00000 luxury suv 2022 range rove
Altair Club Cars 00,000 LUXURY SUV 2022 Range Rover Review

00,000 LUXURY SUV 2022 Range Rover Review

2022Range Rover P530 First Edition review by The Straight Pipes. The Range Rover is putting down 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque from a Twin Turbo 4.4L V8. At $199,070 CAD, would you take it over the BMW Alpina XB7, Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600?

I’m jacob i’m yuri we’re going for a drive 2022 land rover p530 first edition with launch control dynamic launch activated a lot of bouncing but yeah there’s a lot of car to move horsepower and torque 523 horsepower 553 pound-feet of torque from a twin-turbo 4.4 liter v8 what kind of v8 is it it’s straight from bmw from the x7 m50i and it’s got bmw logos on

The engine yes uh but that’s fine first of all looks dude look this looks well hang on let me let me just explain that it does look wild quickly editor show the looks the reason why this has this engine is because they’re phasing out the 5-liter supercharged v8 because of emission stuff so rather than developing their own v8 engine because they’re going to evs

They just bought this from bmw that’s fair back to the looks man this looks so cool we got this cool gold matte paint uh yeah it looks like rose gold matte like this is one of my favorite matte paints i’ve ever seen the rear end the rear three quarter that looks like future concept car something you’d see out of a future tv show that’s in real life yeah because

You don’t even see the tail lights until they’re illuminated the back end looks crazy cool the body lines it’s like smooth comes around we got the door handles that are inside the car they’re flush like man i mean some of them are flush sometimes one of the door handles stopped working it’s a it’s a jaguar land rover car like it’s expected yeah our rear right

Passenger door has completely stopped working we have to open it from the inside already that completely stopped working like you can roll the window up and down from that seat but i can’t from this seat right now which i should be able to roll that one down whatever whatever okay let’s get to more good stuff the looks again i like how the top is all black and

Everything yeah this is a gorgeous looking refresh the front end looks pretty good that’s the least refreshed part i would say yeah but then it’s like really big and open at the bottom but it still looks really really really really nice yeah i like what they did with the exhaust tips too how they just like had them pointing down and like flat kind of thing

There like that bottom black part looks wicked they hid them in the right way possible without trying to accentuate them and then these 23-inch wheels look really good in black as well they killed it on this design and then you can like lower it raise it nicely like a good amount of lowering 10 out of 10. 10 out of 10. and this being the top tier biggest range

Rover you can buy it’s packed with technology one of my favorite technologies that’s packed into this is the 360 cameras normally you don’t really hear me talking about that but that’s because i can press this camera button right now while i’m driving and check this out we have our cameras while we’re driving it says not recommended above 40 but check this out

It gets even crazier we can actually drive in third person mode at whatever speed we want and change the angles while we’re driving which again is not recommended but look how easily i’m doing this can i film you do that through cliche corner do it this is gonna be the first cliche corner third person through a camera view ever oh yeah i got it okay i’m gonna

Vary the the modes for you all right here we go here we go you also have to talk about handling through cliche while you do it okay so it’s got a lot of body roll uh quite a bit because we’re on air suspension while i’m also trying to change these camera modes and the traction control definitely is quite intrusive as it’s expected to be in such a large vehicle

Like this but how cool is this that is wild that they let you do that but i guess that’s rich people stuff but like no other rich people stuff like you can’t do this in a maybach you can’t do this in uh bmw alpena xb7 special rich people stuff yeah so i mean we could like leave this on this is actually very distracting yeah that that’s very cool and yeah handling

Wise through cliche what i went through earlier it was like it kind of bogged you down and then when you floored it you had so much power coming out that was like whoa yeah so uh we really like the bmw powertrain and this is a very good bmw powertrain it’s got that zf 8-speed auto it shifts really quickly it’s nice and smooth here it’s not the fastest ship thing

