1000hp attack first nurburgring
Altair Club Cars 1,000HP ATTACK First Nurburgring Laps in My Ferrari SF90 Stradale | WHERES SHMEE Part 21

1,000HP ATTACK First Nurburgring Laps in My Ferrari SF90 Stradale | WHERES SHMEE Part 21

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My new Ferrari SF90 Stradale at the Nürburgring, and it’s every bit as fast as you’d think for a 1,000hp supercar! However, after the recent issues with the sound of my STO, let’s start this one off for a lap under EV power, before we dial it all up!

Hi guys i’m smee hello welcome back to the channel it is a beautiful afternoon here at the nurburgring we’re currently parked up just beside the nordschleife to go for my first laps in the ferrari sf90 stradale now i’ve just done my first laps in the sto which didn’t entirely go to plan might have been a little bit noisy so i figured to compensate for that we should

Do two things today the first is see if we can do a full electric lap in the hybrid sf90 i’ll explain more in a second the second is of course to then have the engine on and do it with a thousand horsepower which should be pretty good fun it’s tourism farting here at the nurburgring launch lifer it’s time for my first laps on the green helm the sf90 and i cannot

Wait now the sf90 is the most powerful car i have ever owned and it’s the most powerful schmie mobile it is also going to be the most powerful car i have therefore driven on the nurburgring nordschleifer which means let’s take some baby steps into this one a thousand horsepower it’s ferrari’s first ever series production hybrid supercar we have a four liter twin

Turbo v8 780 horsepower we have three electric motors one on the crank two up front for 220 horsepower and it’s those 220 horsepowers that i’d like to use for the first outing before we then have a second outing all going to plan now what’s interesting about this is that the sf-90s electric range is officially 25 kilometers 16 miles the nurburgring nordschleifer

Tourist and farton loop happens to be 21 kilometers or so a little bit shorter 21 kilometers about 14 miles so in theory if we’re driving in a normal way this should be able to go the full lap on electric power only so that’s the first challenge can we do it now to get that we actually need to get it full and i haven’t had it charged up overnight you can plug

Into back here you’ve got the fuel filler on this side you’ve got the ev charger on the other side but what we do have is the ability to recharge very quickly when you drive it in qualifying mode so we’re stopped just down from bridgeton one of the most famous corners here because i want to take it for this little loop around first to get the battery charged up so

That when we get to the nut bug ring for lap one we can see how it does on electric and then we’ll get the engine fired and do it in full power mode afterwards so let’s give this a go let’s hop in head on over gotta sort the tire pressures out quickly and go to some laps on a very busy weekend here at the nurburgring in the sf90 that is crazy to say let’s go there

Are a few ways to go about this so when you start the sf90 you can then choose your emanatino position so you could start it in full eg if you wanted electric drive get the words now it’s ready to go or you can press qualifying mode and it will fire the engine the advantage of qualifying mode is that it maximizes the amount of charge and on the drive here i was

Fascinated by how that actually works so if you look on the display you can see we’ve got about three quarters of a tank of petrol and we’ve got 90 or so of the battery charge currently showing 25 kilometers but this on the drive from here over to the main entrance will go all the way to full battery it’ll give us a little pop-up when that happens so we’re gonna

Head over to apex quickly to lower the tire pressures and on that drive this should get that to full charge ready to go out now this is something i’m just intrigued by i’ve driven electric cars on the ring my first ever lap was with the pulse star 2 then i did it with my taikan turbo s a couple of laps but there’s something different about probably the world’s

First front-wheel drive ferrari laps of the ring because when you’re driving in full electric it just uses the front motors the world’s first electric ferrari lap possibly as well and a bit of a challenge to see if we can actually make it to the end of the lab because i’m not entirely sure if we’re going to have enough i think it goes up to about 28 kilometers of

