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Altair Club Cars 10 Things To Know Before Buying The 2022 Rivian R1S

10 Things To Know Before Buying The 2022 Rivian R1S

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Rydian just started deliveries of its 2022 rivian r1s it is the first three row electric adventure suv from rivien starting out of 78 thousand dollars offered in a single trim configuration the rivien r1s is a three row suv that comes with a 128.9 kilowatt hours battery pack that helps it to achieve a range of 316 miles on full charge the quad motor setup producing

835 horsepower makes sure that the r1s never feels out of breath and it gets an advanced suspension and many off-road features as well competing with the tesla model x the rivian offers more versatility than the tesla and comes with a more spacious cabin the cabin is also loaded to the brim with many advanced features making it a great offering for doing those long

Distance drives infotainment display is quite large too before going forward with the purchase decision here are 10 things you need to know about the 2022 rivion r1s hi welcome to vulture media where we explore the exciting innovations in the ev industry don’t forget to click the subscribe button and ding the bell to set your preferences to this channel it really

Helps the channel out this video is sponsored by trap’s matte screen protector for the r1t and r1s displays the t-rap’s matte screen protector is a polyethylene terrafolate set of screen protectors custom made for the r1s and r1t displays the set of three protectors is made to fit the center console display the instrument cluster display and the second row display it

Can protect your r1 vehicle screen against scuffs and scratches the matte surface prevents glare for comfortable use it has a perfect fit helps reduce fingerprints and comes with an installation kit plus video instructions to help you install it without any expert help check it out now link in the video description the rivian r1 s is fast like really fast coming

With a quad motor setup coupled with the all-wheel drag drivetrain and four-wheel torque vectoring is standard the rivion r1s offers instant acceleration the moment you press on the gas pedal this setup offers 415 horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque to the front axle and 420 horsepower and 495 pound-feet of torque to the rear axle the combined output comes to

835 horsepower and 908 pound-feet of torque and that helps this heavy three row family suv to do an impressive zero to 60 miles per hour time of just three seconds it can tell a maximum of seven thousand seven hundred pounds and the top speed is 125 miles per hour the rythian r1s has a ton of tech features the cabin of the 2022 rivion r1s is a warm and inviting

Place to be and that is mainly due to the impressive list of standard features on offer the connected car tech is on board and that helps you to connect and access many functionalities of the r1s through the mobile app the panoramic sunroof brings quite a lot of light to the cabin and all the seating features like heat powered and ventilated functionalities are

Onboard the rhythian elevation audio system makes the audio experience quite superb and the massive infotainment system offers endless options to the passengers as well the rivian r1s can tow a great deal one of the biggest aspects of the 2022 rivien r1 and s over the tesla model x is the towing capacity that the former offers coming with a maximum towing capacity

Of 7 700 pounds the r1s is more than capable of towing the caravan or boat with ease the payload capacity of 1 800 pounds is excellent too in comparison tesla model x offered a maximum towing capacity of 5000 pounds the payload capacity was lower than the rivien 2. however towing heavy loads would most probably impact the range quite significantly the rhythian r1s

Only has a single battery pack option for now the ravian r1s is only offered with a single battery configuration however rivien has plans to bring in a smaller battery capacity moniker which will also get a less powerful dual electric motor setup currently the rivian r1s comes with a 128.9 kilowatt hours battery pack that could do 316 miles of range according to

The epa with a fast-growing dc charging network that the rivian is building in the united states you can charge the r1s for just 20 minutes to get 140 miles of range this 3500 dc charging outlets in over 600 sites also gives exclusive access to rivian owners only which is a plus point as it isn’t going to be very crowded the premium interior is superb similar to

The rhythian r1t the r1s also gets a luxurious interior with premium materials all around the rugged exterior design is present in the cabin as well however rivien has managed to incorporate many adventure elements to make it look and feel like nothing else on the road the dashboard and door cards come fitted with natural grain ash wood wrapping and silver accents

Both of which uplift the cabin design significantly the neat infotainment integration chunky leather wrapped steering wheel and plush vegan leather seats add to the ambience too no android auto or apple carplay even though the horizontally mounted touchscreen infotainment system comes loaded with most of the connectivity and entertainment features as standard it

Misses out on both android auto and apple carplay nevertheless features like wi-fi hotspot connectivity voice recognition wireless phone charging and amazon alexa are standard the infotainment system can download and install over the air updates and it comes with eight usb ports three 12 volts power outlets and two 120 volts outlets all of these make it a perfect

Tool for those long distance road trips the rivian elevation audio system by meridian is standard and there are multiple speakers positioned all around the cabin the premium reflects on its price launched at a base nsrp of 78 thousand dollars the 2022 rivien r1s turned out to be more expensive than the likes of the audi atron and jaguar i-pace this makes the r1 as

A bit hard to reach for those who are looking at a three row suv that is fully electric but the tesla model x is even more expensive as it comes at an msrp of 104 990 dollars this moniker misses out on some of the interior and exterior features offered by the rivien the optional feature and package pricing of the tesla is a bit steep too it’s got three row seating

Being one of the first three row electric suvs on sale currently the rivian r1s is a highly versatile offering at this price point even though the interior headroom legroom and shoulder room information aren’t available yet it can accommodate seven passengers with utmost comfort apart from the spacious cabin there are multiple bottle holders cup holders and a wide

Armrest for both the front and middle rows the front trunk could accommodate 12 cubic active cargo in the rear trunk is larger than all the competitors the split tailgate and the folding rear seat function are standard too the rivian r1s is a master of the road there is a long list of off-road goodies on offer with the 2022 rivion r1s and that makes it a perfect

Companion to explore the unexplored trails of confidence it can drive through more than three feet of water and rock crawling with a 100 grade is easily possible according to rivian a 14.9 inch of ground clearance coupled with three different tire specifications to suit the need of the owners makes it very capable the quad electric motors offer instant torque

And the four off-road specific drive modes do alter the engine suspension and steering characteristics of the r1s significantly all the safety features are standard the 2022 rivion r1s comes packed with many standard driver assistance decks this list includes highway assist adaptive cruise control lane change assist lane keep assist lane departure warning blind

Spot warning automatic high beams rear cross traffic alert system park assist forward collision warning and automated emergency braking rythian has also offered 10 external cameras around the r1 which aids day-to-day driving on the cities and highways this system also gets 12 ultrasonic radars four corner radars and one forward radar to safe ride the occupants

The r1s gets aluminum alloy ultra high strength steel and carbon fiber construction and this gives it the necessary strength too here’s the list of things to know we gathered is there something we are missing or is there a feature you wish the r1 has had let us know in the comments below if you liked this video hit the like button and send us your thoughts and

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