When you use manual so we do have nice paddles to control that downshift downshift and a little slow a little bit slow but still good because it’s smooth i feel i feel good about this and a really good amount of torque because bmw engine like i think this bmw engine has made this land rover more refined yeah i was thinking let’s see that i’m like okay i trust

The bmw engine so this is nice yeah and there is a base engine below this which is still a land rover range rover engine the next thing i’d love to bring up is when you are ripping it it is so quiet here let’s do silent mode okay let me just get into the proper gear it is dead quiet in here like i can’t hear like wind going off or anything it’s like so so so

Quiet and i’m in dynamic mode because that also changes your gauge cluster the gauges have all been updated everything looks crystal clear it’s very high res i really like what they did with this but because this is the first edition it’s based on the autobiography so this is more expensive than the autobiography which gives you a ton of features in the back like

Motorized cup holders okay jacob pointed out to me that if the arm rest was up and you get in the car it might take you up to like 30 seconds before you can put your cup in a cup holder which i think is pretty balling yeah i mean complaining about your motorized arm rest and cup holder seems to be a luxurious thing to do for rich people probably it’s my the first

Time i’ve seen a motorized armrest that goes down and it’s pretty cool you got the tablet there you got your coke mirror in there yeah so you can drink coca-cola yeah but like for real like having a little portable mirror like that for like checking your face and doing makeup and stuff is better than like the ones that flip out from the top where you’re gonna

Like lean forward a whole bunch like nah people just this just saves people from like pulling a mirror out of your purse and then you have a whole large moon roof because of that because you don’t have to have that extra little mirror coming out of the thing and then you have rear screens back there which basically just have hdmi ports and that’s kind of really

It i’m still rear entertainments for cars are still not where i think they should be where they should just be a yeah literally what you get on an airplane but we do have automatic peasant blockers back there and i can control it at least this rear left one where i can make this one go up if i reach over yeah i should be able to from my side but i can’t because

It’s broken right now there i put it up okay so motorized peasant blockers as long as you’re back there oh prowler prowler that’s like i drive that problem i should have showed it on the 360. um so the back seats are really impressive however they’re not that large so the rear right one is the one you want to be in but because this is well it is still this is

The short wheelbase there is a long wheelbase i think you need the long wheelbase if you’re taller than either of us at five foot eight i assume i’ll be able to stretch out in the back of these cars and jacob will have a hard time and i’m only like it’s because you’re tall nobody cares about tall people not necessarily a longer car dumb idiot yeah but even me

I’m like stuck and then you pointed out something funny that uh the the bottom foot part goes at a different rate so your feet kind of get like clamped you need to move your feet correctly yeah i think what they should have done is do the thigh part first or or whatever the calf part first and then the part for your feet but currently it’s the feet part and then

The calf part so your feet kind of get crushed if you don’t move them out of the way so yeah anyways it’s not that comfortable for me unless i stow the feet part to sit normal back there kind of but it’s still comfortable if you’re fully reclined as long as that feet part is stowed and nobody’s sitting here and if you get the extended you can have a three-row

Right yes you see you can finally get this in a three-row and then there’s also an even more luxurious back seat with a center console that’s different than this one that doesn’t go up and down but still has motorized cup holders motorized cup holders that’s uh does it fit a small cup uh yeah it does actually and the front also fits a small cup yeah pass pass

Whether whether it fitted or not it was a gimmick pass for uh electronic cup holders yes full gimmick pass who knows how long that will work considering the door is already half broken it’s not our fault no it’s definitely not our fault uh speaking of something else that may or may not be half broken or just the way that it’s been designed this we well we have

Two boxes glove boxes uh if you have a lot of gloves your bottom glove box pops down your top one doesn’t okay unlock it okay so because the bottom one is the gravity drops down and then you put it up and then the top one i pulled down but it the gras it’s got a spring in it to pull it closed valid points however in a car with a motorized rear cup holder and

