05 nissan titan 4x4 crew cab 4dr
Altair Club Cars 05 Nissan Titan 4X4 CREW CAB 4DR OFF-ROAD PACKAGE V-8 305HP/379 POWER SEAT CD MP3 TOWING 1 FL OWNER



Hello folks and welcome here once again to divine fine motors and thank you so so very much for being here god bless you and your family and i mean that with all of my heart i hope and pray that you’re well healthy and happy wherever you may be at this moment and boy oh boy i hope you’ve been praying and believing that’s what makes it work for an absolutely

Gorgeous four-wheel drive half-ton crew cab v8 folks this thing’s got almost 310 horsepower 379 pounds of torque they’re just absolutely awesome and it was bought brand new right here in the middle of florida right here in these nice flat land no salt no potholes folks we don’t even have heels and curves and stuff down here now i know about those because i’m

From west virginia born and raised here all my life so is my wife and that’s why i go out and i look for these absolutely gorgeous elderly owned florida vehicles that has stayed in somebody’s garage most of their life and just has been kept like brand new and folks this could very well be one of the nicest four wheel drive trucks of any kind that i’ve ever had

The privilege to sell anybody again this is a nissan titan big v8 titan with the 5.6 liter v8 motor overhead cams and all that stuff timing chain motor this thing listen i’ve always told people get you a nissan toyota or honda and these things will run i call my tundras four-wheel drives the v8s the million mile motors i believe these will do the same thing and

This one also has the 4×4 from the factory off-road package has the limited slip differential locking differential these wheels folks these factory wheels this man bought this truck brand spanking new these wheels are just perfection has some big old wide nice knit two grappler tires on them the running boards the towing package the mud flaps got some big old nice

Heavy-duty shocks under there you have a rear end a cooler under there has a spare tire that came on it brand new that’s never been off the truck and folks every nut and bolt under this truck looks just like that i’m telling you this is one of the even has an alloy wheel underneath there for the spare tire even the exhaust is nice that’s a nice big towing package

It has the parking assist on it it has the power rear window it has one of the nicest ar e fiberglass sliding window camper toppers that you’ll ever buy the nice big brake light in the top the cabs have the inner lights in them has a locking uh tailgate i mean you could camp out in this thing has your nice lights here in the back but you can see folks this truck

Again it was bought brand new right here in the middle state of florida and it is perfection no rust or corrosion anywhere listen i’ve got an old saying that i tell people anytime you see the old grandma plastic put over and i say old grandma with all due respect i love my grandmothers all of my grandmother raised me but when you see these nice old floor mats over

Top of the factory floor mats and he had these floor mats over top of his factory floor mats i’m sure he bought brand new anytime you see plastic floor mats over top of the original floor mats all the owners manuals extra keys just go ahead and get the car okay because that car that truck whatever that van is being well taken care of it has been well cared for it

Was a big investment that people are taking care of they took the care and concern to go out and buy those and put those on there that’s a good good sign folks but anyway you got the bed liner the fiberglass topper the sliding windows with screens locking tailgate it’s just amazing this truck is just absolutely amazing look at that bumper again you have the backup

Alarm the off-road package you know i called on getting somebody a fiberglass topper put on and they just wanted the flat fiberglass topper painted to put that flat one on there was almost sixteen hundred dollars i bet you those are two thousand bucks today but anyway going on again alloy wheels are spotless not been painted none of this tr it’s just absolutely

As nice as you will ever find one again plenty of tread on your nice big wheels got some nice running boards from uh from nissan folks this factory paint on this truck still looks of course this truck was immaculate when we got it it was a trade-in at a ford dealership i hope that works out well for them but folks this truck was just amazing when we picked it up

But this thing is in like brand new condition only has 77 000 miles on it like 77 and 180 i might put a few more miles on it by the end of the auction has the rain guards on it it has the running boards on it here’s the factory there is your factory floor mats they’ve always been covered folks since brand new the carpet is spotless all the dash is perfection

The console the leather wrapped steering wheel the seats in this truck this truck if you if you open the door and had no idea this truck looks like it’s got ten thousand miles on it it’s just amazing you’re gonna get all the keys key fob every piece of paper that came new is right in here these people’s buyers order i think was still in there the date of six i

Believe it was of 2005 and folks this truck still looks like it does when it was brand spanking new i’m telling you and you won’t go out and find nothing even close to it but if you do get it because this one’s going to get sold real quick and there’s not very many of them out there available to get anywhere this is just so so nice and folks you know i’ve been

In this car business going on 31 years now my wife and i carol have had divine fine motors going on about 12 years we’ve got over 2 300 customers year-to-date so far and uh listen i know what you’re looking for when you want a pre-owned vehicle believe you me i’ve been on enough car lots throughout my years to know what you liked when you came on the lot and what

