01 chevy express 3500 serpentine
Altair Club Cars 01 chevy express 3500 serpentine belt replacement and diagram

01 chevy express 3500 serpentine belt replacement and diagram

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What’s going on guys we have this 01 chevy express 3500 5.7 not sure of my uh alternator wattage but my belt split down the middle we made it home luckily didn’t break in half when you go to the auto parts store they need to know either the amperage of your uh alternator because there’s a 5.7 a six point something and an eight point something i just uh came

Back from the auto parts store because i had the guy match up my old belt to my new belt and he ended up giving me the short one that one was part number 5060950 and it’s literally an inch difference so we have the 5.7 with the ac i don’t know why they wouldn’t come with ac but um part cost me 39 um and then here’s the diagram i was wondering why i wouldn’t

Freaking go in i thought i was putting it in wrong nope the guy just freaking measured the belt wrong he literally put them next to each other i don’t know how how he thought they were the correct one it was literally an inch off and that’s what i needed to get it over the tensioner but here’s how you loop it and it’s 96 inches not 95 but fan is your water pump

Your crank tensioner alternator idler ac and power steering you don’t have to loop it over the big fan you literally flatten it out and lay it across or over the fan bring it down loop it over your crank skip the tensioner go around the alternator i guess you could go over the tensioner but i would skip it because unless you have somebody helping you skip that

Um so go over your crank skip the the tensioner over the alternator under the idler over the ac down to your power steering and then it loops back around the fan and then once you do that either you or somebody press down on the tensioner and then you can just loop it over tension or pulley or you could put it on the tensioner have somebody help you hold it down

And then just loop it over the idler whichever way you want to go but this should diagram pretty sure you’ll figure it out and uh if you remove your coolant reservoir and your air box you have perfect access we like to do it the hard way so we’re going to leave the air box in i’m just taking off the coolant reservoir i got an extra pair of hands so i’m gonna

Run it through here over the fan pulley and i’m gonna go underneath wrap it around the crank and the power steering and then i’ll come back up here and do everything up from the top i would let you guys let’s watch hold on i’m just gonna run it just record me okay pull the belt up towards you all right so i just stuck the the belt over the water pump pulley

Wrapped it around the crank over the power steering then i’m going to come up top and i’m going to wrap it i’m going to wrap it over the ac you guys can’t see but over the ac under the idler around the alternator and then down over the tensioner and make sure it’s over that fan there all right let’s see that so far so press down the tensioner and then i’m gonna

Loop the belt over that idler see the belt goes around the fan and then over this way out towards the tensioner over the fan out towards the power steering and up over the ac under the idler and over the alternator if that makes sense to you guys so as you’re looking at it right here it’s like this that’s how it’s gonna be i probably won’t be able to hold you

Guys a little bit because i need both hands somebody’s gonna press down on the tensioner while i loop it over the idler and this should be it see if that works all right he’s still gonna be very tight you see so you will need a hand so as he pressed it down all the way as far as it goes i just came from up top and i just slid the belt in place you can let it go

Now and now as you can see tensioner crank and idler ac just like the diagram you don’t have to loop the belt over this fan all right just squeeze it together press it over bring one end over this crank and just pull it this way and go around the power steering of the ac over the alternator somebody uh press down on the tensioner put it over the tensioner and

Then when as they hold it then you go up top and you just slide it on that idler pulley if that makes any sense to you i’m not deciphering my words but that’s how you do it visualize that crank crank right there power steering power steering all right guys but slide it on that uh idler last and that’ll be the easiest way otherwise ain’t no way you’re gonna

Get it over this little lip on these grooved pulleys it’s gonna be a good luck good luck remember you got a 5.7 3 500 is the 96 inch long belt not the 95 don’t let them get you make sure you double check cause i mean they know their stuff but a lot of them don’t really know so i only take their word one time and then after that can’t trust them good luck and

There she blows she’s back running like a champ good luck on your repair guys if you do have to do it by yourself you’re gonna have to crank down on that tensioner and with your other hand i say you remove that air box with your other hand slide the belt press down real hard with your fingertips and just slide it over good luck

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