Armrest yeah i feel like it should be motorized thank you so i don’t know what’s going on there but honestly those weird things aside this is such a nice car to drive one of the nicest cars especially in this class that i think we’ve driven like the maybach gls is comparable to this alpena xb7 comparable to this this feels very similar but different in a nice

Way like the materials almost feel nicer here this is our first range rover right full uh first full-size range rover we’ve only done the sports but i’ve been a little confused by the whole uh setup of everything so for me i’m like wow this is yeah i didn’t really realize what this could be so the full-size range rover is like an x7 the sport is like an x5 and

Then the velar is like kind of below that and then there’s whatever else they have evolved convertible yes that would be like an experiment and this is all-wheel drive it does have plenty of power from that bmw powertrain everything like i said is smooth the suspension is amazing being air suspension but let’s get you into the driver’s seat to experience this

All-wheel drive launching beast and then do you want to sit behind me or in the front seat i kind of want to sit in the front so to start things off we have a really good rear wheel steering which makes u-turns very very pleasant it shortens the wheelbase significantly and the next thing that i noticed and remembered when i got into the driver’s seat is that

Every like door jamb under the hood everything is painted with this awesome paint there’s no shortcuts there’s no paint missing yeah that’s one of the most impressive things ever right yeah i mean at this price point i would expect it but at the same time i it feels like we’ve seen corners cut before on other cars but not like not nothing on this page unreal

And getting inside i love all this light material i like the was this cream yeah and i love this like very very light wood beach wood i love it is that beach where you’re calling it beach wood i don’t know man grey wood and you know what instead of piano black we got like a matte uh metal material yes and we do have a little bit of gloss black like on the uh

The door handles and stuff but not much or not door handles the uh whatever window switch gear thank you it’s acceptable then we got some chrome like a really good mix of materials i really like it super high quality everything feels really nice okay steering wheel you got these capacitive buttons and stuff like whatever this is an expensive car i expect it i

Know rich people like that kind of stuff and part of those capacitive buttons this has lane keep and it does work really well on the highway not so much on side roads like this okay uh i’m a little bit shorter sometimes i have trouble getting my elbows onto the steering wheel see elbows onto the armrest while touching the steering wheel but i have these other

Armrests that make it so i can’t have my elbows on the armrest now while i do like those uh if you actually just leave it down it gets in the way of buckling your seatbelt so i’ve just moved them out of the way yeah yeah but for if you can’t get your elbows here that’s a great design it is shifter’s cool too kind of weird but i like it the texture on it’s kind of

Interesting too drive mode dial is pretty straightforward for uh jlr stuff yeah we got a ton of drive modes like an unbelievable amount of drive modes yeah don’t take this off-roading it’s too nice it is way too nice oh back to the looks i just remembered it’s got that like weird you thing uh at the front of the driver door uh yeah that’s been a full-size range

Rover staple for the longest time i like that accent a lot it is cool like a lot okay back inside our climate control we have those gimmicky knobs that you can twist or push and twist or pull and twist and then do different things and i think this is like the best iteration of that style of things and i totally agree because if we don’t have that secondary full

Screen like we did in the vallar and other stuff yeah so this is a really good way to do it i’m in cliche quarter let me jump right okay okay i forgot yeah this card does rip other than that completely killed it yeah and then once you get back on it it’ll like just rocket you into the next thing a little bit unpredictable and funny thing you should notice that

I didn’t point out while i was driving um when you flirt look in your rearview mirror and look how your background disappears you’re only going to be able to see the road because the car pitches so much forward and back that’s it okay but i can flick it and then i get this camera here and there’s two antennas there which looks weird from far away it looks like

It could be like a cop car with a lot of antennas and stuff but now try that with digital and do the same thing it still does it oh that lasts well cause you’re on a hill okay okay there we go oh yeah yeah that’s cool the air suspension is so soft that the front end is just like this when you’re driving so we already talked about the back seats but we didn’t

