07 nissan titan le crew cab 4dr


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Hello folks and welcome here again to divine fine motors and thank you so so very much for being here god bless you and your family and i mean that with all of my heart i hope and pray that you’re well healthy and happy wherever you may be at this moment and boy i hope you’ve been hoping and praying and believing you know that’s what makes it work for an absolutely

Gorgeous this is a one of the nicest half ton pickup truck four-wheel drive big super crew cab and folks it is loaded it’s got leather seats heated seats power seats it has the 6-disc cd changer it has the rockford false gate amplifier stereo system in it it has your compass it has your temperature it was bought brand spanking new in thomasville georgia always

A southern truck georgia in florida the factory paint on it even though it is a four-wheel drive georgia good old boy truck is still in just absolutely excellent condition as you can see in this video has the running boards has the super nice alloy wheels that are just immaculate the mud guards the towing package has some nice big uh toyoto uh tires on it with

Plenty plenty of tread you’ve got your uh locking uh compartment back here in the back you’ve got your as i said towing package has the parking sensors on it has the locking tailgate has the sprayed in bed liner it’s got the big sliding power uh rear window 5.6 liter le it’s the le version with the 5.6 liter v8 folks that is as good as any toyota motor out

There now you’ve heard me say many many times those of you who’ve been listening to us here at divine fine motors and buying from us for the last 12 years that’s right let me just stop a minute thank each and every one of you all you about 2500 of you so far for a wonderful 12 years we’re celebrating this april is the 12th year that we have been in business praise

God i left furman bmw 12 years ago as their ebay director my wife and i prayed about it talked about it and we went and got our own independent florida dealer’s license about 12 years ago then started divine fine motors and praise god i’m so thankful i did i’ve got so tired of hearing them say every time i sold a car oh you sold it too cheap jack you didn’t make

Enough profit blah blah blah i told my wife let’s go out there we’ll pray up these vehicles believe for them go out there and find them and we are doing just fine thanks to each and every one of you and we will continue to go out there and look and pray up and believe for these excellent excellent vehicles you all know i’ve been in this car business now going on

About 33 years and uh originally from west virginia so i know what you’re looking for when you’re looking for a nice four-wheel drive truck and i go out and i look diligently for these super nice florida-owned georgia owned just as long as they’re southern owned no place where there’s rust and corrosion and all that stuff i just don’t buy them but this one right

Here folks it is really a super super nice truck it only has a hundred and eleven 000 miles on it two very very low miles for 2007. it says two or three owners but i think that guy moved from georgia to florida and of course it changes registrations and titles in but it hadn’t been on very much but underneath it’s super nice we had a time getting all the georgia

Mud and georgie old red clay out from under this thing but we did it but it is super nice i mean this whole truck from the front to the back i’ve got you some real good pictures you can see all the nice tread there in your tires but i’ve got you some good pictures underneath this thing it truly is just awesome you know it’s got the big old aluminum drive shaft

Underneath there it it’s just a super super nice truck anywhere and everywhere you can look you can see there there’s no rust whatsoever it’s just really nice there’s a little bit of that old red clay but uh really nice truck and on the inside it’s just as nice the engine compartment you can eat off of it it’s just had a recent uh service oil change new filter

And all that brakes seem good tires the wheels like i said are immaculate all the way around no curb rash or nothing running boards it’s got the rain guards the tinted wind is a nice uh stripe got the 4×4 off-road decal dual power seats even has the factory uh floor mats as you can see you’re also going to get the owner’s manual again it has the nice 666 disc

Changer the le version with all the heated seats and everything leather wrapped steering wheel the leather shift knob captain’s chairs the armrest a headliner i mean man it’s got it all and these things again they’re super super nice what i was going to say is you’ve all heard me for years say either get you a toyota nissan or honda or of course lexus or infinity

Or an accra they’re just the best vehicles for the least amount of problems and they will give you the longest service of anything out there in my humble opinion of being in this business so long and believe you me folks i’m very very exclusive i don’t have a big dealership i don’t want a big dealership i’m very very i go out and i hand pick every car that i sell

I get in it look at it get underneath it i drive it i feel it i feel it that’s a big important thing i walk up to them i can just feel they either have good energy or they don’t have so such good energy i get the good energy ones i want ones that look like this that don’t look like anybody’s ever said in the back seats of them or the passenger seat or the driver’s

Seat i’m very very very picky i know you are too and listen folks i try to get you the absolute very best vehicles in the world i mean i i take a lot of i’m gonna try to get this seat up with the camera in my hand i take a lot of pride in my work it means a lot to me my grandfather raised me to be a hard hard worker and to do a good job and that’s what i do uh

All the carpet underneath this thing are great again these leather seats in the back looks like they haven’t even been used you got a nice stereo uh hook up here in the back of this thing too just a super super nice truck if you’re looking for a great truck to ride around look good in this is it if you want one to go up in the woods with and hunting fish and do

