1 the beginning 2022 ford f350 d
Altair Club Cars 1. The beginning: 2022 Ford F350 DRW Lariat Supercab Antimatter Blue Super duty

1. The beginning: 2022 Ford F350 DRW Lariat Supercab Antimatter Blue Super duty

Welcome to my channel. I hope this is enjoyable, informative, not too boring, and just interesting enough to watch over paint drying. Thank you for taking the time to read this description. I don’t think many people do…I know I don’t read them most times. But if you got this far then bravo. If you have some questions or comments please email me at funwithfords.superduty@gmail.com.

Welcome to my channel fun with fords this is gonna be a channel dedicated to my new truck my 22 f350 lariat dual rear wheel in anti-matter blue just picked it up last week and so far be this is my very first truck and my first super duty truck one ton as it would be and so far i really like it the pros outweigh the cons i mean i’ve only got 800 some miles

On it but i might find some cons along the way but so far by and large it’s really good i’m going to be adding a whole bunch of accessories to this i have a garage full of stuff to put on it so i’m going to add a new video on each accessory that i do it’s going to be starting with an amsoil oil bypass filter system i see a lot of people adding these on after

100 000 miles or so and i’m wondering does anybody ever add one on when it’s a new vehicle i don’t know never seen it so i’m gonna do it do all my oil samples and see how things work so like i said this is a 2022 f-350 lariat 6-7 power stroke it’s my first diesel too i’ve never never had a diesel vehicle of any kind i like chrome but this is all nothing

But really flimsy plastic really at first glance it looks pretty beefy but uh it’s all just plastic if something hit this it would shatter into a hundred or so pieces most definitely so one of the things i have on order is a ranch hand sport bumper and grill guard that’ll be being added on along with a winch i have a worn winch on order and this was an

Order that i made while i was overseas and this is something that i custom built over a couple years starting in 2019 i was working with the military auto sales in kuwait and i started building the truck that i wanted and then once i got one to went to get my order in they said well the 2020s build slots are closed we’re going to have to push it to a 21.

So i said okay so it got pushed to 21 to a 20 21 model when i went to put the order in and early at 2020 everyone knows what happens and the production lines got shut down so they said we’re gonna have to push it to 2022. i was stuck overseas anyway so it didn’t really make much of a difference to me so i pushed it to 2022 which is fine with me because the

22 now has a lot of the things that i really like so let me now i chose the super cab over the crew cab simply because i didn’t want the four doors i didn’t want the all that cab space some people want it and that’s great i just don’t need it no b having no b pillar is really nice this door swings out all the way and you can open it all the way up and you

Have full access to everything and this came with the they call this baja interior color i like it uh i like having the multi-color interior versus having all one color seats fold up a little bit tiny little storage box back there not much i do like the adjustable foot pedals that’s nice the i got this with the lariat value package the lariat value package you

Don’t get the the power telescoping steering wheel you get the the manual which is fine i don’t want uh that because once i set my steering wheel it’s set i’m not going to be moving it too much so that’s fine plus it also came with a regular key ignition which again is fine too i don’t like push button starts i’m not a fan of them i like key regular keys so

I didn’t get that um take a look at i like the eight big eight inch screen there and the number one thing is the 12-inch a 12-inch screen this is it’s hard to say how massive and nice that is to have such a big inch big big screen there and we’ve got dual zone climate control which is which is great i like to have ice cold ac my wife likes to have heat

All the time heating cooled seats these cooled seats are really nice i wasn’t sure i’d be a fan of them but i am now and you know i see online a lot of videos i see people raving over this cup holder system where you can you got two cup holders and you slide it over and you got four um i don’t see the big deal on it it’s just a flimsy little piece of plastic

That slides in a in a track yeah if this is some great technological wonder and i am missing out please let me know in the comments and another option i got was in vehicle safe absolutely so i got this for a particular reason and that’s a good option to have got the upfitter switches absolutely good thing to have got the 10 speaker stereo system and this

Stereo system sounds great it’s fantastic i also opted for the ultimate trailer tow package with pro trailer backup assist i plan on towing a trailer quite often and although i can back up a trailer with a little bit of success i’d rather uh rather have this as uh as an option for me to uh for me to to back up uh more easily i’ll show the uh the spec sheet

Okay here is the spec sheet 2022 f350 dual rear wheel four-wheel drive super cab variant 164 wheelbase style side i guess that means the big fenders on the back side there’s all the standard stuff that comes with it exterior anti-matter blue interior baja leather and here’s all the options six seven powerstroke v8 diesel 104.95 that’s an expensive engine now

The 410 limited slip axle ratio i was looking at the 355s and reading a lot of the forums and you can have a hundred people and they got a hundred different opinions 355 410 373 but ultimately i wanted the maximum towing capability i could get so 410 was was what i chose export price label not sure what that is extended running boards that was actually

Something that was added on by mistake i didn’t catch it in the last build that they did that they had sent me but i seen them on a truck and i really liked them and then i looked at and i realized that oh there was still already added on so i left it alone fourteen thousand pound gvwr package a vehicle saved by console vault absolutely must have for me rapid

Heat supplemental cab heater um i’ve been told diesels take a while to heat up and after the couple couple weeks i realize that’s absolutely the case so having a electric element that’s somewhere buried in the dash that gives me instant heat you know in the winter that would be nice engine block heater skid plates you know you’d think you get a four-wheel

Drive why isn’t it going to come with skid plates but nickel and dimes ford likes to nickel and guy me to death ultimate trailer camera pro troll trailer backup assist i said before that with as much as i anticipate towing a trailer i’m gonna look forward to that fifth wheel hitch prep package yes another must wheel well liners front splash guards front and

Rear you gotta pay for mud flaps nickels and dimes and the trailer tire pressure monitoring system with camera as much as i’ve seen people with blown out trailer tires on the side of the road i thought if this vehicle can have trailer tire pressure monitoring why not and then it also has a camera that i can add to the back to see behind the trailer if i’m

Backing up so again why not fitter switches i like that 397 amp alternator might as well go with the with the most it can it can get tailgate step absolutely climbing in and out of that bed is pain without a step spray in bed liner absolutely i didn’t want the drop in and lariat value package and i think the biggest thing that comes with the lariat value

Package is the dual climate control and the heated and cooled seats and then over here to the base price 54 total option 17 and then total price of 73 565. but i paid 69 eight 69 85 06 i think it was and that has something to do with the uh military military sales military sales thing here and then i picked it up from diamond ford they shipped it

To diamond ford in lancaster and that is a whole nother video so i will leave it here environmental performance uh i don’t believe you buy a diesel because it’s environmentally friendly that’s just me but all right any questions put them in the comments stay tuned for more videos as i’m like i said i’ve got a lot of accessories to add to this truck and i’m

Going to do it one by one and i’ll add it a new video on each one some are going to be longer videos some are going to be shorter videos but it’s gonna be fun adding all this stuff and we’ll see how it works some might be good some might not some i might leave in some i might tear out and throw away and if you like what you see like comment subscribe if

You don’t don’t and stay tuned for more videos have a great day

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1. The beginning: 2022 Ford F350 DRW Lariat Supercab Antimatter Blue Super duty By Fun With Fords

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