1000 mile trip nissan leaf ne oh
Altair Club Cars 1000 Mile Trip Nissan Leaf NE Ohio to N Carolina Part 4

1000 Mile Trip Nissan Leaf NE Ohio to N Carolina Part 4

Part 4 of the 1,000 Mile Trip in Nissan Leaf from Northeast Ohio to North Carolina.

Thank you thank you foreign thank you foreign foreign thank you foreign thank you thank you foreign thank you thank you thank you thank you foreign thank you thank you foreign uh google maps is suggesting it looks like i’m going to take a route in west virginia to go over to pomeroy ohio and we’re not we’re going to

Just take around seven in a mile because that’s what we looked at previously so i made another call while driving to electrify america of a different representative was on and i suggested you’ve got uh three units at that walmart that are all ccs with two cscs plugs each i guess and then the one i was using was ccs chatimo i said if there is a like part in one of

The other chargers you can swap that for the chatimo and you’ll cover more vehicles until the park comes in if it’s compatible electronics electric background over the years boeing mcdonald douglas conrail north american rockwell united states air force blah blah blah and like i said tesla’s been around a while a lot of them have the chatimo adapters uh hopefully

Route seven is coming up here pretty soon along the ohio river and we’ll get to pom roy and then this uh google map directional readjust to route seven uh there’s something wrong with garmin i updated it and you wanted it a bigger uh mini sd i didn’t put it in and do it but i figured it well ohio’s going to be covered covered so uh that’s a big fail right there

On garmin because uh it worked without the sd card when we first bought it and then we but asked for one i bought one four times what it wanted now it wants one much bigger so that was going to be the whole backup so all right i’m gonna shut down so i can open the window and cool down the sun is making things hot the uh showing 66 degrees here uh it’s like we

Got 140 miles of range i mean we’ve traveled 140 miles only 88 miles of range left that’s not good talk to you talk to you later so this is a road we were going to take anyway with the top off of electrify america which was a total show failure this is route 7 ohio along the ohio river so we’re headed now for pom roy we were going to go to gallipolis google

Called the galley police we’re not sure what the hell the whole pronunciation is now after that one valley police so 82 miles of range 152 miles traveled i mean that’s more than advertised and stuff i think i was kind of lead-footing it after the piss off electric primerica was probably the opposite you should do it so it says 43 miles to destination so we’re

Going to get as much as we can in pomeroy i guess you know just in case charge points down and gallipolis ohio and then we were going to lunch in hurricane west virginia at a wendy’s that has a tesla charger out back just just you know top off for range anxiety that’s supposed to be 159 miles from gallipolis to our destination and hype stem lodge in southern

West virginia plan is to like said if all my aches and pains and everything lets me leave there tomorrow morning if we ever make it there stop at withville electrify america and probably be disappointed again and head down to mount airy north carolina for all that andy griffith stuff so the one thing we’ll do if all that works out is we’ll look up the danny

Thomas’s lebanese arabic name so we can so we can throw that around at the wonderful north carolina so the originator of the andy griffith show came from the danny thomas show which danny thomas is just stage name google danny thomas find out his real name see things you don’t expect to see people get angry over stupid things i think i’m speeding here i’m gonna

Slow down a bit it is 60 years still running on google waze um i don’t know what the hell is wrong with the garmin but it shows me driving off in the dirt on route 7 between this road and the ohio river so that’s a total failure well i could have stuck in the expanded mini sd card and upgraded on the laptop again but i just updated in the last two months that’s

Why i bought the other card and it said it would just do uh maps in my area i’m still in ohio all right i’m gonna cut you guys off uh 40 miles with 79 miles of range uh i don’t have the least way on so see what the real range is but uh like i said uh we’re gonna get most we can in palm roy and then we might check the one just to test it gallopolis and then do

Uh hurricane west virginia to do a lunch or whatever so i’ve got 10 sandwiches a whole bunch of aldi’s diet cola which i recommend i don’t care what the cost of the crap is but i was drinking uh dr pepper cherry zero sugar and it was awesome i think coke is my least favorite diet drink pepsi is fairly good the cherry zero sugar from dr pepper is awesome

But the cola and it looks like they made the box look like uh coca-cola diet uh twice i’ve been there they’ve rung up coke and like holy crap that’s not it uh i think the lady said zero seven zero first time it happens is the code they need to enter it and i recommend it it’s like three something to the 12 pack it’s really good it’s good enough where you don’t

Want to drink sugary drinks so we got cold water we got sandwiches cold drinks we got bottles of water in each of the front doors a new bottle of water in the center console two boxes of breakfast bars from walmart in the back so it’d be a long slow death if something happens but we’ll be happy for a week at least take care out there well i don’t know if

You can see that the walls in a way but we’re right along the ohio river on the other side of the trees on the left not much traffic here but route 7 runs all the way up to northern northeast ohio along the pennsylvania border and it runs through the county upcoming everything foreign put those in because of the garage open that’s an easy survey there and

They’re a little they’re up kept good the gravel is clear around the ties pretty good it’s got a real steep incline so it’s raised up for water and we’re still doing stuff on gravel antiquated compared to a lot of other countries it’s a houseboat on the right it will rub between us now and the ohio rivers i thought you’d like to see that not much to see all right talk to you later

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1000 Mile Trip Nissan Leaf NE Ohio to N Carolina Part 4 By EV Dufresne Electric Cars not Andy

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