All that wonderful fun stuff this is good it’s just a all-around great truck and folks listen this is a truck just like a toyota you can put a half a million miles on this thing with no problem whatsoever time and chain motors too not a timing belt for all you timing belt warriors out there timing chain motor and again it’s super super nice as you can see if it

Wasn’t i wouldn’t have bought it i don’t have to buy nothing and i don’t have a big car lot and i don’t have to fill up a bunch of cars i don’t put balloons and silly things out front hoping somebody will come in that i can convince to buy something i get something for that person looking for something i love to get vehicles that people need and i know you guys

And girls out there need a nice truck again you got that nice big roll down power window these things are huge they have tons of room and space in them too in the front in the back they’re very comfortable they set up nice and high they’ve got plenty of power and plenty of torque you know you all know i love love love my tundras but i tell you what i’ll put these

Up against them any day now they’re just an awesome awesome truck leather wrapped steering wheel again a nice uh power seat here that’s like brand new uh all your door jambs are great underneath you saw that how nice it is look at that that’s even your driver’s floor mat but again very very low miles only 111 000 miles that is nothing goes into four-wheel drive

Just as quick as it’s supposed to uh it’s only got 111 193 miles you’ll see the little four wheel drive indicator there come on clicks right in clicks right out it does have a goofy little tire pressure monitor light flashing we have checked all the tires the air pressure’s fine that’s just that little goofy watch battery in one of your tpm sister sensors i do not

Mess with those if i put you a new one in there it’s going to go out in about two years or a year anyway and you can do it you can get them on ebay you can have them put in an entire kingdom or any tire place but i just don’t i just stopped messing with them i think it’s one of the biggest crookedest things that people putting into cars now but you can get them

Relative pretty cheap on ebay i get them for 20 bucks i just got four new ones for lexus ls 460 for 49 what’s that about 12 a piece so anyway there you go nice nice chrome bumper you can see all that looks very very good looks like he had a little bump i think he might run into somebody somebody might have backed into him so he decided to put him a nice little

Protection up there and the way people are on these phones running into people with these stop lights and stuff i don’t blame everybody should have one of these in the front and the back let’s see if we can get this hood open while i’m talking to you this thing is heavy i mean i tell you nissans are just one of the well-built vehicles that you’ll ever buy and

That’s the truth you got a practically a brand spanking new battery looks like april of 22 and you can see your heads your jugs every nut and bolt and washer on this thing is just immaculate just a super super i wish you could stick your head in there but can you see it it’s just clean as a pen all your labels all your writing everything’s super nice so again

You’re gonna have a great opportunity to get you a nice big full-size four-wheel drive truck folks and it ain’t gonna cost you nineteen thousand or eighteen thousand or seventeen thousand i mean i’m gonna put a decent uh fair reserve on there now you all know i’ve got to pay for these nobody gives them to us and uh the good ones they cost but wise man told me a

Long time ago jail you’re always going to get what you pay for most of the time and folks i go out and get the good stuff i think i sell some of the best cars in the world i know i care probably more than anybody else so there you go there it is and please you’ve got two numbers folks on that ebay ad here’s how it works with us i’m very very fair-minded i know

What i have in this vehicle i try to put a decent profit on there something fair and reasonable for you and for me i don’t play these numbers games like the dealerships that’s one of the reasons i left them i got so tired of that i could spit fires my grandmother used to say so i put a reserve on there you can call me you’re my lovely bride of 28 years reba carroll

And we’ll be happy to tell you what that reserve is and you can buy it for that right now before it meets that at on the auction i usually end all of my stuff before the auction is over because somebody calls me i tell them the reserve price what they can get it for and they buy it then i end that auction on ebay my wife’s going to get a little 500 non-refundable

Deposit from you she’s going to send you out your sales packet to you that day or the very next day and she’ll highlight everything we even pay for and pre-address an envelope for you to send it back to us okay once we get it back we can help you arrange to get it shipped if we are here and available you’re more than happy to fly into tampa international airport

Or clearwater st pete airport and we can pick you up or you can uber to our place of business and pick it up i’ll arrange for my shop manager or somebody to be there all right this is our home carol and i’ve lived here gosh i guess 18 years now we’re both from west virginia moved out of that place about 25 26 years ago we raised three of our wonderful hard hard

Working kids here alex dillon and jacqueline and dylan and alex went to they got herself into the university of florida go gators and that baby she got into yale university up there in connecticut about broke my heart when she moved away but man we were so thankful and proud that she got into such a great great college so that’s a little bit about us thank you

Again god bless you remember folks be kind to one another love on one another please lift people up and please reach your children tell them how wonderful and great to you are your grandkids your neighbors kids your nieces and nephews so they’ll go out and do great and wonderful things in the world i gotta go don’t miss out on this great four-wheel drive big v8

Half-ton crew cab leather truck bye-bye

Transcribed from video

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