080672 2021 mercedes amg glb 35
Altair Club Cars 080672- 2021 Mercedes AMG GLB 35 (interior)

080672- 2021 Mercedes AMG GLB 35 (interior)

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All right guys moving to the interior this 2021 mercedes-benz amg glb 35 edition exactly what i expected nothing but flawless inside factory leather seats in excellent condition can’t be too many people that have sat in these or 3 000 miles on it carpet in excellent condition as you can see just all the way around top to bottom door panels excellent condition

Got power locks back here power windows couple speakers there factory for mercedes nice stitch line in here with a little bit of gray accent love that look overall excellent does have the panoramic sunroof as you can see we’ll check that feature once we move up to the front here headliner in excellent condition no odors in this vehicle as it was and it is a

Non-smoker uh still got the factory smell in it so it smells like you just pulled it off the showroom floor here we’ll step on the front side here we’ll climb in this thing start it up and confirm the mileage for you show you as many features as i can about this vehicle got a lot on it memory seats there power seats of course heated seats and air conditioned

Seats for both passenger and driver side so keep that in mind really neat feature there excellent condition on that driver’s side door panel amg implemented there in the step then you’ve got your nice leather front seats there top to bottom just excellent condition got a little bit of reclining action there to pull that out for ultimate comfort push that back in

There amg factory floor mats there we keep those covered up so they’re in excellent condition when it comes to you no need for those keys keep them in your pocket or put them in the cup holder there this is a push to start one push of the button there and this thing fires right up i’m gonna slide this seat back with a simple push of this button here really neat

Vehicle check out those color lines in this thing keep in mind you can change those colors to uh multiple different options there looks like they’ve got this one set on a purplish blue tone and the nighttime i’m sure this thing looks like a spaceship so really neat dash area here a lot of controls dual ac and heat control and like i mentioned earlier dual ac and

Heat seats a lot of hands-free devices on your steering wheel here volume control cruise control everything one could need without pulling their hands off the steering wheel there all for safety measures 3327 miles man that’s about as factory as it gets right here dash area in excellent condition all the way across no cracks scratches or discoloration there love

This interior it’s a really neat car inside carbon fiber a little bit implemented in the door panel there as you can see up close really sharp got your full controls up here for your sunroof we’ll throw that shade back nice spring summer day both of those came open your rear and your front there as you can see nice rear view mirror there really futuristic all

This is touch screen then you got your controls down here for all your navigation and all those needs love the look of this interior excellent condition very well maintained 3327 miles really impressed hope you guys enjoy

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080672- 2021 Mercedes AMG GLB 35 (interior) By PMP Direct

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