you a 100 to 200 of 5.4 which i’ve been able to do earlier we did a 5.3 something so it does perform and the cool thing is it’s really consistent in its performance i did a few 200 to 300 runs and every time it hits 12.3 something 200 to 300 so it’s really consistent in its performance

And delivering that power so we’ve got a couple of bumps here as you know but i know that this car can over can do that without any trouble jesus the way this car goes to 300 kilometers an hour is really insane but as you can see it is a little bit too busy to do anything else than this well maybe we can do more now yes we can 350 something 350 something in

In an estate car in a station wagon 350 something and it’s absolutely no problem absolutely no sweat whatsoever it’s so comfortable as i’ve said before if you put this car in dynamic everything and you put it in automatic or comfort well automatic is better at these high speeds for the suspension the dampers it’s just magic the way this car handles the ultraman

This is what it’s been built for about by audi just walling ass with all your crap in the back and with this mtm version it’s just next level absolutely ridiculous i don’t think i’ve ever gone that fast with such a low heart rate if you know what i mean it is just so easy and you’ve got those carbon ceramic brakes to depend on and of course you also have mtm to

Depend on we know that the products that mtm build are good are solid they deliver

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