09 16 audi a4 allroad g395 senso
Altair Club Cars 09-16 Audi A4 Allroad – G395 Sensor (No AC)

09-16 Audi A4 Allroad – G395 Sensor (No AC)

2013 Audi A4 Allroad – No air conditioning, bad G395 sensor (AC pressure switch)

Good rowdy today we’re looking at a 2013 audi all road it’s my buddy’s car it’s got no air conditioning hooked up the manifold gauges got your high and low side ports here hook those up static pressures were about 110 psi so i know there’s plenty of refrigerant in the system compressor doesn’t kick on it’s got a code for the g395 sensor which is the

Ac pressure switch this guy right here on the front of the condenser normally on the front of the car there’s a plastic piece sitting here i’ve actually got it sitting right over here next to some tools and stuff this guy right here held held together with these these are little uh push pins let me kind of zoom in here a little bit these are kind of cool um or

You’re gonna break them one of the two basically they sit in like that they’re flush and as you can see the tongues are spread out now what you want to do to get these out is push in on this plug and what it does is it recesses the pin just a tad and these tabs are able to come in a little bit okay now they’re not as far out that one’s not even making contact

Just you know push it in and then take a flathead screwdriver or something just pop them out it’s that cut and dry so let me zoom back out again that’s how you get these little plastic pins out there’s uh what one two three i broke that one you can see it three maybe four and there’s maybe four look at this yep four okay so there’s four of these they just

Pop right out like i showed you this guy unscrews right here you don’t want to mess with this just take this out this connector if it’s like this one is kind of in a bad spot take a 90 degree hook pick underneath the tip of this and just pop that tab out and you should be able to pull that connector off and then this set this is the g395 sensor right here it’s

The pressure sensor so you’re just spinning that off you’re leaving this intact you don’t lose any refrigerant and then you’re done you know just put the panel back on clear the code and you’ve got ac again this is super common happens a lot on audis so uh let me show you the part number real quick there’s the part number now if you’re on like ecs or something

It doesn’t really if you’re on ecs it doesn’t really show up as having this part number as an option you got to go to a 2013 a4 and you can do it as the do it as the avant the wagon but it’s the exact same part so and this this is used on pretty much you name it anything with a 2-liter this condenser in it it’s all over the place so and that was rev b so you

Can tell it’s happened a time or two um typically when these fail you’ll either get like i was driving down the road the ac was working fine and it just stopped if you check the code it’s measuring value block one in the climate control uh section so in my case i use a snap on diagnostic tool air co measuring value block one for the data if you’re using like

Um vcds then it’ll be uh air conditioning measure measurement block one same thing and uh in mind the fourth value red air so that’s how you kind of know normally you can take that plug or take that connector and unplug it and you watch that value change or you could take the switch out of that port and you could see ambient pressure um or zero um but that

Thing just measures pressure and bar um so nothing crazy and like i said we’re gonna get this thing done and out of here fairly quickly so thanks for watching if you want more of these videos hit that like and subscribe button on the video um thanks for coming we’ll catch you next time you

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