1 of 3 widebody rolls royce dawn
Altair Club Cars 1 of 3 widebody Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge in the world / The Supercar Diaries

1 of 3 widebody Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge in the world / The Supercar Diaries

The Supercar Diaries 63 / Spofec Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge Overdose

Thank you thank you very much thank you good morning everybody well this is probably not that good morning because we’re showing the films in the afternoon so hello and welcome to yet another fantastic rolls-royce black badge so today we’ve got the fantastic specific rolls-royce black match dawn wide body it’s just a stream of nomenclature it is a fantastic

Fantastic looking thing the wrong time of the year for this i would say because it’s flipping cold and you don’t want to be cruising in your rolls right like this but to drive in this car must be absolutely epic especially in the south of france when it’s nice and warm we’ll look at the interior in a minute because that’s really where the glory happens but this

Is the wide body and so there’s quite a bit to talk about there because only two things on this car pretty much stayed the same one of it is the bonnet and the other one the doors the rest of it we’ve changed all of it we’ve made it of course a lot wider how did we do it we did it similar to with the enlargo kits with carbon fiber from the beginning the nose of

The car changes the whole car has been widened so obviously the nose and the rear has to change it’s got a totally new front bumper we know this is black badge because the badge is black and also you’ve got this beautiful black girl spirit of ecstasy in black the whole car has just been blackened out and looks really lovely the fenders on the side that’s also

Been extended you now have carbon fiber got these lovely lovely wheels i think they look so good on this car especially with the lowering module i could barely get my fingers in there this would probably be one of the deepest cars that we’ve brought out so far it’s not a sport suspension it’s a lowering module lowers this car by four centimeters as opposed to

The standard one and with these large wheels looks absolutely stunning of course that depth of that sitting close to the road has been associated with the uh addition of these side skirts and you have this lovely cavity or this indentation over here that just follows through towards the back this is not your sort of typical thing where you think well the air

Is going to go through there and escape the on the side that’s actually closed over there the shoulders where the car just gets so much wood we’ll see that probably a bit more in uh the carport that we’re gonna do in total 208 centimeters wide now generally when a car gets to just over two meters wide it’s when they take into consideration the outsides of the

Mirrors but not in this one this is the shoulder and it’s just so tremendously white this entire section over here bulking out has also been done in carbon fiber and we’re going to turn it around or we’re just going to but i mean from here you can see the wing right so let’s look at this is anyway these are this is still subtle but i love the fact that we’ve just

Gone with that sort of visible carbon fiber touch it’s something that you don’t really want to do on the rolls-royce is make all kinds of visible carbon fiber things because it’s a rolls royce now resting in the heart of this absolute gorgeous wide body beast is a 6.6 liter twin turbocharged v12 motor kicking us with our intronic plug and play performance upgrade

717 horsepower that’s roughly about what this car costs around about the seven hundred thousand talking this nearly a thousand newton meters and then of course there’s a bunch of really awesome things considering or concerning the driving of a rolls royce including this one that just makes it an absolute jewel that magic carpet ride promise that rolls-royce gives

You it’ll just ease out all the bumps and i must just admit that’s the great thing about us adding the lowering module is that it actually it lowers the original suspension utilizes the original suspension so you’re not losing any of the quality and the ride quality that you get from a rolls royce suicide doors just look at that now this car is not going to be

Driven today because it is brand new there’s only three of them in the entire world just imagine that what we’re looking at here that’s how many there are and yes they have already been sold which is why you don’t have to ride where you wrote down the prize scratch it out it’s all gone already this car’s gonna go into a truck in a couple of minutes and then it’s

Gonna be exported out of here that’s why we can’t take it out for a drive but it is just a gorgeous gorgeous thing masa goodness now the sun’s coming through want to be south african for a second in the sun come eight like what we’re going to do now is turn this car around shall i hi girl thank you very much thank you oh it is just such an occasion before we

Close this of course the infamous umbrella that you get in your rolls-royce just look at that always a hint of advice that when you put it in make sure it goes in nice and deep i’m gonna get out of that one anyways straight on the car yeah anyway so you can see that 208 208 centimeters the width of this anus has got to be one of my favorite bits on this car i

Almost want to say that it looks personally just a little bit better on the wraith black badge just because it has a sort of sleek coupe the shoulder creeping up over there but like this and being able to just cruise around with this and it’s something absolutely stunning continues at the back black badge and then of course this is what i want to show you the new

Rear bumper of course having been totally reworked in order to fit out with the rest of the body and got these lovely blackened tail pipes this car is not fitted with an exhaust upgrade so it has got your normal exhaust this is a bit of the soft side but other than that this is our fantastic car that you can’t buy because they’re all sold one of three in the world

Ladies and gentlemen the rolls-royce dawn black badge overdose yes so if you point the camera that way you see that over there is another dawn that’s going to be created into an overdose black badge version are you saying well how could you say that there’s only three and they all sold well because these three that’s the limited number that’s being made and

Total and so that one still has to be made but it is already sold many of the cars as a matter of fact that we actually produce here are sold long before they even made think about that one so without further ado that’s how you end this film with an absolute bang of seeing the skinny rolls and the overdose thank you so much for joining us if you haven’t yet like

And subscribe to our channel to this video you can follow us on instagram me personally at beyond the cook or novi tech group as well thank you so much until next time merry christmas and keep ciao you

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1 of 3 widebody Rolls Royce Dawn Black Badge in the world / The Supercar Diaries By Novitec Group

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