Total range but in reality i’m probably going to be accelerating a little bit and if i’m accelerating a little bit we’re not going to get that full range out of it now it is super busy easter weekend here at the nurburgring um so we need to try and navigate around the traffic and the people here um i’m gonna head out this way if we can problem with an upside down

Ferrari steering wheel and where the indicators are just making sure i’ve got the right one on but what i find in here is that when you start driving when you’re in qualifying mode the charge is super active if you’re accelerating gently it’s basically using extra engine power to charge up the battery in full so obviously it just notched up a little bit already

And i suppose in a moment we’re probably gonna have it popping up saying that it’s a hundred percent which is just kind of lucky timing when you’re in performance mode or hybrid mode it will only use about two or charge it up to about two thirds of the battery obviously this is all to do with the optimization and management and how exactly they’ve decided to set it

But here just cruising along it’s amazing to see and when you lift off or when you break or anything like that it regens as much as it possibly can so we’re more or less a full charge like i said i have seen it offering me 28 kilometers of electric range at one point and we’re just going to see how this goes so let’s go get everything sorted get everything rigged

Up and then it’s time to take this car out for some laps on the nurburgring at last here we go out through the little chicanes now at the moment i’m still running the combustion engine to keep as much charge in the battery as possible and probably just until we go under the bridge up ahead of us and then we will go into ed electric drive so let’s take this easy it

Is a public toll road road rules do apply which means keep it to the right hand side we are now in full electric at 100 or so kilometers an hour nobody behind me at the moment i’m not actually sure what vmax in electric is well down the hill we’re going 130 kilometers an hour there we go that feels like an electronic limiter 140 139 kilometers an hour 84 miles an

Hour that’s still above motorway speeds in any country other than germany i guess but no doubt it will use a lot more electric doing it like this than it will if i was in a the hybrid apex gt86 i think that’s probably robert okay this is where i wish there was a little bit more acceleration though eyes on the mirrors at all times i’ll be overtaken on the left

Before we get a full combustion engine lap later but here we are front wheel drive ferrari on the notch diaper this is amazing this is absolutely amazing now ferrari don’t really do all that much testing and driving here occasionally they pop up with the car we’re going through the hats and bags sections with massive regeneration obviously every time i lift

Off or touch the brakes this is nice you don’t get very much early power on the electrics we’ve already used two kilometers of our range this must be so strange for anybody watching electric ferrari for my first lap with it sorry the item you have chosen you have suddenly no the voice control i think it heard me say electric and the manufacturer name oh yeah

I saw 141 kilometers an hour there i’m amazed there aren’t more cars catching us absolutely amazed so funny these guys must just be like what how how am i overtaking the ferrari but at the moment you’re not electric ferrari right out behind you i just don’t have the acceleration oh no stop hearing me i need to turn that off i need to turn off the automatic

Speech recognition yeah we’re down to 13 kilometers now um that’s not gonna work that’s definitely not gonna work but regardless it should be fine the engine will just kick in we still got the sport cup twos we’ve still got grip going past the mini wow past the subaru through the slowest part of the track oh that’s so much fun oh the speed limit section back

Into d restricted up the hill this is where i would like a whole lot more i’m not getting it so we’re at 10 kilometers in and we’ve used 18 kilometers of electric range so the question now is how far around is it going to let us go before it does completely run out on us as we go through berg work around the outside of the honda here gosh when i’ve got the full

1000 horsepower this is going to be a different different kettle of fish completely completely different experience so i presume it’s going to instantly kick the engine back in when it runs out at the moment it’s the last one kilometer yeah there we go oh e-mail latino position change we’ve got the engine so let’s go into qualifying mode oh we can’t right now

We’ve got to use performance until it’s got a little bit of electric range back gosh this just became a completely different weapon my word oh wow this is a whole world of cling on tight now so i think we got a little more than half maybe this is ballistic this is absolutely ballistic as we touch there on carousel but hey it’s a souvenir this is my car for