Talk about the trunk the trunk is really cool it’s got that classic land rover split fold but the way they did it looks really good because you can’t really tell it’s a split fold until you open it the mechanics of it is very impressive yeah and then they added like a carpet material yeah well they have a bench seat so you fold up this little thing which can

Also be used as a grocery divider but they added these like pads that you have to clip on so you can sit there comfortably while drinking your glass of wine while watching your dog hunt dog ducks or whatever is happening i don’t know what people do in these cars i think it retrieves the ducks yeah yeah yeah okay maybe you can train it i’m gonna give it a good one

Through cliche corner now okay oh yeah body roll central it is fast but it is moving a lot up top this is faster than an escalade through here oh yeah yeah but i feel like this is the definition of like disconnected yes driving but you can go fast but you’re just like wrestling computers doing weird things yeah but it’s like disconnected in a good way if you don’t

Want to go fast because it’s so smooth yeah exactly it’s smooth quiet and like it’s like driving that bose car probably with the bounce i’m i just want a car that can jump over speed bumps all right let’s uh let’s check these visors which are like leather lined okay here whoa oh three two one oh pass and a double visor yes it’s been a while car of the year i

Thought it was going to fail because i saw the double visor i saw the error right away when you said oh man here we go what a car and this two-tone interior also looks really nice dude dude our roof ceiling whatever i keep forgetting what this is called headliner headliner is leather that is ballin hey we all have a head-up display we do but i’m just using this

The gauge cluster is actually so fantastic it is no issues compared to like previous uh land rovers and jaguars like this is yeah the dynamic gauge is good and if you put it into like eco or any of the other gauges it makes it a little bit simpler did you talk about carplay and android auto already i didn’t so it does have it it’s got both and i believe they’re

Only wireless because they tried connecting with my cable and it wouldn’t let me it’s a big big high-res screen yeah it looks impressive i think i’d be able to touch most of it yeah top right corner be a little far for me it looks really impressive but the only way i found to disconnect carplay was to turn off my bluetooth turn off my wi-fi and then delete my

Device through added device yes yeah a little tricky and then you can also control a bunch of things through this infotainment like your seats so we do have front massages which are really good this is very good i really like that and then we have a ton of other options just like we do on every new jlr product seats are easy to customize and like you get a nice

Position easily much better than those uh lincoln seats that we just yeah the perfect position which never actually works yeah and then we have uh siriusxm satellite radio it does rewind yeah the sound system in this is amazing it is uh meridian signature which is a step above the regular meridian if you get a land rover make sure you have siriusxm if you need

Three free months to try it hit up siriusxm.sierra.com straight pipes the link down below do not let your serious exam expire in a land rover yes so with all of that out of the way i think it’s time we get to the price so the land rover itself starts at 135 450 canadian and this one that we’re driving is one hundred ninety nine thousand seventy dollars dude this

Looks like a gold bar driving down the road it does uh that paint is a ninety four hundred dollar option and it’s the most expensive option that we have on this car that is so worth it it is actually so incredibly impressive at all times i know i normally wouldn’t like a color like this but i love it on this so i think this is a really impressive redesign for

This new generation i think they did a really good job a couple little things that are still jlr things with reliability so who knows where that’s going but i do really like this suv assuming everything works yeah this is sweet i i like this i’m excited to see these on the road i don’t know if i’m going to see any in this amazing color but hopefully i do yeah

I’m definitely we’re definitely going to see more of these than we will like my box and alpena xb7s you know how many uh my box i’ve seen on the road since we did a review one zero you know many alpenas one one yeah yeah yeah i remember that as well all right guys thanks for watching and before we go make sure you hit up continental tire use the link below to

Find what your continental recommended tire is containful tired dot com slash is straightforward thanks guys tessel tires next week at whatever video that is you

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$200,000 LUXURY SUV! 2022 Range Rover Review By TheStraightPipes

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