You stuck your nose up at i go out and get that vehicle that everybody likes do you see what i’m looking at i mean this is like if you went to the nissan dealer and said hey guys you all have any of those 05 big titans left i need a four-door crew cab four-wheel drive off-road package but i don’t wanna pay sixty thousand dollars for a brand new one or fifty five

Thousand or anywhere close to that but boy if you had a brand new one that i could get for about sixteen seventeen 000 i’d be all about that well here’s your chance i mean this thing is just amazing it’s just absolutely amazing beautiful color it’s one of the best things i love about this probably one of the nicest colors you could get in a four-wheel drive truck

It’s just awesome brakes are great rotors tires exhaust it doesn’t need a thing again it’s got the locking differential it’s got the 4×4 it’s got ethanol you can burn the uh what is it 85 ethanol gas in it if you wanted to uh it’s got it all look every nut and bolt on it all the door jambs and the gaskets i mean look at the door panels probably nobody honestly

Has really really really ever uh spent much time back here cup holder rear air conditioner vents rear power back here again got a power uh rear window it’s just spotless one of the nicest trucks you’ll ever find boy four-wheel drive trucks anything right now is just getting crazily expensive but thank god i don’t have a bunch of salesmen i don’t have a bunch of

Overhead i don’t even know what they would charge for this thing if it was on a car lot to big old lot but uh you’re blessed to have found it i’m thankful that you did and why i’m thinking about it right now i always want to thank you all you customers carol and i and the kids we really really appreciate you we thank each and every one of you god bless you you

Know i pray at night when i go to bed i say lord i just pray for great vehicles for great people and uh boy there’s nothing does my heart better to go out and find these absolutely amazing automobiles and sell to amazing super nice customers i had a gentleman come to our house i believe it was yesterday just one of the nicest guys bless his heart he came down he

Bought a car for his daughter bought an accra it’s one of the nicest people in the world and i told him i said sir it’s just a privilege to serve people like you i appreciate you and we want to thank all of you all and if you’re not customers of divine fines motors yet then i hope if you subscribe to my youtube channel you’ll keep watching and you will become a

Customer you see that only 77 191 miles this thing doesn’t even have a tire pressure light on that’s a light for my door and the seat belt but it’s got a 6 disc cd player it’s got your auxiliary where you can hook up your phone you can play your mp3 through that it’s never had a cigarette smoked anywhere in it you got your cup holders you got your container down

Here that’ll store just about anything you want to put in there plenty of that you’ve got all your owners manuals it’s got your compass it’s got your temperature it’s got all this stuff here to put things in your automatic uh dimming lights even has vanity mirrors and folks that comes on both sides there the drivers and the passengers these are as good a truck as

You can ever buy they are absolutely bulletproof i always always recommend the titans uh i have had three or four tundras which i dearly think the world of but i always tell people listen if you can find you a nice titan those are as good a truck as a toyota tundra and that’s a fact i mean look at the headlights all the grill it’s just immaculate it has the tow

Hooks but you can just see how nice this truck is folks she’s as good as you want to get he put him a nice bug shield on there that was great especially down here in florida we’ve got a lot of bugs but uh these things are amazing like i said they’re almost 310 horses i think it’s like 305 uh torque i mean they’ll tow a daggone house trailer i want you to look at

This look underneath this hood look at that it’s all original just like it was new i just so admire people who really really take care of their stuff i try to be one of them i’m very meticulous my son is a nut my oldest son my younger son he he takes care of his stuff pretty well too but buddy my older son he is he’s pickier than i am but folks this is one of the

Nicest titans you’ll ever get your hands on in every nut and bolt on it i wish i could stick your head under and show you how nice everything is every nut and bolt on it looks like that still it’s just it’s just an awesome awesome truck you will love love love it uh oil as clean as a pen uh like i say the brakes are all good it doesn’t need a thing uh i really

Really try to get the absolute best stuff out there i i believe i sell some of the nicest cars on the planet and uh like i said it’s me i get i can’t pick every car or truck or vehicle we sell and i’m telling you you’re gonna be blessed to get this one so thank you again i’m gonna get off of here please remember to be kind to one another love on one another be

Nice to each other please say good things think good things and good things will happen in your life read to your children tell them how wonderful they are tell them how exceptional they are and they’ll go out and do great and wonderful things in the world and uh we appreciate you we can help you get this truck ship anywhere in the country help you get it shipped

Out of the country and again we appreciate you thank you god bless you this is our home both of us are from west virginia been down here about 26 years raised three of our hard hard-working kids here two of them got their self into the university of florida go gators and that little baby little jaclyn dylan and alex are gators and little jacqueline is a bulldog

She got into yale university caroline either one didn’t even go to college but boy we taught our kids how important it is to get a good education we love you god bless you and congratulations on this truck you’re gonna love it bye bye i gotta go

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05 Nissan Titan 4X4 CREW CAB 4DR OFF-ROAD PACKAGE V-8 305HP/379 POWER SEAT CD MP3 TOWING 1 FL OWNER By Divine Find Motors Inc.

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