Life and again okay and we’re coming towards the end and i know it’s gonna be busy so i’m gonna take it easy from here okay i tell you what when i got the combustion engine rolling this thing was absolutely monumental i think we’re gonna go instantly for lap two we’ve gone straight back through the shortcut because tyre pressures are all good temperatures are

Obviously well in check but let us pull out here and um yeah away we go my word how is a car this fast 250 kilometers an hour through the first compression that i’ve never done that before obviously the centre is fast but this is a different league of fast this is absolutely ridiculous the gearbox is wonderful and also so we now go through trade and cruise

Gosh busy ahead of us that’s 280 or so kilometers an hour heavy on the brakes because of how busy it is here predictive break doing its thing this gt4 is absolutely honest as well which is obviously amazing to see the line of cars snaking down the hill to go through the box hole oh sorry for that one series with so many cars coming past predictive brake at it

Again so we come up through adding out forced the braking is actually really annoying when you’re following another car close like this gosh this car’s brakes are good up the hill we’re quickly catching with the line of cars here again and it’s amazing to think that this car actually or auto braking actually has basically full charge again in qualifying

Mode so i’m driving it almost flat out yet the charge is staying up style striker so are we going to bottom out on the carousel again that remains to be seen happens just because the car is a touch shaft so let’s take it a bit slower in yeah try and avoid that if we can hold it in hold it and hold it in oh the instant power is bonkers absolutely bonkers

This is a wild ride through viperman or feeling the cheese and the car moving around so full concentration mode and i tell you what we’re not too far from the end now and with a lot of traffic ahead of us i’m just gonna back it off and take it easily we’ve actually got full electric charge back again full completely full it’s amazing how this works

When you put your foot down how much instant acceleration you get tire pressures are also pretty high it’s ballistic it makes you kind of really need to hold on how fast it goes just really really really cling on well we did it and it’s scary fast it’s scary fast this car yeah that i just have to kind of stop and think a little bit because my word i’ve taken

A little bit of time just to process all of this and to get some energy back to be honest because a thousand horsepower on the nurburgring is something to be reckoned with for sure now the interesting thing about mice back of the sf90 street alley is that i didn’t do the assetto fiorano which gives you the special multimatic dampers so my car is effectively the

Soft version we could say more suited to the road and with the bumpy surface of the nurburgring that’s really exaggerated so combine that with the fact that i went for the road spec seats the style upgrade seats as opposed to upgrading to the even further spec which is the carbon fiber buckets and you have a car that is really road spec not track spec now of course

That is technically a road it’s a public toll road during tourism fighting but it does mean that let’s just say it’s not as completely composed as something that’s at home specifically on the race track now of course i have in my garage a couple of other cars that are exactly for that purpose gt black series cena full gt sto 675 lt et cetera et cetera so that’s

Why i did the road spec that’s why i did this let’s say comfort spec interior and gave it the rather lovely leather seats and you know just finished in an all-round very very nice way because that’s what i wanted out of it rather than full track spec which i could have done and maybe could do on another car in the future that’s something to think about down the

Line for today though we managed more than half a lap on full electric we didn’t get overtaken by anywhere nearly as many cars as i thought we might at the start of it and we got to find out the top speed is 141 kilometers per hour almost 90 miles an hour not all that bad and quite good fun and amazing to see how much it recuperated of that charge during the full

Qualifying lap that followed afterwards and despite it being busy props to that 718 gt4 he was on it fantastic to drive behind him even if with a little bit more of an open run this could obviously get even quicker down the straights and yeah quicker around the loop anyway for today probably need to sit down drink some sugar get all the blood sugar levels back

Where they should be what an epic run in the sf90 on the nurburgring properly welcomed into the schmidt reveals that’s it for this time thank you very much for watching guys thank you for your support as always it’s really appreciated and that’s it for this time i’ll see you again very soon cheers you

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1,000HP ATTACK! First Nurburgring Laps in My Ferrari SF90 Stradale | WHERE'S SHMEE Part 21 By Shmee150

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